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Folks… there is a POLL attached to that US CATHOLIC article.  You can click HERE for the POLL.  Just mentioning the POLL on the chance someone might be interested in chiming in about whether you agree or disagree with the writer.

UPDATE 14 Aug 1711 GMT:

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  1. Beau says:

    Gosh Father…maybe you should be on a PAC…you sure know how to get out the vote. :)

  2. Baron Korf says:

    20/80 when I voted. To put it mildly, Pwnd!

  3. Raphaela says:

    18/82% just now. Pwned indeed. :D

  4. Matthew in Vancouver says:

    When I voted it was about 88 to 449. I think one B.H.O. is doing a better job at undermining the unity of the Church .

  5. Joseph says:

    15/85 right now.

  6. Dr. Eric says:

    I know you have frowned on this kind of statement before Father, but with this kind of power maybe you should be a Bishop!

    (Please don’t ban me!) :-(

  7. jbalza007 says:

    Wow. The powers of wdtprs readers have been unleashed! ;)

  8. Mickey says:

    Voted and commented!

  9. TJM says:

    This will probably upset US “Catholic.” Good. Tom

  10. The Digital MC says:

    For some reason, I was not allowed to vote.

  11. CantateDomino says:

    12/88% Actual votes are 92 to 681. Mwahaha. :) Thanks, Fr. Z!

  12. q7swallows says:

    When I opened the website just seconds ago, I was prompted for a cookie alert from

    Which I blocked.

  13. Luis says:

    Thanks Father,
    I visited yesterday but could find the POLL…. I voted and cast the 777th vote!!
    How cool is that

  14. BakerStreetRider says:

    Unfortunately, I think we all voted too late to influence the magazine, since I think they ran their follow up article in June, with answers ranging from the banal to the progressive.

  15. Theodoricvs says:

    Father, I can’t reach the poll. I think the server is too busy

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I thought question 11 was a little odd:
    “If I were pope and faced with appeals to allow wider use of the Tridentine Mass, I would:________.”

  17. kchusker says:

    90/10 when I voted!!

  18. Gus says:

    Thanks Fr. Z for alerting us to the poll. I think the vote now is 10% against/90% for the liberal use of the EF. Hopefully, they’ll do a follow-up article on ad orientem in the OF.

    Pax et Bonum

  19. r.j.sciurus says:

    Are there any government health care polls we can play with next?

  20. mrsmontoya says:

    Thank you for posting the link! Numbers are now 9.7 agree – thus more and more people are polling as supporting the TLM.

  21. Lori Ehrman says:

    I just voted at in was 92% in agreement that the Latin Mass did not cause decisiveness in the Church.

  22. Luis says:

    This reminds me of the time you alerted people to the local radio station in Miami hosting the poll on “music at Mass”
    Thanks Father Z

  23. edmontonn18 says:

    So sad about the article which lead to this poll. Hearing the Mass I attend every week derided in the way it was is deeply disturbing. If traditionalists hark back to a rigid position it is largely because of the harm that has been done in the Church since Vatican II though woeful liturgical formation, the excessive innovation and the sometimes pathological hatred of the Extra-Ordinary Form. There are hundreds of years worth of Catholic saints nourished by the Roman Rite before the Council, and I feel far more comfortable with them than with the innovators of the last few decades who think that a rock mass is less divisive than reverent worship in a traditional form.

  24. Jono says:

    Make sure that you vote on the full length poll as well, not just the single question poll.

  25. Davidtrad says:

    Did they shut the voting down? I wasn’t able to vote. Perhaps they didn’t get the response they were looking for?

  26. Ygnacia says:

    92%/8% now – it’s posted on Fisheaters too.

  27. priest up north says:

    Just voted a couple minutes ago. The next “disagree” vote will be the 1000th…(to 97)

  28. Tina in Ashburn says:

    The poll number bar thingy is running outta room from all the ‘disagrees’. I wonder how that happened.

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