grrrrr update

I have successfully rebuilt the most important part of the mothership.  It has been a real anabasis.

However, I am now trying to figure out how to restore files from a shadow backup, in a .vhd file.

The Vista program with which it was made, won’t recognize it.

Cool, huh?  Really useful feature.

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  1. tomseeker says:

    Try this article Father.

    It does work.

    in +JMJ+
    Tom Seeker

  2. Lurker 59 says:


    Not sure of your exact problem. Please post exact error code and exactly what you are trying to do. Are you trying to do a full system restore or restoring only part of the files.

    If you are trying to do a full system restore:

    1. Put VISTA OS INSTALL DVDin the computer and reboot.
    2. Boot from DVD
    3. Place DVD with *.VHD image in drive or have the HD with the *.VHD on it connected
    5. Manually select proper files
    6. Follow rest of the instructions

    God bless you and your ministry.

    Lurker #59

  3. I am just after some files and folders. I am not try to restore the whole image.

  4. tomseeker: How do you know it works?

  5. PatrickV says:

    Anabasis, the march upcountry by Xenophon.

    Yikes, reengineering the mother ship must have been a trial to use that descriptive!!!

    I can offer no worthwhile advice on the subject. I will pray, that will probably be most efficacious.


  6. Supertradmom says:

    Get out of Vista. Windows 7 is free right now, until Spring. I recommend Linux.

  7. tomseeker says:

    I have done it father. It will mount the file as a volume (drive) and you can copy files with explorer.

  8. tomseeker: So… you mounted a vhd made as a shadow backup from an external drive as a virtual drive and was able to read from it with Explorer?

  9. Mariana says:

    Well, the Ten Thousand DID make it back : ) !

  10. tomseeker says:

    Yes Father. I have a separate server to mount them along with other virtual volumes. I have used the method listed above to mount a full backup of a laptop using vista. I mounted it on a XP laptop as a volume and move important files (Documents etc).

  11. I shall have to brush up on “run merge”.

  12. tomseeker says:

    I just emailed you a file that ends with .reg. All you should have to do is double click on it and it will automatically add the test to the registry for you.

  13. kolbe1019 says:

    If you get a mac you would have access to a program called time machine that keeps track of everything on your computer and you can have access to files you deleted or lost years ago. Just as if you were going back in time.

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