Fota II International Liturgy Conference – Cork, Ireland

Those of you in Ireland, or who are going to be in Ireland, or would like to be in Ireland, there will be a liturgy conference near Cork

The organizers sent a schedule for the two days.

St. Colman’s Society for Catholic Liturgy
Fota II International Liturgy Conference

Benedict XVI on Church Art and Architecture
12-13 July 2009

Sheraton Hotel, Fota, Co. Cork


Sunday, 12 July 2009

4 pm          Conference Opening
        Chair: Prof. D. Vincent Twomey, SVD

        Joesph Ratzinger on Aesthetics and  the Liturgy.

4.15 pm    Dr. Joseph Murphy
The Fairest and the Formless: The Face of Christ as Criterion for Christian beauty    according to Joesph Ratzinger.

5 pm        Fr. Daniel Gallagher
The Liturgical Consequences of Thomistic Aesthetics: exploring some philosophical aspects of Joseph Ratzinger’s  Aesthetics.
6 pm        Dr. Janeth Rutherford
        Eastern iconoclasm and the defence of divine beauty.

Monday, 13 July 2009

9 am        Dr. Helen Dietz
        The Nuptial Meaning of Classic Church Architecture

9.45    Fr. Michael Uwe Lang, Cong. Or.
Louis Bouyer and Church Architecture: Resourcing Benedict XVI’s Introduction to The Spirit of the Liturgy.

11 am        Mass

3 pm        His Eminence George Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney
        Benedict XVI on Beauty: Issues in the Tradition of Christian Aesthetics.

4 pm        Prof. Duncan Stroik
The Church Building as an Image of Eternity: Cardinal Ratzinger and the Architecture of Ecclesia

5 pm        Mr. Ethan Anthony
The Third Revival: New Gothic and Romanesque Catholic Architecture in North America.

6 pm        Dr. Alcuin Reid
        ‘Noble Simplicity’ Revisited       

7 pm        Dr. Neil Roy
The Galilee Chapel: A Medieval Notion Comes of Age

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  1. RichR says:

    Wow! What a line-up of speakers! It makes me wish I was in Ireland. I do hope they record the event and make it available for us who are not able to be present. I would pay money for those talks on tape.

  2. Jase says:

    Cardinal Pell? Really, what does he know about good liturgy? I\’d think there are a few issues with aesthetics here:

  3. It looks excellent! Will it be recorded?

  4. CPM says:

    May I also add that on the Sunday Cardinal Pell will celebrate a Pontifical High Mass (not sure if its EF or OF) at 12.00 noon in St Peter and Paul’s church in Cork City.
    Music at Sunday and Monday masses will be provided by the Lassus Scholars who regularly provide music at the Latin Mass in Dublin. On Sunday they will perform Missa Brevis by Palestrina and on Monday they will perform Missa Tu Es Petrus by Palestrina
    In Nomine Christi,

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