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  1. I recently signed on to a web-based application called TweetDeck (, from which I can view messages by “friends,” direct message, Facebook message, and so on. Just the thing for when the Ritalin wears off and you lose your concentration –not that that ever happens to me personally, but… well, you know. It’s been out since June ’08, and a version for the iPhone was just released two months ago. People can go on road trips and report their every move.

    Unfortunately, it’s just not the same as watching bird-feeder activity at the Sabine Farm. I’ve done more “virtual” birding in the past six months, than in my whole life before that. Keep it up, Padre.

  2. kradcliffe says:

    I’m going to check out that tweetdeck. I use pixelpipe to post from my Android phone.

    I’m not entirely sure I “get” twitter but I don’t want to be left behind when everybody abandons FB, the way I was when Myspace was left to teens, gang-bangers, hicks and bad bands. (My tongue is in my cheek, don’t worry.)

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