This year? Not so much.

Every year when the G8 etc would meet, the press gave huge coverage to the over the topic antics of protesters. 

Not so much this year.

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  1. P. McGrath says:

    Probably because the G8 meeting was in L’Aquila, which is still recovering from the earthquake earlier this year. Goofy protests in a region where so many were killed? Not good publicity.

    Actually, I’m surprised that the summit wasn’t moved from L’Aquila after the earthquake. Must have been one tough building they held it in.

    But I will be happy to stand corrected if someone has better information.

  2. Michael says:

    I’ll be living in Pittsburgh this autumn, and I’ve been assured that there will be some crazy protesters for the G20 summit.

  3. Victor says:

    The summit was to be held in Rome and was moved to L’Aquila AFTER the earthquake by Mr Berlusconi.

  4. Latekate says:

    Those protesters are nearly always communist Starbucks window smashers. Since we now have a Marxist (unConstitutional, he has yet to produce a birth certificate) “president”, they won’t want to make him look bad.

    I don’t expect anything from the MSM that would make anyone think that there is any hint of disunity among the masses with the Obammunist and his, ahem, “economic policies”.

  5. Jack says:

    Perhaps because Bush was not there…They all literally “hated” the man, and the media was more than happy to focus on that.

  6. JP says:

    Good point father – quick search turns up one surprising source detailing thousands of protesters this year.

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