Korean Women’s Gregorian Chant

The Western Confucian has this.


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  1. RichR says:

    I married a woman who is half-Korean. Her mother is full-blooded. I can attest to the fact that (South) Korean people take their faith extremely seriously.

  2. JARay says:

    My parish here in Western Australia had a Korean priest (Fr. Benedict). He has since moved to another Parish. He re-introduced the parish to Benediction with its hymns and blessing in Latin. We have continued the practice after his moving on.
    What is really startling is the way that the Church went to Korea. Missionaries did not go there. That’s right, they did not! The Koreans themselves sought them out, outside of Korea and asked to become Catholics. These first Catholics were in fact martyred when they went back. Then the missionaries came from outside. That is what Fr. Benedict told me.

  3. JARay, Fr Benedict was right. A Korean member of a delegation to Beijing brought the faith from there to his homeland. This year the 5,000th priest was ordained in Korea, 164 years after the ordination of St Andrew Kim Taegon: http://bangortobobbio.blogspot.com/2009/09/5000th-priest-in-164-year-history-of.html

  4. Marysann says:

    Korean Catholics must love to sing. On our thirtieth wedding anniversary,
    my husband and I renewed our vows at the Franciscan church in Cana in Israel.
    There was a large group of Korean pilgrims in the church waiting for their turne
    to renew their vows. While we were renewing our vows they serenaded us by
    singing “O Perfect Love” in Korean. It was lovely.

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