Thanks to readers

First, many thanks again to all of you who helped me go to England for Fr. Finigan’s 25th Jubilee celebration.  It meant a lot to be able to go.  Also, many thanks to Fr. Basden of St. Bede’s for the hospitality during my sojourn.

On my return, after a day’s hiatus, I packed up and left again, this time for an annual meeting of priests.  We have been getting together for many years now and the time spent with them was well spent.

Next, I am collecting mail and packages, etc., from my time away.

Thanks go out to HB of GA who sent to copy of The Raccolta or Manual of Indulgences.  Very useful!

Also, many thanks to JD of NC who sent vol. 1 of the Sermons of Augustine (s. 1-19).  Very useful!  Oddly, I don’t have much in the line of English translations of Augustine.  It is helpful to have them for a quick read.  I have put more volumes on the amazon wish list.

Please feel free to use the donation button on the left side bar and on some posts.  The birds just keep eating!

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  1. samorsot says:

    Father, please forgive me for being unable to donate money. Please accept my prayers for your intentions instead.

  2. Amy MEV says:

    And isn’t Father’s birthday approaching soon? Hmmm…better visit the wishlist people!

  3. irishgirl says:

    I echo samorsot-I can’t contribute money, Father, but I can sure pray!

    Ooooo, Amy-when’s Father’s birthday? Do you know?

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