Neum by neum in Chicago

From a reader:

Hello Fr. Z,

Just in case no one has sent this to you yet, here is a link to one of many great videos just up on YouTube of the Sacred Music Colloquium in Chicago, done by the the professional production company CC Watershed – excellent quality.

There are also many other great videos just up, some are of the two EF Solemn High Mass’s celebrated (one was a Requiem Mass). There are also some video of the Mass said by Cardinal George.

I just got home from it myself, it was an incredible experience – I learned so much.

Neum by neum

Mrs. June Ely

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  1. Ygnacia says:

    Here is the link to the Church Music Association of America\’s website, Musica Sacra:
    They are the ones that put on the Sacred Music Colloquium.

    There is so much great information on their website about Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony, and other forms of sacred music, including new composition, for liturgical use.

    The Colloquium was awesome, plan on coming next year…

  2. Cristero says:

    Three of the members of the Schola of San Juan Bautista, CA went to the Colloquium this year, including our Precentor. We pray we can send even more next year.

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