Another grrrr update

After considerable effort yesterday, my desktop crashed and burned again today.  How my heart quailed.

However, I think I may – again after considerable effort and frustration – have found a work around. 

Right now, with the blessing, it is running and I am actually posting from my main computer, the desktop!

As for the laptop which powers all the video, etc., the display is a goner.  Requiescat.  I have an small external monitor hooked up to it now.  It beats going in through a remote log in and it is sufficient to use the box.  However, this is no longer a portable computer … so long as the display is dead.

I managed to fix, I think, the problem with the hard drive on the other, old laptop used for video in the chapel. 

This whole thing has been for the birds.

Well.. that is just a turn of phrase.

The feed is for the birds… that is… well you get the picture…. unless of course you have my laptop. 

I better stop.

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  1. Mark Windsor says:

    Check the one about Customer Care… [And that is… what… funny?]

  2. jbalza007 says:

    These hard drives are so unpredictable. No wonder the IT guys have the never-ending mantra: back-up, back-up, back-up!

    Ouch.. I just heard a loud piercing sound on the zcam audio. Wonder what was that?

  3. sekman says:

    Father what model of laptop did the screen go out on? I have a couple of dead laptops which to my knowledge have working lcd panels.

  4. Nuts, Father. That laptop wouldn’t happen to be a Toshiba Satellite would it? Mine just went two weeks ago. Had to disconnect the monitor from my desktop to work on the laptop which is my main computer. Then I needed to get back on to my desktop and decided to buy a new monitor.

    Thankfully, I took out the 3 year service plan on my Toshiba at Micro Center and still have 11 months left on it. I have to get it in for service.

    I was told I could be without it for two weeks. Nuts!

  5. always catholic says:

    I, for one would be glad to contribute to a “Laptop for Father” fund drive. I contribute to the Church by giving directly to priests I trust. If they decide they need it for the parish, I leave it to them. Father Zuhlsdorf, not having a parish, needs help in a way much different from a parish priest.

    We are blessed to have a priest who gives all of his time to helping us learn how to defend our Faith and to protect our Church. He does this as his particular mission at this time in history.

    It behooves us to support him in his endeavors because we reap the benefits 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For myself, I was extremely ill one Christmas Eve and Father offered Mass on a snowy and quiet night from his Chapel.(Im trying to remember whether it was live or a video, but to me it didnt matter.)I felt as a hermit who was priviledged to have a Mass just for me at the Altar in Bethlehem before the Infant Saviour. For this I will be forever grateful to Father and I am sure there are others whom have stories like mine.

    Let us dig deep and give what we are able to give. Whether is it $5 or $500 it will be “our” gift to him, a thank you gift from which we will gain all the benefits!

    I’d like to challenge the regulars to start pledging tonight. I am looking at my budget and will be back in the morning with a figure. Let’s put our pledges in this Combox. Reverend Father, please keep this open until we get you your new laptop!!

    Ad Iesum per Mariam,

    Sophia Guerra

  6. Father, I had many problems with my Dell laptop. After four years of trouble, I purchased an iMac. The difference is amazing. Until then, I scoffed at the “Mac cult.” Now I simply find that Macs are better and less troublesome.

  7. John Enright says:

    I don’t know much about your hardware, but I do know a thing or two about recovering misbehaving systems. Let me know about the details of your problems, Father, and I’ll try to come up with a resolution. I wouldn’t expect much, however.

    In any event, you’re know experiencing the modern equivalent of the “Trials of Job.” LOL!

  8. John Enright says:

    Meant to say “now” not “know” Sorry.

  9. jennywren says:

    Perhaps you prayed recently for an increase in patience? God Bless you Father for all that you do to keep your blog and radio sabina/z-chat running…it is an orthodox, informative, entertaining, insightful place and for many of us, a place we call home where we know others of like mind hang out…an oasis. Thank you again.

  10. Amy MEV says:

    You’re computer may be acting ugly, but your birds sure are lovely! Here is some good news to cheer you up:

    This couple, friends of mine, have been struggling with infertility since they married a few years ago. They are now the proud parents of these twin boys, AND their next baby is due around Christmas!

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