May you have a Triduum of graces

I wish you all a grace-filled Triduum.

Perhaps you can share your plans for the next three days.

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  1. RJSciurus says:

    I’m looking forward to my first Triduum and Easter with the EF at Old St. Patrick Oratory in KC.

  2. momoften says:

    Thursday: Mass at Monastery…then mad rush to another Church to serve Mass, and Tenebrae —
    Friday: Services at Monastery
    Saturday: Mass at Monastery, and Mass at another Church for other server
    Sunday: 2 Masses again, one at the Monastery, one at another Church
    Crazy, but love it…we have a LOT OF sons to serve both places—and they LOVE to serve this time of year. Though it can be a frightful pace!

  3. Bob says:

    My plans? To endure with as much patience as possible the silly liturgical abuses I’ll be seeing over the next three days. How I envy those who are blessed to have priests who say the black and do the red.

  4. DavidJ says:

    Mass. Family. Food.

  5. Diana says:

    You too, Father!
    My plans: pray, read, attend Mass, give thanks.

  6. Rich Leonardi says:

    To endure with as much patience as possible the silly liturgical abuses I’ll be seeing over the next three days.

    Go where you’ll be fed. There’s no reason you can’t visit another parish for the Triduum. That’s what we’re doing.

    On these of all days, one should not be grumpy.

  7. Jim says:

    Great & Holy Thursday: Vespers & Divine Liturgy.
    Great & Holy Friday: Royal Hours at 7am, 9 am, Noon, 3pm, Vespers of the Lord’s burial at 4 pm; Jerusalem Matins 7 pm.
    Great & Holy Saturday: Paschal Vigil and Divine Liturgy.
    Friday & Saturday are total fast for those who are physically able.

  8. Tim says:

    Mass for Maundy Thursday (EF) this evening. A watch before the altar of repose. Good Friday liturgy (1962 Missal, with revised prayer for the Jewish people) tomorrow evening. Confession (I hope) and Easter Vigil (1962 Missal) Saturday night. Sunday Mass for Easter Day (EF) and agnello brodettato for dinner with friends. I wish Father and all readers a very happy Easter.

  9. Dr. Eric says:

    I am reading chapters of the Children’s Bible to my little children concerning the Last Supper and the Passion. I will go to Adoration tonight after my wife gets home. She will go after I get back.

    Tomorrow I will be heading to St. Louis for business and The Presancitfied Liturgy at St. Francis De Sales Oratory (ran by the Institute of Christ the King.)

    My wife and I have not decided how we will handle Church for Easter. We don’t know who will go where or when. We usually split Masses so we can handle all the children.

  10. Londiniensis says:

    Father, a hearty Et cum spiritu tuo!

    Yesterday night: Tenebrae of Maundy Thursday at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane.
    Today: Staying in and nursing a bad cold, devotional reading helped (or hindered) by hot toddies.
    Good Friday: Solemn Liturgy of the Passion (Novus Ordo) at the Brompton Oratory.
    Holy Saturday: afternoon – blessing of the Easter food (an old Polish custom) at Westminster Cathedral.
    Holy Saturday: evening – Vigil and High Mass (EF)at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane.
    Easter Sunday: Traditional Polish Easter breakfast with the family, with sharing of blessed eggs.

  11. Charivari Rob says:

    We’ve been traveling around a lot lately, so my wife and I will probably take advantage of the opportunity to slow down and observe as much of the Triduum at our home parish as is possible. Certainly tonight, probably vigil Saturday night. Good Friday we might observe elsewhere if we’ve gone that day (instead of Saturday) to avail ourselves of the more extensive opportunities for Reconciliation at one of the shrines or chapels in town.

  12. Ricky Vines says:

    Taking Holy Fri. off to bring the family to a Way of the Cross prayer service
    in the parish. Easter egg hunt on Sat. at neighboring Christian church.
    Easter Sunday Mass then drive to Mt. Vernon.

  13. Jim of Bowie says:

    Morning prayer at Sacred Heart, Bowie today, Friday and Saturday.
    Friday – Stations and Good Friday liturgy (62 Missal) at OL Queen of Poland, Silver Spring.
    Watching the Holy Fathers liturgies as much as possible.

  14. Suspending my job hunt until after Easter.
    Tenebrae this morning, Good Friday and Holy Saturday mornings at 9:30 a.m.
    I’ll be visiting an open Confessional at some point over the Triduum
    Mass the evening of Holy Thursday at a Church where they do NOT want to wash MY feet. Vigil until 10:30 at one church and then dash to St. Johns where I believe Fr. Welzbacher will have the Church open until Midnight
    Good Friday-Vigil at Planned Parenthood at least once. I may stop by twice between services. Veneration of the Cross at 3:00, Stations at 7:00
    Holy Saturday…not sure if I’m going to a Vigil this year.
    Easter Sunday…Mass at 10, Vespers at 3:00

  15. Ella says:

    Today: Work then Mass.
    Friday: Work. Possibly the Maronite Burial of Jesus Mass…our Good Friday Mass is in the middle of the day :-(
    Saturday: Easter Vigil and my Confirmation!!! I’m in Father Longenecker’s parish. I’m so excited :-)

  16. cuaguy says:

    Father, the same to you! I will be serving at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

    Holy Thursday, Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 6:00 pm. You will need to be here vested no later than 5:00 pm. Rehearsal will be at 1:00 pm.
    Good Friday, Celebration of the Lord’s Passion at 3:00 pm. You will need to be here vested by 2:00 pm. Rehearsal will be at 10:00 am.
    Holy Saturday, Easter Vigil Mass at 8:00 pm. You will need to be here vested by 7:00 pm. Rehearsal will be at 1:00 pm.
    Easter Sunday Serving at 9:00, 10:30, ad possibly 12:00

  17. J. Wong says:

    Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper
    Friday: Good Friday Liturgy
    Saturday: Easter Vigil

    Will cook a traditional Spanish/Peruvian dish for Friday: Bacalao con papas (Codfish stew)

  18. samba says:

    I’ll spend Easter Vigil watching my wife enter the Church.

  19. Ann says:

    I plan to enjoy doing a paper for my patristics course, and let the words of the early Church Fathers seep into me as I dig through their comments on Colossians. I wish OUR bishops wrote more like these guys!

    And the usual Mass attendance.

    and perhaps some extra sleep.

  20. Josiah Ross says:

    Today: Sung Tenebrae, and solemn high mass, the maundy, procession to the altar of repose and stripping of the altars at my parish.
    Sung tenebrae in the early morning, holy hour at 12:00 noon, solemn commemoration of the Lord’s passion at 3:00 PM, and stations of the cross at the seminary at 7:30 PM
    Sung tenbrae in the early morning,confession, and ester vigil mass.
    Sunday: Masses at 10:30 (high mass) and 12:15 (sung mass, I’m serving.)

  21. Amanda Buchan says:

    I am an organist so I am quite busy over the next few days
    and playing at two masses on sunday!
    I look forward to peaceful mass tonight as children will be in bed!! ( I have three under 6)

    In between all the usual church events, on Good Friday morning we are going to a childrens stations of the cross at 10am- not taken them before so I hope they will behave well !!

  22. Lirioroja says:

    I too am suspending my job hunt for the Triduum.

    Today: Morning Prayer (by myself at home – done)
    Tonight: Mass of the Lord’s Supper
    Tomorrow: Seven Last Words at noon, followed by the Solemn Liturgy of the Passion
    Saturday night: Easter Vigil
    All of the above at the Church of Our Saviour, NYC
    Sunday: cantoring all the morning Masses at the church I usually sing a Sunday evening Mass for in Brooklyn, followed by brunch with my friends in the city

    Have a blessed Triduum and a glorious Easter.

  23. Amanda says:

    We were supposed to go on a retreat, but one of my boys has chicken pox. SO, I had to make new plans:

    Wed pm: tenebrae (at home)

    Thurs pm: drop off the kiddos with my brother and my husband and I will go to Mass; then we’ll come home and have our dinner (lamb, veggies, apple-raisin salad, spinach, homemade unleavened bread, and wine); tenebrae (at home)

    Fri: we’ll observe the three hours at home — stations, rosary, etc. We might read a booklet on the Seven Last Words by Archbishop Sheen. tenebrae

    Then we’ll either go to Eater Vigil or Mass Sunday with Mozart’s Mass of the Sparrow… depending on if the kiddo’s still contagious and when my brother can watch em…

  24. Rob Cartusciello says:

    Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper at Princeton University Chapel and Eucharistic Procession through the campus to the Altar of Repose.

    Friday: Good Friday service at Princeton University Chapel @ 4 pm.
    Way of the Cross Procession through Greenwich Village (NYC) starting at Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral @ 8:30 pm.

    Saturday: Easter Vigil at St. Vincent de Paul, Hanover, PA with my fiancee.

    Sunday: Easter Mass at St. Vincent de Paul, Hanover, PA with my fiancee & her family.

  25. Bubbagump says:

    I plan on thanking God for what I have, pleading for mercy, and asking for work.

  26. TJM says:

    Thank God for St. John Cantius in Chicago. I hope your Triduum is spiritual and refreshing, Father Z. All the best, Tom

  27. thymos says:

    We’ll tke the four youn’uns (age 7 and under) to the Holy Thursday Mass tonight. They pay attention pretty well, since there are so many interesting sensations involved in the Liturgy – see the Washing of the Feet (all-male feet), hear the bells for the last time (and the the cool wooden clappers), smell the incense . . . After getting the kids home and in bed, my wife and I take turns visiting Our Lord at the Altar of Repose. Usually, I’m there at the end, when The Blessed Sacrament is taken away at midnight. A few years, I lit the way for Our Lord with candles as Father took The Holy Eucharist to the place of safe keeping for the night. I thought, “wow – I’m pretty holy; Look at this great office that I’m performing.” Then I recalled that the ones who took our Lord away with lanterns (and clubs, etc.) weren’t perhaps doing it primarily out of piety . . .

    We’ll attend the Good Friday Service tomorrow, and that one is admittedly harder to keep ’em focused. Ususally, my sister comes with us, so we go to man-to-man/zone hybrid defense, asking poor sis to double.

    Saturday night, we attend the Vigil, which the kids do pretty well at.

    I might add that we live and worship in the Diocese of Arlington VA, so the Liturgy is quite orthodox here. The schedule we have doesn’t get us to the EF, yet we’re so well off – our good Priests always say the black and do the red.

  28. Fr Tim says:

    Blessings to you too Father.
    I plan to say the black and do the red

  29. Thank you Reverend Father! And I wish many graces and blessings for you.

    I will be singing in the choir at the fairly conservative OF parish for which I sing.

    Holy Thursday: Be at church at 7:15 pm to sing in the choir for the 8:30 Mass. Music includes Durufle’s Ubi Caritas.

    Good Friday: Be at church at 2:15 to sing for the 3 pm observance and Communion service. The a capella music includes Lotti’s Miserere Mei, Ingegneri’s O Bone Jesu, Issac’s O Esca Viatorum, and Bruckner’s In Monte Oliveti. Later, will attend Stations in the evening, either at this parish or my nearby registered parish.

    Holy Saturday: At church at 7:30 pm for the 8:30 pm Vigil Mass. Music includes a pretty simple Vivaldi Gloria. [And that most “favored” challenge for choirs: singing in the dark at the beginning!]

    Easter Sunday: Be at church by 9:30 am for 10:30 Mass. Music is mostly simple hymns as the children’s choir will join us.

    Then off to my brother’s for a family Easter dinner. Hopefully by that time I will have fit in all my chores around the house, cleaned the RV from a camping trip, bought the ingredients for the food I am contributing to the dinner, and be ready for a glass of wine and happy relief from the Lenten fast!

    Blessings to all!!

  30. Jim says:

    Blessings to all the job seekers. I will keep you in my prayers during these holy days.

  31. Andrew, UK and sometimes Canada says:

    Masses and liturgies at an OF parish, but one with promise. Roman collars and ferraiulos have been sighted. Amazing homily last week on the priest as in persona Christi. Pastor announced that he had requested more Gregorian chant, in Latin, from the choir, which is rather good. All followed by lots of meat eating on Easter and steak on Easter Monday (a holiday in Canada).

  32. Matt Q says:

    We shall be in church each day with a huge family get-together Easter Sunday afternoon where all the kids wear their food along with their Sunday best. :)


    RJSciurus wrote:

    “I’m looking forward to my first Triduum and Easter with the EF at Old St. Patrick Oratory in KC.”


    Oh, that should be so totally cool!! Nothing like that out here in MahonyPatch.


    Bob wrote:

    “My plans? To endure with as much patience as possible the silly liturgical abuses I’ll be seeing over the next three days. How I envy those who are blessed to have priests who say the black and do the red.”


    You and me both, Bob. At least I can say my parish is a little more staid than most surrounding parishes and with a minimal amount of silliness, so much more tolerable, with a great actual choir. It can actually be enjoyable in a Novus-Ordo way. :|

  33. Anthony says:

    Holy Thursday: Morning prayer at 830, then decorating the altar of repose. Directing the choir at tonight’s 7pm Mass. Spending time with the Lord after Mass in adoration.

    Good Friday: Morning prayer at 830. Stations of the Cross at noon. Cantoring the Good Friday service at 2pm. Stations of the Cross at 7pm.

    Holy Saturday: Decorating the church for Easter in the morning. Directing the choir for the 7pm Easter Vigil Mass.

    Easter Sunday: Cantoring the 6am and 8am MAsses. Directing the Choir for the 10am and 12pm Masses. Celebrating my father’s birthday (that actually fell back on the 7th) after the last Mass, then going to our family’s Easter barbecue.

    In addition, praying the Liturgy of the Hours individually throughout the Triduum, and fasting from the internet starting tonight until after the Vigil.

  34. Bill in Texas says:

    Holy Thursday: Lector at Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper
    Good Friday: Begin Divine Mercy Novena; Lector at Celebration of the Lord’s Passion; Veneration of the Cross
    Holy Saturday: Continue Divine Mercy Novena; Lector at Easter Vigil
    Easter Sunday: Continue Divine Mercy Novena; Mass

  35. JohnE says:

    Holy Thursday: Mass, some minutes in adoration with my 5 and 2 yr old sons; return for adoration until midnight.
    Good Friday: Taking the day off and excusing my son from school to attend services.
    Holy Saturday: quiet activities except for practicing the 5th reading for the vigil; probably do some research/study on that reading and some of the others.
    Easter Sunday 3:30am — Easter Vigil with my 5-yr-old son; lector for the 5th reading from Isaiah.
    Easter Sunday 8:30am — return with the whole family (hopefully; my wife is not baptized – pray for her)
    Celebrate with king crab, butter, baked potatoes, and salad. Chocolate candy in moderation.

  36. Julie says:

    Tonight I’ll go to my home parish and hope for the best, then spend some time in Adoration, hopefully until Midnight when it ends.

    Good Friday attend St. Agnes with friends and their children.

    Saturday, attend Vigil Mass with same friends, either St. Agnes or maybe the Byzantine Church if I can talk them all into it. :-) (None of us have ever been there.)

  37. Derik Castillo says:

    Thursday, escape from the job to serve Mass
    Friday, same thing
    Saturday, serving Mass

    I have drive about 40 min to get to church, I have a cold, and I am in the selection process for a new job. I will offer up this to God.

  38. Fr. Charles says:

    Tonight will be my first time preaching at the Mass of Lord’s Supper, and I’m grateful for my priesthood and for the devoted example of everyone here! Mandatum novum do vobis, dicit Dominus!

  39. Long-Skirts says:

    watch for “red-robin”


    I sat upon my back porch step
    One dark Good Friday noon
    And saw a robin red-breast rest
    To sing a soft sad tune.

    The melody it brought me tears
    As damp cool winds blew by
    My soul it felt the stab of spears…
    My sins that made Him die.

    But robin of Good Friday noon
    Your blood-red breast reminds…
    That we must stop…confess our sins
    Now death…she holds no binds.

    And when on dark Good Friday noons
    Red-breasted robin sings
    Confess your sins at Sacrament
    And sprout red-robin wings.

  40. Evelyn says:

    Tonight, Mass of the Lord’s Supper, followed by Adoration until Night Prayer at 11:45pm
    Tomorrow, Communion service with veneration of the Cross
    Saturday evening, Easter Vigil for three glorious hours. I will have a five year old with me this year, so it could get interesting. I don’t know whether to pray he’ll fall asleep or actually stay awake.

  41. Brian Mershon says:

    Tonight will be attending the Lord’s Supper and Maundy Thursday (in the Ordinary form) liturgy at my parish in Taylors, SC. Rumors it may be ad orientem. Daily Masses are currently all ad orientem.

    Friday stations and Friday liturgy in Mt. Holly, NC, with Father Kenneth Novak and the SSPX.

    Saturday evening Easter Vigil at 9:45 p.m., then Solemn Mass at midnight at Mt. Holly, NC, with Father Kenneth Novak and the SSPX.

    Returning to Greenville, SC O Dark Thirty.

  42. Ed Casey says:

    Holy Thursday -Today: Work in NYC, followed by training it up to Stamford CT – St John’s – 8PM NO Ad Orientem @ 8:00 p.m. Mass of Our Lord’s Supper. Music: Mass ordinary: Missa terna Christi munera – Palestrina;Motets: Ubi caritas – Duruflé; Nos autem gloriari opportet –Palestrina; Ave verum Corpus – Byrd; Pange lingua – Chant/Palestrina; Tantum ergo – Victoria. Eucharistic Adoration until Midnight.
    Good Friday – NO WORK – NO parish church on Long Island, Liturgy of Our Lord’s Passion and Adoration of the Cross (My son and daughter serving)
    Holy Saturday – Easter Vigil Mass – TLM at Institute of Christ the King, West Orange NJ
    Easter Sunday – NO parish church on Long Island, 10:30 mass in Auditorium (3rd mass location at this time – addition to Church and Chapel venues)(My son serving)

  43. Cortney says:

    Tonight Maundy Thursday (Latin Ordinary Form with readings in English and Spanish), then stripping the altar and, by bus, visiting the seven churches in the area (I have to skip this visitation this year, but last year it was wonderful, going to each church and pausing to pray); on Good Friday, Stations of the Cross at noon and the Lord’s Passion at 3 (Latin Ordinary Form), the Seven Last Words at 7 p.m. with a procession; on Holy Saturday Matins and Lauds, the Blessing of the Food at noon; on Easter Sunday the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. And right now looking out my window at the beauty of woods and sun and birds at the feeder. How blessed we are, and how constantly we must offer praise and thanksgiving as we pray for those who are less fortunate. Blessings to you, Fr. Z. Your site and your wisdom are blessings for us!

  44. JMM says:

    Oh Father! I wish you can come to Saint Augustine this year for the Triduum! My family and me enjoyed having you there so much. I truly enjoyed being one of your Altar Servers.

    P.S. This year Father Altier is going to be celebrating the Triduum.

  45. Matt says:

    Paschal fast, then feast! Fr. Z or anyone, is it correct that the Paschal fast is no food or water from Holy Thursday Mass until after Easter Vigil Mass?

  46. Jack says:

    My first full year as a Baptized Catholic!!!, will be starting as an acolyte in a few weeks !

  47. Laurinda says:

    Monday: Sedar meal with friends
    Tuesday: Tenebrae (was amazing) and adoration with my boyfriend
    Thursday: Fast, pray, Mass of the Last Supper and washing of feet. Late at night is a ceremony with the Blessed Sacrament
    Friday: Fasting, prayer and Good Friday Mass
    Saturday: Fasting, prayer and Rite of Christian Initiation for Children (RCIC) rehearsal and retreat (I’m a catechist) and then setting up the hall for the reception after Easter Vigil. Getting there early to set up and attending Easter Vigil.
    Sunday: Helping a family friend take her three young children to morning Mass while her husband is serving as an acolyte so she is not overwhelmed. Then attending brunch with friends, going to a late lunch with my boyfriend’s family, then going to a friend’s house for dessert and to play with their kids before they are put to bed.

    A lovely weekend to spend in prayer with wonderful friends while I am away from family during this Easter season.

  48. Mark says:

    Oh, I’m facing five days of serving OF Masses.

    Tonight I’m serving Mass offered by our bishop at the cathedral, followed by tenebrae and an all-night vigil (until lauds at 7am). On Good Friday I’ll assist at the Stations of the Cross (with Liszt’s Via Crucis performed), and in the early evening I’ll serve at the Good Friday service. Then, on the evening of Holy Saturday I’ll serve at an early Easter vigil at the other church in our parish, after which I’ll head over to the cathedral to be at the ‘real’ vigil in the cathedral starting at 10:30pm.
    On Easter morning I’ll again be serving at Mass in the cathedral, and I’ll do the same trick again on Easter Monday.

    This is the first time I’ve been this busy over Easter, and I love it :)

  49. Flambeaux says:

    Bringing my almost-six-year old son to his first Triduum. Usually I go alone. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Great Vigil in the Anglican Use, followed by Easter in the Anglican Use.

    Plenty of yardwork, too. This will be an ora et labora Triduum for me.

  50. Rachel says:

    Yesterday my husband and I chanted the Tenebrae office for Holy Thursday in our little apartment using our candles. Here is what we are doing the rest of the week:

    Holy Thursday: 7:00 pm (OF) Mass at Immaculate Conception. My brother and I are going since my husband works. Later tonight, we will continue Tenebrae with the Good Friday office.

    Good Friday: 12-3 pm: Adoration of the Cross and the Mass of the pre-sanctified, stations of the cross, and the 7 last words of Christ. Then later that night we will continue Tenebrae with the Holy Saturday office.

    Holy Saturday: we will fast most of the day and probably read something related to the Easter Vigil.

    Easter Sunday: My husband will be chanting the Gregorian propers for our Missa Cantata at 8:00 am at Immaculate Conception. We will probably eat lunch with my parents and brother. Later that night I plan on cooking a traditional lamb dinner (I have never cooked Lamb before so this should be interesting). I think we are also going to have one of our friends over as well.

    Have a Blessed Triduum and Easter!

  51. chironomo says:

    I will be heading up to church today for the beginning of three very long days and nights…. but happily so!

    Our celebration of the Triduum, while still not perfect, has less nonsense going on than the year before, which was less than the year before that… brick by brick (slowly though). This year’s new additions include better Psalmody (I am making use of three Chabanel settings – Psalm 116 on Thurs. – Psalm 31 on Fri. and Psalm 42 on Holy Saturday.), the traditional Chant for Pange Lingua, the use of a single cross for veneration, and all male altar servers throughout. The Friday petitions will also be chanted by Deacon and Priest and the Priest will chant the Psalm prayers on Holy Saturday. Our new Pastor is indeed a blessing…. Deo Gratias! (oh yes…and the Holy Saturday entrance will be “Lumen Christi…Deo Gratias”…almost forgot!)

  52. Precentrix says:

    Up at 5ish today, Tenebrae (on my own, sotto voce… but still)… Office as usual… cleaning of chapel, frantic flower buying.
    Singing Gregorian and playing organ.
    The usual assistance at everything – High Mass today (EF), stations and the Liturgy of the Presanctified tomorrow, Vigil (1030pm start), two missae cantatae on Sunday (organ).

    Trying to balance sleep deprivation and not eating very much with keeping my voice in working order and my concentration at an average level… and missing 16th Century polyphony!

    (I am cheating and using Tallis’ Lamentations at the entrance tonight… but I miss my choristers!).

  53. Geoffrey says:

    Well, aside from continuing to recover from a severe computer crash, I will be attending the Triduum liturgies at Carmel Mission Basilica (the Shrine of Blessed Junipero Serra in CA), as well as watch as many of the live papal liturgies on EWTN that I can.

    I am sure I will have to endure some liturgical abuses, but for some reason during the Triduum it doesn’t get to me as much. I am able to enjoy the grace of the season. Deo gratias!

  54. JL says:

    I’ll be attempting to make the visit to seven churches tonight after Mass–rather difficult on foot! Friday–devotions for the three hours, then the Liturgy of the Passion, Saturday–Vigil and perhaps a late celebratory dinner with friends, Sunday–high Mass. This is my favorite part of the liturgical year!

  55. Future Priest says:

    I will be serving during the Triduum as a deacon for the first time.
    I will also be singing the Exultet.

  56. Supertradmom says:

    We had planned to go the the Tridentine Mass, but because the newspaper for which one of our wage-earners works is having financial difficulties, we do not have a paycheck we expected-so no gas money for any trips. Please pray we can endure any novelties at the NO, unless God has mercy on us and sends us our TLM travel money! God bless all the bloggers, and especially you, Father Z.

  57. College Student says:

    Unfortunately, mine will not be the most optimal of Triduums. I’m stuck at college tomorrow night, wishing I was at the Cathedral’s Tenebrae service. I will then depart for home Friday morning for my (short) Easter break. I have to pick up the dog from the kennel and then will spend some time at home, trying to avoid TV and computer. I hope to go to Good Friday “services” (is that what they are called?) and will likely go with my family to the local Parish. I can’t stand Mass there, but the Good Friday service actually isn’t TOOOOOO bad. I have no clue what I’m doing for Holy Saturday, perhaps Confession. We will probably go to the Easter Vigil (which will, of course, be filled with liturgical abuses and a horrible rendition of the Litany of the Saints). Then it’s Easter Brunch at the Country Club on Sunday morning.

    And yes, even as a college student, I will still have an Easter basket to find :)

  58. Edward Martin says:

    Heading out to Holy Rosary Parish in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland this evening and most of the weekend. A lovely little church built by fishermen with a terrific view of the ocean.

    I will also be counting my blessing, which are plentiful.

    PS And you too Father.

  59. Mark says:

    I’ll be on the altar at St. Agnes for all 3 days…

    Father, how I miss hearing your Exultet. No one can compare!

  60. John says:

    Thursday, Mass and Washing the of Feet.

    Friday, Maintain the traditional time of silence. Attend the Maronite Rite of the Burial of Christ. St. Jude Maronite Mission / Catholic
    Resource Center, Covina, Ca

    Saturday, With my family.

  61. Dubya-aye See says:

    Saturday-No Church

  62. Stitchwort says:

    Only the Ordinary Form available here but my parish is one of the better ones. There are a few, um, deeply entrenched parish customs which are not quite what they should be, and the music will be a penance, but Father will say Mass reverently and correctly.

    Holy Thursday: Mass this evening.
    Good Friday: Service in the afternoon. My son will be serving.
    Holy Saturday: Vigil Mass, son serving again. Last year my daughter entered the Church at this time, so she will be with us–and probably my grandson, now 10 months old. That might get interesting.
    Easter Sunday: Eating chocolate and playing computer games, both of which I gave up for Lent. I’ll also be cooking supper for the whole family.

    In between: Praying all the appropriate Hours from the Divine Office (1962 English Language Roman Breviary, except I do Compline in Latin.)

    A blessed Triduum to everyone!

  63. Carlos Palad says:

    Just finished a long Holy Thursday in Manila, despite a severe cold and sore throat…
    I hope not to land with full-blown bronchitis or pneumonia by Easter.

    Holy Thursday: Missed sung Tenebrae in the morning due to fatigue, so I just
    recited it by myself (took me about 80 minutes). Evening Sung Mass with Mandatum, Procession
    and Stripping of the Altars (all 1962 Missal) at the Parish of the Lord of
    Divine Mercy. The liturgy lasted 2 hours and 20 minutes from start of Mass until the end of the stripping of the altars, with the sermon clocking in at 32 minutes and several hundred communicants. Church was jampacked, people flowing into the streets. Who says nobody wants the TLM in the Philippines?

    After the liturgy, off to the traditional “Visita Iglesia”, the Filipino
    custom of visiting seven churches on the night of Holy Thursday to adore the
    Blessed Sacrament in various altars of repose. Got home shortly after midnight.

    Tomorrow morning, sung Tenebrae, expected to last 3 hours. In the afternoon, I’ll
    attend the 1962 Good Friday service in the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy.
    Then I plan to visit various churches to venerate and take pictures
    of the different “sepulchres” of the “Dead Christ”.

    Holy Saturday – Sung Tenebrae in the morning, Easter Vigil at my home parish
    – Novus Ordo, followed by the Filipino tradition of the “Salubong”, a joyous procession
    that features the statue of the Risen Christ and the statue of Our Lady
    meeting to great fanfare.

    Easter Sunday — Big family feast (if God spares me from illness).

  64. Glen says:

    Besides the expected, my mother and I will be attending my wife’s choir perform Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion.

  65. Leo says:

    I hope all parishes benefit from the liturgical riches of this time. Please pray for my own parish as Pope Benedict’s liturgical reforms have passed us by.

  66. Michael says:

    Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper (OF-Toronto Oratory)

    Good Friday: Liturgy of the Passion (EF-FSSP Toronto), Stations of the Cross (Toronto Oratory)

    Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil (OF-Toronto Oratory)

    Easter Sunday: Mass (EF-FSSP Toronto), Solemn Vespers and Benediction (OF-Toronto Oratory)

  67. Charlotte says:

    Tomorrow: Going to Stations of the Cross with Archbishop Timothy Dolan at Holy Hill Basilica/Shrine (outdoor and UP-hill stations!) It’s his second-to-last public appearance in Wisconsin before he leaves for New York and we don’t want to miss the opportunity.

  68. Charlotte says:

    Oh – Instead of people here listing all the horrible masses they have to “put up with” for the triduum and all the pre-conceived liturgical abuses they relish in anticipating, I wish people were just grateful they have any masses to attend, at all. Many people in this world don’t.

  69. Rob in Maine says:

    My son has come down with Scarlet Fever! It looks like I’ll only be making Easter Sunday.

  70. Rob in Maine says:

    I should clarify (I didn’t think before I posted). Scarlet fever these days is no more than bad case of strep throat. There will be no need to build a bonfire for the Velveteen Rabbit! Amoxacillin should have him better by Saturday.

  71. Dubya-aye See says:

    I should add two things to my list:

    Friday-Burial of Christ at the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in Washington, DC
    Sunday-My 15th Easter in the Church.

  72. therese b says:

    Just back from wonderful Mass . Only men having their feet washed. Tabernacle empty and a rattle at the consecration (this being a new one on me – but I\’m sure it\’s right… perhaps I haven\’t noticed before.) OF but with chant where appropriate. Procession to altar of repose and watching and Pange Lingua. Tomorrow, by Gods Grace, to Walsingham.

  73. ukok says:

    We are on holiday (vacation) in Wales. We went to Mass yesterday and we just got back from Mass this evening and spent a little time ‘keeping watch’ with the Lord. My father and my son both had feet washed by the priest…though i was disappointed to see Fr ask two women if they would go to have their feet washed…but it is a very small parish here and there were not 12 men there at the start of the Mass…so that may be why he asked them.

    Tomorrow we will be at Church for the Liturgy at 3pm and we will be going to Easter Vigil on Saturday evening. We have been here before at Easter and always enjoy it very much. We are made very welcome.

  74. Noel says:

    Wednes: was Mass of Chrism, full Cathedral.7.30 pm
    Thurs: Mass of Lord’s Supper with mandatum. 7.30 pm
    Fri: Solemn Liturgy of the Passion. 3 pm
    Sat: (after dusk) Easter Vigil and First Mass of Easter.9 pm
    Sun: Solemn Mass of Easter Day 11 am

  75. Mitchell NY says:

    Usas Antiquor for Sunday Mass..NYC St. Agnes……..11:00 AM and taking two people who have never been to a Tridentine Mass before, I mean Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite..

  76. Greg Smisek says:

    I’ll be spending a lot of time at St. Agnes: Tenebrae (9:30, each morning, usus antiquior, wouldn’t miss it) and the Missa in Cena Domini followed by adoration (7:30p), Celebratio Passionis Domini (2p), Vigilia Paschalis (7:30p, alas, 24 minutes before sunset, all 2002 Missal) followed by a post-Vigil “break-fast” gathering at a local pub (Brit’s, in case anyone is looking for something to do after the Vigil).

  77. Anita says:

    My plans are to stay home catching vomit from my 3 yr old, while juggling 4 month old teething twins while my husband takes the 5 and 7 yr olds to church, and sings/chants. There will be a lot of lovely music at our parish, except at the one Mass I’ll likely make, the 7 am on Easter Sunday. I’m trying to joyfully offer this my sacrifice.

  78. Ron says:

    Holy Thursday: Staying home with my toddler so he can sleep while my wife and two older boys can attend OF at the Cathedral. I’m going to make a visit to the altar of repose after they get home.
    Good Friday: Practice with the schola at 2pm. 3pm Afternoon liturgy of the Lord’s Passion/ chant with the schola (EF); Veneration of the Cross
    Holy Saturday: No Easter Vigil, but keep holy silence and prayer. Prepare Polish Easter Basket for Father to bless.
    Easter Sunday: EF- Holy Mass at 9 AM and sing in the schola RESSUREXI!
    After Mass- Traditional Polish Break-FAST.

  79. Maureen says:

    I’ll be singing with the choir all Triduum. I took off Good Friday with plans to rest and perhaps do the Stations at my parish or the church visit thing downtown, but no such luck. My apartment maintenance people are coming over to do some long-awaited fixes, so I’ll be home moving stuff out of their way and then waiting for them. (An “ora et labora Triduum” is a good way to look at it.)

    Btw, the new plan this year was to wash the feet of volunteers. Thanks to the natural reluctance of people to volunteer for anything and especially footwashing, our priests ended up mostly washing the feet of male pueri instead of feminae or viri. :)

  80. Maureen says:

    Spur of the moment, willing-to-walk-up-front volunteers, I meant, as opposed to people who do parish volunteering.

  81. Palm Sunday in my OF parish: I was Narrator of the Passion plus being a choir member.

    Holy Thursday: Wonderful service with washing of the feet of the “Twelve Apostles”(actually 11 + Matthias) with each person receiving a certificate with their Apostle’s name on it along with their own name plus a small cross as a rememberance. Choir member plus time spent at altar of the repose. Yes, we had incense and bells ringing.

    Good Friday: Choir member… Adoration of the Cross.

    Easter Vigil: I will be doing the Exodus reading plus my role as a choir member. Several Baptisms, First Communions and Confirmations. A fine repast afterwards.

    I absolutely love our OF Masses with their reverent simplicity. We don’t have the heavy ritual of the EF, but we do sing the Gloria, Holy, Holy, Holy, the Memorial Acclamation, The Great Amen, the Lamb of God… We DO NOT have clowns!

  82. Oh, and I forgot… I will be lector for the Easter Sunday Mass! A full week!

  83. Supertradmom says:

    Just back from a beautifully reverent OF Mass. Only men had their feet washed and no novelties. The music was appropriately elegant and the church packed. I have not seen so many people at the Maundy Thursday Mass for years.

  84. swiftavila says:

    Same to you, Father!
    Thursday: Played in handbell choir for the Chrism Mass at the St. Louis Cathedral. A few hours of work, then Mass of the Lord’s Supper at the parish next door.
    Friday: Work, then Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion next door.
    Saturday: Trying to decide if and where to attend a Vigil Mass. Apparently the parish next door has some goofy music planned, and I’m a little wary of the campus mass at Wash U.
    Sunday: Back to the Cathedral for more bell choir, then an Easter feast with my housemates and two of their families.

  85. Antiquarian says:

    Wednesday: Tenebrae at St Matthew’s Cathedral, DC

    Thursday: Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper, procession and adoration at The US Naval Academy Chapel, Annapolis

    Friday: Liturgy of The Lord’s Passion at The Basilica Shrine of the Immaculate Conception with the Order of the Holy Sepulchre

    Sunday: 10 AM Mass at St Matthew’s Cathedral

  86. Ricky Vines says:

    I’m back from Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s supper. Did they have to wash the feet of the entire congregation?

  87. AuroraChristina says:

    “I will praise Him still…”

    And I’ll be anywhere the Church raises its heart, hands and eyes to Him.

    Blessed Holy Week, everyone!

  88. Laura Lowder says:

    Tonight I sang the Propers at the High Mass at Sacred Heart Church, Dunn; tomorrow I join the schola at the same locale; Sunday I sing the High Mass again – and that means I’ll take the next two days learning Vidi aquam and Victimae Paschale. Yes, this is rather a last-minute endeavor, but I’m very happy with it.

    Father Z, I’ll be remembering you this weekend in my prayers.

  89. Girgadis says:

    Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper, Communion calls to shut-ins, visit
    to the repositories of several churches.
    Good Friday: Morning Prayer and Daily Office at 9, Stations of the Cross at noon, 3pm Liturgy of
    the Lord’s Passion, Veneration of the Cross, Holy Communion, 7pm Stations
    of the Cross at St Charles Seminary, Philadelphia (if the expected monsoon
    doesn’t visit us)Attempt to get 3 teenagers to maintain silence between Noon and 3 pm
    Holy Saturday: 8am Daily Office, drag the heathen husband to confession(the
    only time of year I can get him to go) 8pm Easter Vigil
    Easter Sunday: Morning Mass, Adoration at Divine Love Convent later in the day

  90. Ron says:

    Presiding at the Triduum and receiving three Elect into the church. Mass of the Lord’s Supper is over now . . . so far things are going well. Not as many as last year, public school district is on Easter break and many are out of town, sadly. Wonderful emcee for the entire Triduum, which helped quite a bit. Had to figure out how to mute the new carillon, but finally did so. Washed both feet, for some reason they used to do only one foot here. Could never figure that one out. Six men, two women, one boy. Quite prayerful. They used to do a thing where people would come up and wash others’ feet, it was too carnival like and we terminated that process. This was FAR better and more prayerful.

  91. I just came back from one stunningly reverent Holy Thursday Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Fargo. Wow oh wow, was it beautiful… And we were spilling out of the pews to boot. What a site to see hundreds of people on their knees in front of their Creator at the Altar of Repose. I plan on attending: Stations in front of the abortion mill @ 10:30 and the Passion liturgy @ 3pm tomorrow; Easter Vigil Mass @ 8:45 (we have a poster welcoming our “New Catholics” of some 15 people, of whom I’m not sure how many are Catechumens)Saturday; and the Extraordinary form of the Easter Sunday Mass @ 2pm. I might take in another Easter Mass in the morning if my parents can’t make the afternoon Mass work with the company that’s expected.

  92. MargaretMN says:

    Doing the Tridium at Holy Family. Went to Holy Thursday Mass tonight. It was packed! We had to park two blocks away! Friday morning I will visit and go to confession (can’t stay for the 2 pm service, have to work) My spouse is being Baptized at the Vigil so that will be very special for us.

  93. Went to the Maundy Thursday Mass at my parish, Blessed Sacrament, in Springfield, Illinois, tonight. It was NO, but at the washing of the feet the choir sang hymns in English and Latin, finishing up with Ubi Caritas in Latin, word-for-word exactly as it is in the Maundy Thursday liturgy in my 1962 Baronius Press hand missal. Just beautiful. The Procession after Mass, we sang the Pange Linua and the Tantum Ergo in Latin. I cried.

    Tomorrow I’m packing the wife and kids in the car for the two-hour drive west to Fr. Arnaud Devillers’ parish, St. Rose of Lima, in Quincy, Illinois, for the Good Friday office according to the 1962 Missale Romanum. I am 43 and I have never worshipped on Good Friday in the old Rite.

    Saturday, it is back in Blessed Sacrament for the NO Vigil, but Fr. David Hoefler celebrates a very beautiful and reverent Mass, with lots of Latin. After the Vigil many, particularly newly baptized catechumens, repair to a local tavern to celebrate Easter. All the men stand and toast the risen Lord with pints of beer while the wives sit and chat and children run around the bar — or behind it, if they sneak back there. One year my son, then 6, acted as doorman. “You know it’s a Catholic event when a six-year-old is stationed at the door of a bar,” one woman said. :)

    Sunday we all sleep in and, in the Roman custom, have white wine with breakfast.

  94. Unfortunately I was traveling home from school during tonight’s Holy Thursday Mass, but I’ve spent a nice quiet evening in prayer, and particularly enjoyed the Holy Father’s homily for tonight’s Mass. If you haven’t read it yet, Father, you should, because it offers one paragraph in particular that truly illuminates the gift of the priesthood. Tomorrow I will be in church most of the day, with Stations of the Cross, and a 3pm Liturgy, and then on Good Friday I just typically like to remain in the church for much of the day. And on Saturday, I am very happy to announce that I will be attending my third Mass in the Extraordinary Form, at a parish you know well, Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, NJ. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it because I do not always have access to a car, but my plans have now been set, so I will be there for Easter Vigil.

    Finally, on Easter Sunday I will join my parents, my three siblings and their spouses, and my four nieces and nephews (with a fifth on the way), for a beautiful Easter gathering. What a beautiful week this is!

  95. Martin says:

    Thank you, Father. Et tu quoque.

  96. Mark says:

    I had a very good 12 hours in our cathedral. Good Mass, inspiring tenebrae (first time in 50 years according to one of the schola members), and a succesful all-night vigil. Pretty tired now, but off to assist at the Stations of the Cross in less then two hours. I also had another Mass to serve added to my list: Sunday morning at nine. The Latin Mass Society had a dearth of servers, so the’ll end up with me.

  97. Ouida says:

    Father, I’m a convert and confused about when Lent ends. In some places, I read that it ended on Thursday, when the Easter Triduum begins. In other places, I read a later time like Saturday. Please explain. I would appreciate your help.

  98. Mary Ann says:

    Have been blessed to be able to pray the same prayer that my Great Grandmother did for many years on Good Friday:

    (To be prayed thirty-three times in front of a crucifix and lighted candle. Pray three requests after.)

    “Oh, my Savior, Jesus Christ, I humbly pray You by the merits of Your Precious Blood, by Your Divine Heart and by intercession of Your Cruel Death to assist me in my urgent need”

  99. I will be keeping watch at my dad’s bedside with my mom and family and asking our Lord to be merciful to him in his final days. If you would be kind enough to offer a prayer for him I would be most grateful.

  100. irishgirl says:

    I went to a convent of ‘traditional’ Sisters for their Easter Triduum services. Unfortunately, I arrived just as the Holy Thursday Mass was ending, and the Blessed Sacrament was carried to the Altar of Repose. I was able to go and pray there-the chapel is separate from the rest of the convent.

    I stayed at a hotel overnight, so I was able to attend Tenebrae in the evening. Wow-I had never been to a traditional Tenedbrae service! The Sisters chanted so beautifully all the Psalms and Lessons. I was not prepared when, at the end after all the candles and lights were put out, the Sisters POUNDED their breviaries on their benches! It was not a single pound-it was a disjointed series of pounds! That was incredible!

    The next day I went back to the convent and prayed at the Altar of Repose with the priests, seminarians, altar boys, and Sisters. The silence was absolutely heavenly! Then I attended the Mass of the Pre-Sanctified [I don’t think I ever attended one before this], the Veneration of the Cross [it was hard for me to kneel down and bend over to kiss the crucifix-the seminarian and altar boy held it up so I could kiss without bending over], and Vespers [this was chanted by the Sisters]. When I got home, I attended a Holy Hour at the chapel where I go Sundays for the EF Mass. There was no priest-they come from out of town-so the men of the congregation led us in the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, and Veneration of the Cross.

    This morning, I went to a small shrine near my house and I prayed the Rosary and the Chaplet of Mercy w/ Novena.

    I was glad to attend most of the ceremonies-I just let it ‘soak in’! They were blissfully holy and sacred!

  101. irishgirl says:

    Oh, I forgot-a Blessed Easter to you, Fr. Z! Thank you for all you do in explaining and defending our Holy Faith!

    Christ is risen, alleluia! Mary, Queen of Heaven, rejoice, alleluia!

    Another ‘forgot’-Low EF Mass at the chapel…I’m singing with our ‘tiny’ choir [organist, 80-something widow, teenage girl, and me]. We’re doing three Regina Coelis, Ave Verum [Mozart] along with some more familiar hymns.

  102. Charivari Rob says:

    What a Holy Week! What a Triduum!

    Holy Thursday at our parish as planned. Great homily from one of our parish priests. Beautiful procession to the altar of repose – the whole congregation fell into step, singing the hymn, and started out Adoration together.

    Must share a report from my folks in my hometown parish – 1st Holy Thursday in the new church building. Candlelit procession started at the altar, did the circuit inside the church, passing all the Stations. Out the fire door by the Tabernacle, around the outside of the church. In through the main doors to the Adoration Chapel, which was the altar of repose. The many hundreds filed through the Chapel, two by two.

    Good Friday, neither of us got in to Confession or afternoon services as originally hoped. We visited a priest friend’s parish in the evening. It was probably the most powerful Good Friday service I have ever attended. For Veneration, the large crucifix was held on the dais in front of the altar by two altar servers. One cushion on the floor in front of the crucifix, 5 more arrayed in a half-circle. Approach in line, kneel on an empty cushion to wait your turn, and approach the crucifix on your knees to venerate. Very powerful! Beautiful music, a joyful yet intensely reverent congregation, down to the smallest of the small. Truly welcoming of visitors in their midst, as well.

    Confession Saturday afternoon. Thank God!

    Vigil at a neighboring parish, home of many dear friends. Welcomed three into the church. Great preaching! Joyous music! Roll back that stone! He is Risen! He is risen indeed!

    Gotta dash, heading out for morning Mass here at our own parish.

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