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I have had a truly awful day.  Thus, I was pleased to have this nice note.

Hello Father–

Your finch feeders encouraged me to put up a finch sock on a tree in my backyard–I live in a new townhouse community so our landscaping is just starting to get established.  This year I noticed the purple and house finches (they sing so pretty) and thought maybe the finch sock would attract them.

Well–they don’t seem to notice the finch sock..but recently these OTHER birds are all over it…am not sure if these are gold finches–they don’t have the bright yellow that yours have–but wow once they discovered it they told all their friends!!  I have as many as 6 of them on it at a time…and others waiting their turn in the little tree.  They also sing up a storm while they are feeding.  So far the neighbors haven’t said anything.. (cross fingers) they can get pretty loud.

I have enclosed some photos.

I am in … Utah so I am not sure if this is goldfinch territory.  I will keep the feeder up as long as they hand around..until the snow flies..

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  1. chloesmom says:

    Dear Father, Sorry to hear about your day, but happy that the goldfinches arrived to brighten everything up a bit. They are lovely birds, aren’t they? It’s always a treat to see them at the feeder, especially on overcast days when they really stand out. Hope that your day — and the coming week — will be much better. God bless.

  2. Kerry says:

    Father Z, when next you are in St. Paul, and come to Connie’s Creamy Cone, our house just one-half block up the street, (Crucifix Shrine I made in the front yard), has also sunflowers in front, packed regularly with golden finches.

  3. rwprof says:

    No bird feeders here until the bears go back into hibernation.

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