Call To Holiness Conference

This year’s Call To Holiness Conference is being held at the National Shrine of the Little Flower.


Fr. Perrone of Assumption Grotto is speaking about the symbolic meanings of the accoutrements and order of Holy Mass. The conference is about “The treasures if the Mass.”


For a lunch break, priests and seminarians gathered for a bite to eat and some discussion of the older form of Holy Mass with some demonstration. With us is one of the speakers at thus year’s conference, Bp. Athanasius Schneider… whose name will be recognized by most of you.

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  1. Henry Edwards says:

    The National Shrine of the Little Flower — the first U.S. Catholic church-in-the-round?

  2. Jayna says:

    That’s an…interesting church. What exactly is that hanging over the altar?

  3. Oleksander says:

    “the first U.S. Catholic church-in-the-round?”

    I believe so, built in 1936 (with the altar as it is now), note the altar surround the altar in a circle. Must of been very bizarre when first built

    Jayna – I would classify it as a hanging ciborium

  4. Oleksander says:

    spelling/grammar correction:

    note the altar rails that surround the altar in a circle

  5. It’s very thirties and very beautiful.

  6. ipadre says:

    Actually the first circular church in the US was built in 1930 at the Shrine of the North American Martyrs in Auriesville, NY A main altar above with four altars around. There is a pretty cool pic in the church of one of the Cardinals of NY celebrating High Mass with 6000 K of C present for the Mass.

  7. Frank H says:

    My daughter and I are in attendance and just enjoyed a short tour. It is a very beautiful and intricately detailed church. Built with donations from all over the country in response to Fr. Coughlin’s popular Sunday radio broadcasts.

  8. InOurLady says:

    I just left CTH and was very moved by the speakers.. Bishop Schneider was amazing…His zeal for Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist could be felt in his every word! Fr. Perrone, as always, was informative and insightful. And Fr. Z, you did not disappoint! I would have attended the conference to hear just one of them speak, but all of them together? Wow! I can’t wait til tomorrow to have Fr. Z celebrate my parish Mass at 9:30 and Bishopp Schneider celebrate the noon at the Grotto. This is a great weekend!

  9. Harrison says:

    The conference was great! I enjoyed your talk, Father.

  10. DCtrad says:

    His Excellency Bp. Schneider is a true and fearless shepherd, a model for hundreds of his brethren in the episcopacy. Today I sat pouring out deep breaths of relief, we finally have herd a holy apostle speak the language of no compromise. We know communion in the hand although permitted is grave evil. We always new this, but to hear it spoken with authority is all to long over due yet never to late!! Hear me!, all that saw and herd the bishops words take heart and bare wittiness (martyrdom). All you priest praise the lord echo the father’s word. BE NOT AFRAID!!

  11. pseudomodo says:

    Nice Pics.

    What Casino is that in?

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