15 August – annual “Mater Ecclesiae” Assumption Mass in Merchantville, NJ

It is time again for the annual Solemn TLM sponsored by Mater Ecclesiae in Berlin, NJ where my friend Fr. Robert Pasley is pastor. 

This year the Mass will be offered at St. Peter’s in Merchantville, NJ rather than the Cathedral in Camden, where work is going on to restore the organ.

I have happily attended this Mass twice now.  I wish I could be there again this year.

I spoke with Fr. Pasley by phone this morning.  The preparations are going well.  Fr. Pasley mentioned that the church at Merchantville is much larger than the Cathedral.

Here is the music program:

Hymn:  O Sanctissima
Introit:  Signum Magnum
Kyrie et Gloria:  Haydn Missa S. Nicolai
Gradual:  Audi, filia
Alleluia Assumpta est
Credo III, with an Et incarnatus by Franciso Valls
Offertory:  Inimicitias ponam
Donizetti:  Ave Maria
Fanceschini:  Sonata in D for 2 Trumpets–Adagio
Tallis:  Euge caeli porta
Sanctus, Benedictus, et Agnus:  Haydn Missa S. Nicolai
Communion:  Beatam me dicent
McDonnell:  Surge, propera
Franceschini:  Sonata in D for 2 Trumpets—Grave
Mozart:  Ave Verum Corpus
Chant–Isaac:  Ave Maris Stella
Hymn:  Hail, Holy Queen (arr. McDonnell)
Postlude:  Benedicta, Filia by Harold Boatrite (Mater Ecclesiae parishioner.)

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  1. tonio5555 says:


    Be sure to meet Fr. Caparas at St. Peter’s, he’s a great young priest currently preparing to offer the EF.

  2. ssoldie says:

    This is going to be in (modern lingo) awesome.

  3. jennywren says:

    Does anyone happen to know if there will be one near Hartford CT? I’m traveling there this weekend and would very much like to assist for this great feast day.

  4. rob l says:

    Well, it is a little ways from Hartford, but in Monroe, CT Bp Mckenna says Mass in the Dominican rite. You can get info at rosarychapel.net.


  5. johncmeyers says:

    St. Peter’s is a bit bigger than the cathedral. Much better parking situation as well.

  6. St. Peter’s is stunningly beautiful. One of my parish priests (who is also a year younger than me), Fr. Markellos, will be there. He apparently has been well tutored by Fr. Pasley. I will be there as well, as the Assumption is the feast where I am renewing my consecration to Mary in the way of St. Louis de Montfort.

    As an aside, I had a nice meeting with the pastor of my church today, a new pastor who is strongly orthodox and traditional, and he informed me, as he has been little by little, that he is working to include more chant and more Latin into the Novus Ordo. We have great things going on in my parish.

  7. dcs says:

    I am very happy to see that “Hail Holy Queen” is back as the recessional hymn.

  8. Jeff Pinyan says:

    I WOULD be there, Fr. Z, since I’m in Princeton, and Merchantville’s not even an hour away… but as of Friday I’m on vacation down in Sanibel Island, Florida. The Mass sounds like it will be wonderful.

    Pray for us, Mother of God!

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