Holy Water

Getting it just a little wrong…

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  1. Joan M says:

    That gave me a good laugh! I’m sure it was very easy to get it wrong – the microphone is similar in shape to the sprinkler and he probably much more used to having a sprinkler in his hand than a microphone!

    One year my then parish priest was blessing the fishing boats on the feast of Sts. Peter & Paul, from a larger boat on the sea and got so enthusiastic the sprinkler flew out of his hand into the depths of the sea! At least it didn’t hit anyone on the head!

  2. Scott W. says:

    The feedback was pricesless.

  3. scribe564 says:

    Thanks for a good laugh today.

  4. William says:


  5. Thomas G. says:

    The website that came from, http://www.failblog.org, is fairly amusing, only slightly scatalogical (and that can be skipped over).

  6. jaykay says:

    A friend had the misfortune, while blessing the coffin of a much-loved aunt just before it went behind the curtain at a crematorium, of having the sprinkler (a bottle which at that stage was fairly wet having being used by other members of the family) slip out of his hand and crash against the coffin – the top flew off and the Holy Water splashed all over the coffin. Shocked silence for a second or two, before a cousin is heard to mutter, in a thick Irish country accent: “BeGod, they’ll never set light to her now…”

    Everyone cracked up. It was the way she would have wanted to go, with a good laugh.

  7. The late lamented Rev. Vincent Miceli, S.J. was marrying my wife and me and did this exact thing while blessing our wedding rings. Fortunately the altar boy was able to discreetly nudge the holy water pot into Father’s field of vision so that he quickly realized what he was doing.

    We really miss that fine Jesuit warrior.

  8. medievalist says:

    Ahh, our Holy Church continues to work well with modern technology.

  9. Thomas S says:


    And absent-mindedness is no stranger to me. Such as drying off my contact lenses case with a piece of toilet paper and then proceeding to throw the case into the toilet.

  10. lorakeidel says:

    Same thing at our wedding: the altar boy handed the priest the microphone and he blessed us with it, then slammed it into the altar boy’s stomach saying quite loudly, “not that, you dummy!”

  11. Jon says:

    Nearly the same thing happened – minus the deceased – at Mass a few months ago.

    At the FSSP apostolate I attend, during the Asperges Father came to the back, flinging holy water left and right. He aimed toward the choir, and WHAM! The head of the aspergillum flew off and whizzed past my head, catching another choir-member in the ear.

    Father had all he could do not to double over laughing. Later, one of my sons, who serves, remarked that as Father turned to face the altar, he started to chuckle. My son, who wasn’t aware of what went on in the back, was utterly scandalized ;^)

  12. DominiSumus says:

    I really needed that laugh.
    I never realized how much a microphone and an aspergillum resemble each other. One more mental note to make for when I set up for wedding Masses and train altar servers.

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