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I would like to bring to your attention the Miaani well project. 

In Mianni, Kenya, it has not rained for over 10 months.  Disaster

My friend from Rome, Msgr. John Mutiso-Mbinda is from that village and for years he he has been telling me about this horrible situation … for years.

Msgr. Mbinda worked in the Vatican for many years and is entirely reliable.

Please go and look at that page.

The Bishop of Machakos overseeing the whole project now.

Money could be sent to the bishop, but this is very difficult.

They have an intermediary with a 501c3 to help get the money to the right place.

Here are some photos.

Imagine,… no water to drink, to wash.  They dig in the sand in the river bed… they manage to get some water.

Will you take a few minutes to look at that site?  Make that "visitor" counter tick up?


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  1. Rose in NE says:

    Wow…just when you think you have it rough. My prayers for these people.

  2. lucy says:

    Donation on it’s way !! Thanks, Fr. for pointing out this worthy cause.

  3. P.McGrath says:

    For the past few summers, our parish has hosted priests from this one diocese in Ghana — they’re vacation relief for the regular priests. Recently, we’ve been doing a well-building project for poor villages in that diocese. Drought isn’t the problem there; distance and sanitation is. (River blindness and Guinea worm will give you some idea of the challenges involved.

    We built two wells already, and a few weeks ago, the second collection at the Masses that weekend was to build a third. They easily collected the $10,000+ in that one weekend, so now another poor village in Ghana will get a well that’s desperately needed there.

    Now THAT’s a cause you can worthily support with your dollars, rather than the “Catholic” Campaign for “Human Development.”

  4. lucy: Thanks! It is a good cause.

    I have been listening to the stories of this village trying to sink a well for years. The water is so deep there it is very expensive for them (anything would be!). And it hasn’t rained there since last JANUARY.

  5. 4mercy says:

    donation and prayers sent.

  6. gmarie says:


  7. Father, happy to follow your lead. You really are a true Pastor of Souls.

  8. jlmorrell says:

    Donation has been made. Hopefully, the money will be raised quickly in order to remedy the situation.

    I usually research an organization more thoroughly before making a donation, but did so based on Fr. Z’s recommendation. Does anyone know whether this 501c3 is Catholic?

  9. jlm: I don’t know if that is a Catholic group or not, but I trust Msgr. Mbinda and their bishop is overseeing the project now.

  10. Luke says:

    If I had money I would send it, but they do have my prayers. In a circumstance where money seems to outweigh the value of prayer I can only guarantee that my prayers will be said for God’s thirsty beloved. I sometimes dream about Christ’s sparing/sharing gospel frugality being lived around the world. My part is much smaller though.

    [Pray for rain!]

  11. anniemw says:

    Thanks, Father, for pointing this out to us. On the website it says “$25 from 1000 donors” would help them reach their goal. When put that way, it does seem attainable, doesn’t it? [For those who have the means “Go over and spike those stats” [smile]
    Nothing, however, can be accomplished without prayer – so Luke, your contribution is so vital!
    God bless all here, annie

  12. “$25 from 1000 donors” would help them reach their goal

    Think about that!

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