A Sunday sermon

In the wake of many disappointments we have all seen in the press, continually see from people who should know better, concerning even Christians, Catholics, even whole Christian communities which betray both reason and Scripture and Christian Tradition, here is a Sunday sermon.

The Gospel is included and a prayer for vocations which is customarily recited after the Gospel in this parish.

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  1. jmhj5 says:

    Thank You!
    God Bless you!

  2. Dave N. says:

    I may have missed it, but I think the question begged is what is to be done about sin within the church.

  3. AngelineOH says:

    This was very timely. Thank you, Father.

  4. Torpedo1 says:

    Now that’s just what we need to hear. It’s very encouraging to hear our priests speak so. He’s being the shepard he should be. May God bless and keep all priests. Thanks so much Father for posting this. It isn’t what we got last evening at the parish I went too. Sigh… let’s just say, dissent should be accepted because it’s an opportunity for debate and other points of view blah… blah… blah. sigh… I miss St. Agnes, must register there soon.

  5. A good Word, Father. Thank you!

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