The Replacements

There was a bad lightning storm here at the Sabine Farm during my trip to England and two of my UPS (Uninterrupted Power Sources) were fried.   They protected my equipment, mostly.  I am still having problems with one computer, the main one I use, alas.  

I think the computer is partly screwed up because the power went out while I was on a remote log in and it screwed up the video card memory. 

In any event, I just got off the phone with APC which makes these UPS devices.

The customer service was very good.  One unit, a 900VA, will be replaced.  The other one is out of warranty, though it died in a good cause. 

The other UPS units I have to protect my other electronics all did their jobs, but now I need another.  And soon.

If you do NOT have UPS units… think about your sins and the results of the Fall of man.

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  1. patrick_f says:

    AWESOME! I like that part about the fall of man LOL. Reminds me of my scripture teacher (who married my wife and I). He used to tell people who forgot their homework that they were bad and going you know where lol

    Is the Video card an Add in card? Or on board. Sometimes add in cards can short a board, especially if they get zapped.

  2. sekman says:

    Some people swear by these in rural areas and if your in a business but personally I don’t have any lightning storms that affect my equipment. Maybe because most of the power lines in my area are underground?

  3. Templar says:

    Any chance you will be offering the “Save the Liturgy, Save the World” coffee mugs for sale?

    Sorry, off topic, but I saw it and went to go find one in the WDTPRS store and noticed it was not there.

  4. Templar: YES! And I will make a new entry for this.

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