The Tablet.. er.. RU-486… pitting Archbp. Nichols v Pope Benedict

The great Fr. Blake of Brighton, made this comment on his blog for St. Mary Magdalen.

The Tablet’s editor and her deputy have been invited to resign by James MacMillan, because of their attempt to stir up trouble between Archbishop Nichols and the Holy See over the Traditional Mass and their suggestion that abortion was an issue that should be ignored by the US bishops in Obama’s health care plan.


Sorry.. but… who was it who said that RU-486 was trying to pit Archbp. Nichols against Pope Benedict?

Commentors didn’t understand what I was saying at the time.

I wrote on Aug 7:

What should worry readers in the following is the unavoidable conclusion that The Tablet can’t stand Pope Benedict. The editors of "the Bitter Pill" hold Pope Benedict in such contempt that the editors are willing to objectify even the new Archbishop of Westminster so as to pit him against the Vicar of Christ.

… we have to conclude from The Tablet’s editorial that the editors of that once prestigious Catholic publication truly hold Pope Benedict in such contempt that they are willing even to attack him through the Archbishop of Westminster.

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  1. Gabriella says:

    The Tablet should no longer be called ‘catholic’ :(

    When will liberal catholics learn NOT to hold the Holy Father in contempt and learn to be obedient … that’s the difficult part: OBEDIENCE!

  2. TJM says:

    Obedience? I’d settle if the Tablet just showed the same respect it would accord any other spiritual leader. I have a feeling the editorial folks there
    may be looking for work soon. Tom

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