Year for Priests and tools for Social Networking

At the beginning of this Year for Priests you should have a plan about how to use well this opportunity.

One way in which people may work to make this Year fruitful is to strengthen each other in their efforts.

The tools of social communication, social networking might be helpful.

How about some ideas and discussion?

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  1. Ohio Annie says:

    Prayer is the best tool of social networking of all.

  2. I think it would be wonderful to see a blog dedicated to writing each post about a different priest. Giving their story of where they grew up, their education, what called them to their vocation, where they have traveled, and what they have accomplished and what they would like to accomplish. I’m sure many people don’t know their priests that well and it would be a good way to get to know them and share their story and let them know that people are truly interested!

    I wish I had thought about this sooner so I could start a blog and have today be the first post!

  3. Tom Lanter says:

    Fr. Z.;

    One thing I would like to see is more comradery between the priest, in many cases they are not close to each other as they should be.

    We should invite them out for breakfast or dinner and to our homes.

    Pastors could visit the homes of many of their parishioner’s as possible starting with single parent families, especially those with small children.

    Tom Lanter

  4. The Spiritual Adoption of Priests Program through Opus Sanctorum Angelorum is a wonderful Apostolate. They send you an adoption packet and prayer card with your priest’s name on it. You can request to adopt a priest, bishop, or seminarian by name as well.

    Another is the Vatican’s initiative on the Spiritual Motherhood of Priests. One diocese put out a gorgeous pdf on this.

    Details on both are here:

  5. MaryAnn says:

    I am going to begin a personal, local campaign: send a note of thanksgiving each week to a different diocesan priest in my diocese. hmmmm, might have to send out more than one a week. I think we have a couple of hundred.

    I am inspired by the young lady who wished you a Happy Year of PRiests, Father!
    How refreshing.
    I will pray to get similar opportunities throughout this year.

  6. anjaa says:

    have you heard about the dutch archbisshop Mgr Eijk twittering on Twitter and asking his followers to pray voor vocations? Yesterday he was on Ustream praying with viewers for vocations. You can watch here.

  7. avecrux says:

    I am a Coordinator of Religious Ed. at a parish and have set up a blog so that parents can follow the schedule, parish activities, etc. We now have a Year of the Priesthood page, with links to articles on the year, Church documents on Priesthood, etc. There is also a poll parents can take to say when/how much their family will pray for Priests this year (I also plan to add a vocation prayer), and a link to click which takes them to specific prayers for our parish Priests. Then their is a box to submit pledges which will be given to our Priests in the form of a spiritual bouquet.

  8. Genevieve says:

    I’m starting as Youth Director for my parish in the fall and I plan to use my position and increased proximity to other members of my parish to encourage respect for our priests. I am already involved on a number of levels – in the choir, Knight’s Lady, etc, and am shocked when I hear parishioners in positions of authority bad mouth our Pastor. I know there are politics in any organization, but part of those politics should never be to undermine a priest – even if he doesn’t make the decisions one would have him make.

    I’d love to develop a closer relationship with our priests, but I feel shy about it. Surely, they’re too busy to have dinner at my home?

  9. Lindsay says:

    Fr. Z et al.

    After reading Cardinal Hummes’ letter to the clergy on the Year for Priests, I was inspired by his call to celebrate this special year at the parish level. I approached our Pastoral Council about it and they didn’t even know it was happening! So they gave me their blessing to run with it, and now I am our parish ‘activities coordinator’ for this initiative.

    We created special booklets to hand out after the Mass with a prayer for priests and some ideas on how to lift them up, which we gave out on Corpus Christi to prepare our community for the Year for Priests. I actually got permission to speak at the Masses, too, to explain what we had planned and as a call to pray for our priests. We opened the Year with a 12-hour Eucharistic Vigil on June 19th and have monthly meetings to pray the Rosary with specific intentions for the Priesthood and a monthly praise and worship gathering with the Blessed Sacrament to also pray for them.

    With regard to social networking, I created a facebook group in order to help get the word out and keep those interested updated and informed as the year continues. Please feel free to check it out at:

    Also, does anyone have anything planned or any ideas on something to do on August 4th, the Feast day of St. John Vianney???

    In Jesus, through Mary, in all things,

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