Good news abounds

But we have to remember to notice it.

Have any good news?

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  1. Bob K. says:

    Patriarchate of Moscow defends Pope. A true ally!!

  2. cuaguy says:

    I realized how much of an impact that I was having on the classroom that I am volunteering in. I couldn’t make it to the classroom last week, and when I went in Thursday, they all asked me if I was ok, and gave me hugs. Plus, the kids who couldn’t rhyme in January, can do it pretty much perfectly now!!!

  3. Corleone says:

    Bob K – thanks for that. Unfortunately, the article cited the “new” edited quote instead of Pope Benedict’s actual one.

  4. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    Made confession today. May see some pink in evidence at Mass (OF) tomorrow. Rumours that the TLM is returning to York, and on a more frequent basis than in the past!

  5. My daughter is receiving her First Holy Communion tomorrow in the E.F.

    Deo Gratis !

    In your kindness, please remember her in your prayers.

  6. Great words by the Pope in Angola. The apostates and the media are going to throw everything at the Pope… again.

  7. Karen Russell says:

    My son and I had to travel from Nova Scotia to Boston last week for a funeral (NOT good news!) but while there were able to attend a sung high Mass in the EF–for me, only the second time in my life, and the first in 45 years, and the first ever for my son.

    It was beautiful.

    We can’t drive 11 hours one-way every week, but I hope it will not be that long again before I can attend another.

  8. Bogna says:

    On st Josephs day the early music ensemble, where I sing, gave a really nice concert performing e.g. Improperia by Palestrina. I was happy to be able to sing, even though I’m 8 months pregnant with twins. Friends told us, that we managed to create the atmosphere of adoration and prayer. Only latin texts with music by Palestrina, Victoria, Tallis, Orlando di Lasso etc.

  9. AnAnonymousSeminarian says:

    In a few minutes I will be heading to the Carmelite Monastery in Erie, PA, where one of the sisters will be entering into perpetual vows.

    The sisters’ numbers have been declining steeply in the last few years, so this is especially good news for them!

  10. Ignatiangroupie says:

    I went to confession this morning.

  11. Laura Lowder says:

    I am happy to share that my friend Grace is being received into the Church on Wednesday, March 25!

  12. David Andew says:

    After recently needing to resign from my music director’s job at a suburban parish where political correctness and the “spirit of Vatican II” reign supreme, I have made not one but two contacts with prospective jobs that are seeking a serious-minded orthodox Catholic sacred musician who can continue the efforts to restore Gregorian chant and chant-based polyphony to the liturgy (both OF and EF).

    Deo Gratias!

  13. LCB says:

    NBC reported last night on the White House planting a garden, the food grown there will either be used in the white house or given to local soup kitchens (probably the 2nd option for security reasons).

    This apparently is part of a nationwide trend of increased gardening, in large part due to the cost savings provided. Gardeners save on food costs, and on entertainment costs. Instead of going to the movies, families spend a Saturday afternoon working on the garden. Many of these families are involving their children in the process (adorable footage of little kids with wee sized gardening tools were included).

    I found this to be very heartwarming. God designed us to be in dominion over the land and the animals (not each other). Gardening is a rewarding and wonderful family activity, and every child benefits from having a garden and/or a pet (preferably a dog, not a cat). As John Senior wrote, “Culture begins with agriculture.” It is difficult to till the soil and not see God’s glory in the natural world. I’ve known many atheist-city-dwellers, but can’t recall ever meeting an atheistic gardener or farmer.

    I found this to be very good news.

  14. jpbehnke says:

    My wife and I are expecting baby number two! Woohoo!

    (Sometimes good news is tempered with unexpected news, however: there’s a blood clot around the baby that could cause some problems, up to and including miscarriage. If all could keep that in their prayers, that’d be awesome)

  15. Jim says:

    The best news is that Christ rose from the dead some 2,000 years ago. He first died for us, trampling down death by death, and we now have hope of sharing in his resurrection because he is good and loves mankind.

  16. Bill in Texas says:

    We got rain in N. Texas last week, this week it has been sunny and in the low 80s. Under these conditions, almost everything seems better.

  17. Baronius says:

    Found a great price on a jumbo box of .308 hollow-points!

  18. Jake says:

    I spent some time with my daughter this morning, and she even ate her breakfast without throwing it everywhere! That’s the first time THAT’S happened in at least two months (she’ll be two this week)!

  19. Laura F says:

    Our parish priest invited a priest to say the EF here once a month as soon as Summorum Pontificum came out. Now he himself is saying most OF Masses ad orientem. It’s great!!!

  20. JustDave says:

    The proposed design changes for our church include moving the tabernacle back to the middle of the high altar. It is currently shoved off to the left of the sanctuary. It’s a start.


  21. magdalene says:

    There is good news if you look close to your own blessings; but just do NOT read the newspaper or what the president is up to!!!

  22. CB says:

    My husband won a stipend to attend a conference that is important to his curriculum vitae. This is a very expensive conference so it was quite a blessing.

  23. Ann says:

    Current ultrasound shows that we still have twins gestating, one a bit smaller than the other. I appreciate prayers for this good to continue!

    Four more weeks and we can find out their genders!

  24. This week a “new” baptismal font was installed in St. Boniface Parish, Piqua Ohio (one of my parishes). The font is — we think — a century old, and was rescued from a Catholic Church sadly no longer in use in Cincinnati. It is, as you can imagine, a beautiful marble font. I see no reason it need ever be replaced (as heavy as it is, I cannot imagine it ever being moved). After the 4 pm Mass this afternoon, we will bless it, and have a baptism in it. (It must be blessed as it was sold.)

  25. ckdexterhaven says:

    There was a HUGE crowd at Stations of the Cross last night.

    Other good news, school is almost out!

  26. Thank you for bringing this back, weekly maybe? We all need the good news, Thank you Father

  27. Jack says:

    I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world! (John 16:33)

    Let us not forget Christ’s exclamation! Deus caritas est. Sancta Maria, ora pro nobis!

  28. Peggy says:

    My 5 y.o.did a great job in being still and participatory during Stations of the Cross. Our older boy is making great progress in academic areas where he’s had problems. Both boys very happily greeted Father at the parish fish fry and enjoyed seeing friends from school and church. Small town life is great. My kids enjoy singing and dancing to the Veggietales songs. It prompts many questions about Bible stories and God and Jesus. God learning opportunities.wdtprs

  29. Mac McLernon says:

    We’re having a High Mass for Laetare Sunday with nice new rose vestments… the ones paid for by The Suppository (or rather, by people outraged at the attack on Fr. Finigan in The Suppository)

  30. Cathy_of_Alex says:

    Sun is out-it’s a beautiful day. Am blessed to be able to eat a fine breakfast. Heading to a nearby 40-hour devotion. Laughed heartily over the official parodist of WDTPRS, Mr. Tim Ferguson’s, contribution to our esteemed host’s most recent Wanderer column. Giving thanks to God for this fine day.–Diary of Cathy Pepys

  31. Christabel says:

    A young friend who came to lunch today told me that she is entering a convent in the summer to try her vocation. Please pray for her!

  32. Fr. Vidrine says:

    The members of the Legion of Mary in the Diocese of Lafayette, LA gathered this morning for the Acies- the annual re-consecration of themselves to Our Lady for their important apostolate. These zealous Catholics love the Church, Our Lady, and Our Holy Father. They generously give two hours each week doing the spiritual works of mercy, especially visiting homes with the truth of the Catholic Faith. They are on the front lines and do great work for the Church!

  33. Gary Page says:

    Great statement by the FSSP supporting the Holy Father – and they are not afraid to turn the argument back on the Pope’s enemies!

  34. a different Julie says:

    We had a stunning St. Joseph\’s day – High Mass in the morning, followed by a 2 hour walk to an obscure miraculous spring (2hrs at Chartres speed), brilliant picnic lunch, Adoration and Benediction… The 100odd boys behaved themselves exceptionally well and some still had the energy not only to play rugby at lunchtime, but also after the (also 2hrs) walk back.

    To make it even better, the weather was glorious.


    And it turns out Fr. B. has a spare set of rose vestments to lend to Fr. G. tomorrow morning. Which is good, since I didn’t have the time to make any…

  35. joebe says:

    I was able to attend a Padre Pio Prayer Group meeting this morning and we viewed a very informative film about him. Bread and water for refreshments (it’s Lent, of course).

    Padre Pio, pray for us.

  36. Kathleen says:

    This morning our parish celebrated 19 years of perpetual adoration.

  37. Sara says:

    I mailed to our diocese yesterday a questionnaire and application package recommending one of our delightful young men to the priesthood!! Please pray that the selection committee will find his application acceptable.

    Plus unseasonably WARM here in northern Utah….the crocus and narcissus are in bloom, and heard the haunting coos of a mourning dove yesterday in a pine tree at work..

    P.S. Fr Z..I made CORNMEAL scones last night, with blueberries, a bit different but YUMMY..

  38. ckdexterhaven says:

    Hope I’m allowed to post two times on this thread…..

    Just got back from confession, there were about 40 people in line. We all waited at least an hour, some were going to have to wait hour and a half. This is in a suburban area, but not the big city. Lots of teens in line as well. God is Good.

  39. mrsmontoya says:

    Last night the two youngest were both in tears of rage and sorrow because (it turned out) each wanted to play the other’s Gameboy DS game. They spent an hour in separate rooms wracked with sobs of envy. My efforts at diplomacy failed, and I finally sent them to bed complete with prayer time. Amazing wonder, after saying the Our Father, they were able to calm down and hear my suggestion that they trade! All became well and we spent the rest of the evening sitting on my bed while I read and they happily helped each other through the tough parts of MySimsAquarium and Pokemon Ranger Emerald (I am not certain about the last).

    A wonderful thwarting of evil!

  40. Dr. Eric says:

    My son has chicken pox and cannot make the official First Confession night on Tuesday, but Father said he could do it next Saturday.

  41. Dominican says:

    The Dominican Nuns in Summit, NJ received another postulant on Tuesday. They now have FIVE in their novitiate.

  42. supertradmom says:

    My son is considering a vocation to the priesthood. Prayers welcomed.

  43. Margaret says:

    Had one, final heart test today which came back with excellent results. This is extremely welcome news. I am still a relatively young woman and had hoped to have a few more babies, but was way-laid in January with a sudden cardiac “event.” Since it has now been relegated to the status of a fluke event, rather than heart disease, I can now start hoping again for a visit from the stork… :)

  44. shana sfo says:

    My beautiful Austistic Wonderboy, Nicholas, has started using 2-4 word sentences. He’s 6 and a quarter years old – so that is huge for him and for us too. He is also beginning to ask for specific things “Peanut-buttah-jewwy pwese” rather than just screaming that we can’t guess what it is that he wants.

    We are all so happy about it and grateful to Sts Nicholas, Stephen & Pio for their prayers (and anyone else who said one for us)!

    God is good!

  45. Anne says:

    Here’s some good news about two guys who just want to make people happy. No ulterior motives on their part:

  46. Louise says:

    Today, (22nd March) we had Sung Mass with Rose Vestments. Five children received their First Holy Communion. The choir sang Victoria’s Missa O Magnum Mysterium.

  47. Mark says:

    I sure will share some good news!

    Last night I was one of 9,000 Catholics silently marching the streets of Amsterdam, in remembrance of the Miracle of Amsterdam of 1345. In complete silence, walking some streets which seem viable outpost of Hell sometimes… It was certainly a strengthening experience. Loads of young people participating, too!

  48. Tom S. says:

    Friday, the 20th, makes 2 months anniversary (monthiversary???) of my new job. Thanks to God!

    (I work in a profession where jobs are not rare nowadays, they are simply nonexistent)

  49. Kevin says:

    I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!

  50. Edward Martin says:

    Our Archbishop celebrated Mass today. While that in unto itself that is not extraordinary, the fact that our Archbishop was near death New Year’s day is. New Year’s day our Archbishop did not show up for morning Mass, which he was to celebrate. When someone went to check on him they found him in bed and delirious. It turns out that a crack had formed in the furnace chimney and carbonmonoxide was leaking into his residence. Had he been left there much longer he surely would have died.

  51. Pending funds, Mater Dei Latin Mass community in Dallas, Texas can get a church! (Finally got permission from our Bishop.) Praised be Jesus and Mary!

  52. Bogna says:

    @ Ann – I’ll pray for your tweens. Myself I’m 32 weeks pregnant with Marcel and Lucia.

  53. John Murray says:

    Recently visited Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Very impressive–scholarly, orthodox, great esprit de corps. It’s also very sweet that they open up the cafeteria daily so that their retired neighbors have a safe place to socialize.

  54. Creagh says:

    St. Joseph answered my prayers today. Thank you!

    ad te Joseph.

  55. MB says:

    (J. Murray, were you at the conference Saturday?!)

    Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit hosted a spectacular conference yesterday, “Lessons from St. Paul on the New Evangelization.” Archbishop Vigneron celebrated Mass with us. We got to hear from Archbishop Chaput, Sherry Weddell ( ), and several Scripture scholars, about prayer, letting the Holy Spirit work through us, and the fact that Jesus wants His Body the Church to continue His mission of salvation; therefore no parish may simply maintain its members/itself but must become mission-oriented once again.

    More good news: there are folks out there (in seminaries, in parishes, etc.) who see that the Christian life is all about a personal relationship with the Lord, and they are speaking of this richness to others. !

  56. Martin says:

    Day 52 of unassisted mobility, DG.

  57. Joanne says:

    LOL @ the Geico post! :)

    “which seem viable outpost of Hell sometimes”

    Are you referring to the “red light” part of Amsterdam? If so, then this is a really apt description. My heart breaks for the women involved in the sex industry, and their children and families.

    As for good news – I went to an “Anglican Use” Stations of the Cross and Benediction on Friday night. (Does one use the term, “Anglican Use,” if it’s not a Mass?) It was absolutely beautiful, and very moving.

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