Fr. Stanley Jaki, OSB – R.I.P.

Fr. Stanley Jaki, OSB, passed away in a hospital in Madrid at 13:15 Spanish time.  

Fr. Jaki was a great scholar.  He was a physicist and theologian and prolific writer.

If you have not read anything by Fr. Jaki, and perhaps are interested in apologetics, you could try this book.

And On This Rock: Witness Of One Land & Two Covenants

Fr. Jaki’s contributions will be missed.


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  1. A great scholar, scientist, theologian and priest has entered eternal life!

    His papal apologetics are phenomenal.

    Blessed Repose and Eternal Memory!

  2. Flambeaux says:

    Oh my!

    Requiem aeternam…

  3. Rich says:

    Oh dear!

    Fr. Jaki was/is one of my heros!

    May God grant him repose…

  4. Also recommended, his groundbreaking book, Chesterton: a Seer of Science.

    Fr. Jaki quoted Chesterton in nearly all of his books.

  5. Dr. Eric says:

    I offer my prayers through the intercession of St. Benedict.

  6. ED says:

    I guess he’s a GENESIS literalist now, may his soul rest in peace!!!!

  7. PMcGrath says:

    I will add the repose of his soul to my Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet this afternoon.

    But does anyone know what happened — I mean, a heart attack or a traffic accident or something else?

  8. He began having heart problems in Rome and after arriving in Madrid, he was hospitalized. A couple of days ago they determined he was too weak for surgery. That’s all I feel at liberty to say.

  9. Sarsfield says:

    Fr. Jaki suffered a heart attack when he arrived in Spain about ten days ago. Although surgery was considered to repair his damaged heart, his doctors decided that he was too weak to survive an operation. He was under sedation for the past several days and died this morning surrounded by friends.

    He will be greatly missed.

  10. Fr. Denis Lemieux says:

    A wonderful man, a wonderful writer, a beautiful soul – may he enter eternal glory in company with all the angels and saints.

  11. Santhosh Ebroo says:

    I will miss him. I’ve never read any of his books, but as an undergraduate, I read a couple of issues of FIRST THINGS in which he wrote an essay or two if my memory serves me right. And I had many a discussion with some friends about some of the things he wrote.

    Rest in Peace Fr. Jaki.

    Santhosh Ebroo.

  12. mpm says:

    I am very sorry to hear this news.

    Fr. Jaki’s insights in several areas have been very inspirational to me.
    I will certainly be keeping this wonderful scholar and priest in my prayers.

  13. NorthoftheBorder says:

    converted me to the Faith. wanted to meet him.

  14. Ray from MN says:

    He is a previous recipient of a Templeton Prize award, akin to a Nobel Prize.

    I heard him speak at a Chesterton Society conference a couple of years ago. I had never heard of him before that. I dared to ask him a leading question and barely got away with my scalp. The moderator at that conference described the day’s events saying the other featured speakers would hold discussions, Father Jaki would just talk.

    God rest his soul.

  15. Have read several of his books and can recommend them highly. His book Science and Creation about how it was within Western Civilization and especially the Church that fueled the scientific method is one of my favorites. As Fr. Jaki had said science was “stillborn” in every civilization and it was the worldview of Christianity that advanced the scientific method. Also very good were his books on various Litanies that were quite rich in spiritual insights.

  16. Anthony says:

    Seton Hall University sent out a broadcast email on Fr. jaki copied below…

    Office of the President

    O Lord, you are my allotted portion and my cup,
    You it is who hold fast my lot.
    —Psalms 15:6

    I am saddened to inform the community that Father Stanley L. Jaki, the Distinguished University Professor for more than 30 years and a Seton Hall faculty member since 1965, died today in Madrid. He had traveled to Spain from Rome where he had just lectured at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, of which he was an honorary member since 1990. He was 84 years old, having been ordained a Benedictine priest in 1948 in his native Hungary.

    Father Jaki was the quintessential priest-scholar, both scientist and theologian, who had an international reputation for his work, which included more than 40 books and hundreds of articles, essays and chapters.

    Among the numerous honors he received throughout his life, he was a Gifford Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, 1974-75 and 1975-76, and the recipient of the 1987 Templeton Prize for furthering the understanding of science and religion. He was deeply committed to the study of the conjunction between faith and reason, arguing that the flourishing of science in Europe was intrinsically related to the Christian understanding of creation and the Incarnation.

    Seton Hall awarded Father Jaki an honorary doctoral degree in 1991 for his ongoing writing and scholarship. I encourage our students to Google his name to learn more about him and the legacy he has bequeathed Seton Hall.

    During this Holy Week, we fondly remember our brother and colleague in our prayers. I shall personally miss his regular visits to the first floor Presidents Hall and his sharp, challenging intellect.

    I will inform the community of funeral arrangements for Father Jaki when they have been decided upon.

    Monsignor Robert Sheeran

  17. L J Arrington says:

    Eternal Rest Grant unto him and Thy perpetual light shine upon him.

    In addition to the above recommendations I recommend Fr. Stanley Jaki’s prolific works upon Cardinal John Henry Newman. He published at least seven books upon Cardinal Newman. Apologetics as Meant by Newman (published 2005); Newman’s Challenge: (first published 2000); Neo-Arianism as Foreseen by Newman (2001) ; Newman to Converts: An Existential Ecclesiology (2001); Conscience and the Papacy (2002); Mother of God, John Henry Newman (2003); Newman and his converts, the one true fold (1998).

  18. John Sylvester says:

    Fr Jaki… in peace….may our Lord welcome you into the presence of His angels and saints….

    ….my, God seems to be calling some of our best just now….Cardinal Dulles, Fr Neuhaus and now Fr Jaki…..may they all be in his merciful embrace.


  19. Rick says:

    Rest in peace, Fr. Jaki! May the good Lord welcome you home and say, “Job well done, my good and faithful servant.”

  20. TomR says:

    Hey ED, that was funny!

    Requiescat in Pace.

  21. Del says:

    My son and I arrived early for breakfast one morning at ChesterCon 2006. Fr. Jaki and his publicist were early also.

    Having 20 minutes to spare, Fr. Jaki announced that we should pray a Rosary. Beads appeared in Fr. Jaki’s hand, and so we all dug into our pockets.

    Only my hand came up empty. I sheepishly stammered that I really do carry a Rosary, but I must have left it on my dresser.

    Fr. Jaki said, “Very well, then…” and produced a second string of beads from his other pocket. “Now, let us begin! In the Name of the Father,…”

    Since then, my son always carries two Rosaries… in case he needs to share!

    God rest you, Fr. Jaki!

  22. Prof says:

    A sad passing. I had just started re-reading Jaki’s book GOD AND THE SUN AT FATIMA after visiting the shrine last month. Aside from the official transcripts of the seers’ reports, it’s arguably the most important book ever published on the subject.

  23. irishgirl says:

    Oh, how sad…may he rest in peace!

    Yes, John…first Cardinal Dulles, then Father Neuhaus, and now Fr. Jaki [though I didn’t know anything about him]…it seems that all the good ones are being taken!

    Del-what a neat ‘two Rosaries’ story! I always carry one in my pocket!

  24. M Raunio says:

    Fr. Jaki was the greatest person/professor/priest, I ever met in my life!
    We will miss him a lot!

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