Quotes from your e-mail about Bp. Trautman’s war on the translation

Some comments from my (250+) e-mails about Bp. Trautman’s efforts to derail the new translation of the Roman Missal.


"We’ve had too many years of watered down pastoral language. The situation reminds me of the word lists once suggested for children’s book writers: don’t write beyond your reader or you’ll lose him–a preposterous idea. How best to stretch the imagination and the mind at Mass?  Use words reflecting the solemnity and reverence of the liturgy.  Children should know that reading is hard work;  so is praying!  Efforts are always rewarded.  "

"Just to say I really like the new translation, a much less banal and more spiritual translation. Further, as a student of Latin, I’m aware of how terrible the current English translations are – Bishop Trautmann is fighting a rearguard action against the reform of the reform, I suspect. "

"I support the approval of the new translation of the Roman Missal, which while remaining faithful to the original Latin is nevertheless clear and consise English, in order that the liturgy may be a more fitting expression of our worship of God.  "

"Roman Catholics deserve a better translation. If Bishop Trautman thinks that Roman Catholics are not smart enough to understand the proposed translation of the Creed, he must think Eastern Catholics are smarter, because they’ve been using a much more literal translation for as long as they have used English, without any complaint."

"As an English-speaking Canadian, I am offended that this one bishop and the heretical NCR continues to try to roadblock this desperately needed new Roman Missal!"



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