Card. Cipriani again! Lord of Miracles: protect unborn, families

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From CNA comes the following by a growing fav with WDTPRS, Card. Cirpriani of Lima, Peru.  Remember Card. Cipriani?  He has been urging a return to kneeling and receiving Holy Communion on the tongue.  Read about him HERE and HERE.

Cardinal Cipriani prays to Lord of Miracles for protection of the unborn

Lima, Peru, Oct 6, 2009 / 02:33 pm (CNA).- During Sunday Mass at the Cathedral of Lima, Cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani Thorne prayed to the Lord of Miracles for protection of “the lives of the weakest and most innocent, of those who are in the wombs of their mothers.

In the presence of Peru’s President Alan Garcia and other officials, the cardinal said, “The world is going through a very particular situation. [Didn’t happen in Boston, did it….] Lord of Miracles, protect the wombs of these mothers, protect the legal realm, confuse those who threaten human life in order to prevent them from causing harm.

Cardinal Cipriani also prayed for family unity, “which is essential for seeking peace, justice and for affirming the identity of the nation in the Latin American region.  We implore your blessing upon the Peruvian nation.  Help us to understand that we are all Peruvians, there are no second-class Peruvians,” he prayed.

The cardinal also raised his prayers to the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Lord of Miracles, that she might care for and protect “marriage which unites one man and one woman for their entire lives; [concise and clear] and also that she might strengthen family unity in these times in which the education of children is a primordial task.”

History of the Lord of Miracles [This is a devotion I haven’t heard of.  Let’s read.]

The Lord of Miracles image was originally painted by an unnamed black slave from Angola on the wall of a building on the outskirts of Lima. The anonymous slave and his fellow prisoners were being held in the building before they were sold into slavery.

In 1655 an earthquake demolished the entire wall, with the exception of the painting. Seeing that the image survived the earthquake unscathed, slaves developed a devotion to the image.

According to tradition, the King of Spain’s local representative tried to have the image erased, first employing Freemasons and later soldiers. When both groups tried to carry out the viceroy’s command, they were paralyzed and unable to accomplish the job.

The incident with the viceroy led Church and political authorities to change their minds and declare the image miraculous.

After a second earthquake devastated part of Lima, the image was painted on a canvas and taken out in a procession in the mid 16th century, a practice that has continued ever since.

The Feast of Our Lord of Miracles is celebrated on October 28.


WDTPRS sends hearty kudos to Card. Cipriani!

"¡Buen trabajo!" 

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  1. Random Friar says:

    While the feast day is October 28th, the whole of October is really the “mes morado” (“Purple month”) in Lima, especially, with many popular celebrations. It is almost another liturgical season.

  2. zgietl says:

    Isn’t October 28th such a good day to be born Fr. Z? I did not realize that our birthday was the Feast of Our Lord of Miracles.

  3. dimsum says:

    Yes, October is “mes morado” in Lima. I remember my mother wearing the purple habit every day in October to show her devotion. It is a wonderufl month is Lima…..processions, devotions and a time to have a sweet treat called “turron de dona pepa.”

  4. zgietl: Your B-Day too?

  5. zgietl says:


  6. Trevor says:

    Cardinal. Relatively young. Vocal conservative. Seemingly not rubbed any of the other members of the College the wrong way (particularly those under 80).


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