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VATICAN CITY, 24 APR 2009 (VIS) – The Press and Information Office of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) today issued a note concerning a news item carried by certain communications media according to which Fr. Adolfo Nicolas S.J., superior general of the Society, had approved the publication of certain documents from the archives of Fr. Robert Graham S.J.

  "Such authorisation has never been given", the note says. "The documents will be catalogued but not published. A possible future publication can only happen after the Holy See opens its archives regarding the pontificate of Pope Pius XII".

  The private collection of Fr. Graham, who died in 1997 and was considered the leading Vatican expert on the role played by the Pontiff during World War II, contains more than 25,000 documents concerning initiatives undertaken by the Pope and the Vatican during that period.


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  1. fortradition says:

    My hope is that these documents will be made known someday and completely exonerate Venerable Pope Pius XII once and for all from the defamation of the black legend. He was a great Holy Father during my youth and the Holy Roman Catholic Church at that time was considered the “glory” days as they truly were. Amazing since he had to contend with WWII, the Fascists, Nazis, and Communists besides.

  2. LCB says:

    I wonder what will be discovered about secular political figures when the documents are all finally released?

    Or how about the role of the masons in italian fascism?

  3. Ttony says:

    Fr Graham’s archive has become, to a small group of Vatican-in-WWII obsessives, an equivalent to Joanna Southcott’s box. Cataloguing what the archive contains (and bear in mind that the provenance of some of the items in his posession will have to be established) will help the Vatican authorities in working out how to approach the question of releasing material at some point in the future.

    People are hoping for something which, if it existed, will have been made public already.

  4. Biff says:


    I don’t think they liked each other. In fact, the Allies worked hard to re-establish them in Axis Nations after the War according to Wm. Wallen.

  5. Jason says:

    It’s amazing how many holy Popes we have been blessed with in modern times, going back to Leo XIII, maybe even further (I’m not as familiar with Popes before him).

  6. Jason! The on e before him (Leo XIII) has been beatified.

  7. Ron says:

    As of a week or so ago, I knew the people who were going to fund the process of scanning the documents and putting them on the web. I hope they are permitted to go through with that. The documents will confirm the good things we already know about Pius.

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