Fr. Perrone – A Septuagesima Sermon

The great Fr. Eduard Perrone of the fortunate Assumption Grotto parish in Detroit delivered a fine sermon for Septuagesima Sunday. 

A reader here, a parishioner there, Diane of the blog Te Deum Laudamus sent me some rough audio which I scrubbed and boosted.

Here is Father’s excellent sermon your edification.

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  1. Ron says:

    This is an amazing sermon in preparation for Lent! He really explains and reinforces the principle of the Apostle: I beat my flesh to make it obedient. We’re in a battle, in a contest, and we have to train accordingly so as to win the prize!

    Thank you so much for posting it! It has blessed me so much! I plan to listen to it often as I prepare for Lent.

    Pax Christi tecum.

  2. Listened to the podcast and it does sound like Father is talking into a bowl.

    I’m going to petition him to send me the written homily. It won’t be as good as hearing it, with his emphases and tone, but the whole things is brilliantly presented.

    I highly recommend that people stick through the 12 minutes despite the low quality of audio. It will be worth it. Just……offer up the annoyance, it’s “good training”. LOL

  3. Paula Revere says:

    Father Perrone always seems to bring such wisdom and clarity to his sermons. Listening to this sermon, one cannot help but envision a world where humans are masters to themselves, informed by Christianity, and not the “popular culture” How many happy, loving, families there would be if the adults in charge, parents, were in charge of their own propensities towards giving into impulses and addictions? Father reminds us that out of great chaos, with due diligence, God brings perfect order. But we must be willing to work for it. Thanks Fathers !!

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