QUAERITUR: priest adds words to the consecration

From a reader:

I had a question regarding a practice that occurs at my parish. One of our associates who offers Mass changes words here and there which I know do not invalidate the Mass, although it is a serious problem/abuse.  Recently, at the consecration a new "invention" must have entered his mind. He consecrates the Host according  to the rubrics; the Precious Blood is where is the problem lies. This is what he says, "Take this all of you and drink from it; this is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant which will be shed for you and for all. Then he said to them, do this in memory of me." I underlined his added phrase.  My question is whether this invalidates the Mass since he is taking himself out of persona Christi by saying, "he said to them"?

I do not think that this invalidates the consecration of the Precious Blood.

However, what he is doing is a serious abuse.

Priests are not to add anything to the texts of Mass, especially in an important moment such as the consecration!

It seems to me that one should ask him respectfully about this and, if nothing comes from it, speak to his pastor and then write the local bishop with a summary of everything that happens and everything you did.

Perhaps Father would like a "SAY THE BLACK DO THE RED!" coffee mug, or there should be one of these framed plaques in the sacristy.

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  1. emily13 says:

    I have often wondered a similar thing. A parochial vicar at my parish has been known to say “He broke the bread, gave it to His disciples and said to them“… The words of institution are the same, so I didn’t figure it would invalidate the Mass.

    He’s also been know to modify significantly “This is Jesus, the Lamb of God…” and often tries to make it “relevant” to the theme of the readings and rarely will he say “who takes away the sins of the world” as a part of whatever change he makes.

  2. ScottChicago says:

    Some celebrants seem allergic to the actual text…as though it’s just too boring to say what’s written. And the additions just make it wordy, not better. I think a study should be done on how many individualized rites are celebrated in a single week at Holy Name Cathedral here in Chicago (35 Masses a week). Cardinal George works on the details of new texts with the rest of the bishops while the priests in his cathedral fiddle incessantly with the current official texts. It becomes a really annoying habit, to say the least!

  3. That would be an interesting study, I’d commission money for such a study…I know here in Los Angeles, there are way too many priests allergic to the texts of the Mass (let alone the GIRM)

  4. Salvatore_Giuseppe says:

    It just bewilders me that priests don’t simply read what the book says. Especially when its right there in front of them for that purpose.

  5. Davidtrad says:


    There’s always St. John Cantius.

  6. Davidtrad: You know…. when I was fixing my computer some idiots glibly chimed in that I should just get a Mac. Saying you should go to another place is attractive on the surface… but it doesn’t solve the problem.

    People should not have to change parishes.

    Sure, I agree that people can find things to be intolerable.


  7. patrick_f says:

    I would point out further like the mac, the only reason why mac’s dont have troubles is because they arent on the radar of the virus creators. Like wise…I think the Devil’s bigger target is the Churches that are “caught in the cross fire” . Those should be the places people should be happy to experience a white martyrdom at. Which really is what it is, for some of us at these parishes that simply make it up as they go

  8. mibethda says:

    Our pastor is on his annual 4 week vacation to Ireland and, at the first Mass on Sundays, we have had to put up with retired priests (this is Florida) substituting for him. For the first two Sundays, the celebrant (retired from New Jersey) not only added the same phrase – ‘he said to them’ but also ommitted on both days the words ‘so that sins may be forgiven’. I won’t catalogue his numerous other novelties, but they and the fact that he was quite sprightly – appeared to be in his 60’s – argue against the possible excuse of forgetfulness.

  9. Sam Schmitt says:

    I know of a priest who adds the same words to the consecration. They come from the Eucharistic Prayers for Children.


  10. dcs says:

    Saying you should go to another place is attractive on the surface… but it doesn’t solve the problem

    It solves a problem, especially if you have young children who are easily scandalized.

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