VATICAN CITY, 1 JUN 2009 (VIS) – Pope Benedict’s general prayer intention for June is: "That international attention towards the poorer countries may give rise to more concrete help, in particular to relieve them of the crushing burden of foreign debt"

  His mission intention is: "That the particular Churches operating in regions marked by violence may be sustained by the love and concrete closeness of all the Catholics in the world".

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  1. Mark says:

    How much does it actually help the poor people of those countries when foreign debt is relieved when all the officials are corrupt anyways? Shouldn’t we reall be helping in more personal ways? I’m just askin’.

  2. Ukok says:

    Fr. Z,

    i hope you won’t mind my sharing the following link with you. It is to a page on my blog where i have created prayer cards available for free download. I have already made the prayer cards for the Holy Father’s Intentions for June and will make each months prayer card available before the beginning of each new month. I am adding new prayer cards all the time and it is my hope that people will print them off at little cost to themselves and distribute them entirely free.

    Here is the link if anyone is interested :Ukok’s Place – Prayer Card page

    God Bless!

  3. Stephanie says:

    The thought on it, Mark, is that if they’re not busy paying and repaying and repaying debts to us because of ludicrous amounts of interest, they’ll have money to feed and house their people. For example, according to Jubilee USA Network, from 1970 to 2002 Africa received $540 billion in loans. At this point they’ve paid back $550 billion in principle and interest, but they still owe $295 billion. Those resources would be better spent on their own economic development.

  4. Mark says:

    I understand the intention, but when government officials in those countries are corrupt and don’t spend the money on the people and economic development, but rather themselves, how does it help to relieve them of the debt. The money would never make it to the people anyways. We need to act in more personal ways, to bypass the governments and go right to the people.

  5. Paul S. says:

    Mark – get on it with the personal giving – there are parishes of the ICRSP (Gabon) and FSSP (Nigeria) which might serve as reasonable resource in getting your personal giving from here to Africa.

    At the same time, in addition to personal giving it is meritorious to pray that the governments of poorer countries would be relieved of debt. So long as those governments are bogged down with debts that cannot otherwise be repaid, why would any non-corrupt person want to become involved in governing?

    We can do both. And we should do both.


    “That international attention towards the poorer countries may give rise to more concrete help, in particular to relieve them of the crushing burden of foreign debt”

    The biblical attention and the attention of Jesus was towards family debts by which the dignity of the family members is gravely affected.The franciscans paid attention to this suffering at the family level and organized the Mountain of Pity.This concrete step may be taken again by the Franciscans

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