White House statements?

Has the White House issued any sort of statement about the anti-Catholic violence in Vietnam or in Pakistan?

I haven’t seen anything yet.

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  1. Thomas S says:

    Of course not. They’d be joining in on the anti-Catholic violence if they could swing it politically.

  2. Dismas says:

    Nah, the White House is more in the mood for finding a way to tax and compromise the Church. Violence maybe when our usefulness runs out.

  3. Kerry says:

    About the violence in Iran he said there seemed to be a “spirited debate” taking place. What adjective will he apply here?

  4. Maybe if there was a Catholic university in either country, eager to shore up its street cred with anti-life secularists, Obama would go and give a speech.

  5. Why bother? I’m sure former President Clinton will take care of it.

  6. Lee says:

    Keep waiting.

  7. ssoldie says:

    Don’t hold your breath, you will die.

  8. SemiSpook says:

    Nor will you. We’re still that final target of bigotry that just doesn’t seem to want to go away.

  9. Bryan says:

    Not surprised. Wouldn’t startle me it if we found out that they actually welcomed it.

  10. irishgirl says:

    Not a chance! It’s ‘below his pay grade’. [sarcasm on]

  11. 15yankees says:

    More importantly – has the Pope said anything about it?

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