QUAERUNTUR: some questions about Mass

From a reader, some questions.

I  usually don’t like to tackle more than one question at a time, because multiple questions make subsequent moderation to difficult.

So, I will be brief.

Is it permissible for the following;

1.  At the Offertory to consecrate the bread and wine together as: "Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation.  Through your goodness we have this bread and wine to offer.  They will become the body and blood of Christ."  [That is not what the official liturgical books say.  The books indicate that the offering of the bread and wine are separate.  Furthermore, between the offering of the bread and wine, the chalice must be prepared.  So, more than one thing is being violated.]

2.  When did the Entrance Hymn, the communion prayer, and the prayer after  communion disappear.   [They didn’t.  You will find them in the Roman Missal.]

3.  Is it correct for the people to say :  May the Lord accept the sacrifice at our hands instead of May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your  hands.  [That is not what the book says.  Also, this version twists the theology of the consecration.  The way the priest offers sacrifice is not the same as the way the congregation, as baptized people, participated.]


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