The Metropolitan Museum of Art

I’ll be here a good deal of the day, refreshing the mind and soul.

A glimpse at a Van Gogh.

A Terracotta Panathenaic prize amphora. c. 530 BC. of the “Euphiltos Painter”

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  1. Emilio III says:

    Have fun, father!

    [It is sobering to realize that the “Euphiltos Painter” could have been as weird as van Gogh!]

  2. Catherine says:


    I didn’t know they allowed you to photograph the art work.

  3. Catherine –
    without a flash, yes!

  4. isabella says:

    MichaelTinkler — is that generally true of museums (being allowed to photograph without a flash)?

    If so, my mind and soul could use a little refreshment also. Is this something they would say on their websites before you plan a trip?

  5. Mary Pat says:

    If you have any extra time, you should check out The Cloisters…the branch of the Met that houses the European medieval collection. It is amazing.

  6. Rob in Maine says:

    When we went to NYC last year for our 10th Anniversary, my wife and I went to MOMA, the Museum of Modern American Art. They had a Dali exhibit. Next time well hit the Met.

  7. irishgirl says:

    Father Z, did you see the painting, ‘Joan of Arc’ by Jules Bastien-Lepage? That’s at the Met.

    If I ever visit NYC again, the Met’s one place I want to go! But the admission charges are rather steep…

  8. ar_danziger says:

    The medieval art section there is fantastic :)

    And I second the suggestion about visiting the Cloisters. It’s a branch of the Met specializing entirely in medieval art. It’s way up in the northern part of Manhattan but still accessible by subway of course. Most notably, you can see the unicorn tapestries on display there.

  9. Mark R says:

    To me, the Cloisters ranks as one of the most beautiful man-made spots in North America…up there with the Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

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