The Feeder Feed

It has been a long time since I have been able to share photos from the Sabine feeder.

Things have changed.

I haven’t seen many Orioles, but there are a few around.

A woodpecker checking things out.

The enemy is baffled.  These things really work!

It was definitely girls day out for breakfast this morning for the Grosbeaks.  There were four females at the feeder at the same time. 

I have not seen any males since I have been back…. which actually hasn’t given me much time at all to observe!

However, there was one with different coloring, trying to get at a feeder no self respecting Grosbeak would try for.  I conclude this is an immature bird who hasn’t figured things out yet.  Also, I noted the red under the wings and a more discernible reddish hue to the breast feathers.  Interesting.

Not the only flying things at the feeder right now.  Wasps have found the grape jelly.  Grrr……  I must kill them when I find their nest.

This woodpecker was amusing.  She got a nice shiny peanut and couldn’t get it down, try try as she might.

Eventually she actually put it back into the feeder, regrouped, grabbed it again, and flew away with it.

The Chickadee contingent has been scare.  But this one is coming in to eat… note the darker gray feathers of the breast.  Also immature?

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  1. Jack Hughes says:

    great pictures Father, even the ‘enemy’ looks cute :)

  2. Mitchell NY says:

    Be careful when you find that wasp’s nest Father…I just found mine outside the bedroom window attached to the a/c when i had 5 of them in my room…..They are nasty and go right for the face….My advice, get a professional to “take it out” and have fun watching it go down….From a distance, of course..

  3. Mitchell: I find killing nests deeply satisfying!

    Get them in the evening, when they have gone back inside.

    Heh heh.

  4. Jack Hughes says:

    Does Father feel the same about the rats with good PR (squirals)

  5. Jack: Rather the same, yes.

  6. Agnes says:

    I have enemies rampant – and some nasty raccoons. No hunting allowed in the city, but they’re destroying my gardens and eating the birdfeed. I might try mothballs to keep them out of the garden. Any other ideas? BTW, what is your enemy confounded by – a bucket?

    “They encompassed me, they encompassed me round about…” Ack!

  7. Girgadis says:

    The enemy looks he’s been on a diet. Soon we leave for a week in the mountains where we will be entertained non-stop by chipmunks and squirrels determined to jump from the deck railing to the hanging feeder. Few sights are more comical than a squirrel hanging on to the shaking feeder for dear life and then trying to regain his balance so he can steal from the birds. It is especially hard not to laugh at the distinctive thud that tells you someone missed the runway.

  8. Agnes: On a drier day, try sprinkling some hot red pepper around the area where the squirrels lurk. Also, I hear they really hate oil of peppermint (not peppermint extract).

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