Pitching duel in the Bronx

Into the 6th, there has been a pitching duel: the intrepid and noble Twins 0 and the hated Yankees 0.

The Twin have finally struck and struck first.

End of the inning, Twins 1 Yanks 0.

Go Twins!

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  1. Middle 8th

    Twins 3
    Yankees 1

  2. WOW! Another nail-biter now begins in the 9th!

  3. FrCharles says:

    Pitching duels are the best. And the easiest on my scorecard. And you gotta love top 10th!

  4. TomB says:

    Another nail-biter.

  5. TomB says:

    …is right.

  6. TomB says:

    Will no one rid me of this team?

  7. DOUBLE PLAY!!!! 163 all over again!

  8. THAT was a foul? The ump missed THAT?

  9. Twins were robbed in that inning by the umpire.

  10. priest up north says:

    Always Remember: The Yankees NEED this more than the Twins…If the Yankees do not get their way, people lose their jobs and injustice is served – its the Yankee way after all.
    If the Twins lose, we live on and get up the next day, aware that true treasure is not in World Series rings, but in heaven…

  11. FrCharles says:

    John Sterling: “Ballgame over! Yankees win! Theeee Yankees win!”

  12. Girgadis says:

    The agony of defeat. It’s never worse than when it happens in OT.

  13. Okay… next game in Minnesota.

  14. beez says:

    Gosh, Father. I love your blog, but this anti-Yankee sentiment is disturbing. Everyone knows that God wears pinstripes. :)

  15. jfk03 says:

    D . . . Yankees!

  16. Sedgwick says:

    Since I was born in Da Bronx (on Sedgwick Ave. of course), my heart is still with Da Yankees, though their collection of millionaire egos does get pretty tiresome. But don’t worry, Father Z, they’ll run into a buzz saw when they play the Angels.

  17. Joe from Pittsburgh says:

    Reading these updates is as close as I can get to baseball.

    home to seven bishops of US dioceses, including one Cardinal….
    Super Bowl Champs…..
    Stanley Cup champs………..
    and the worst baseball team in the majors.

  18. M J Ryan says:

    And how many Papal Masses have been said in the Metro-Gnome?

  19. Torpedo1 says:

    grrrr! stupid Yankees! Well, they’re coming to our house tomorrow and we’ll get them then. You were right though Father, we were robbed in the 10th.

  20. dcs says:

    And how many Papal Masses have been said in the Metro-Gnome?

    The same number that have been said in the current Yankee Stadium: zero.

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