A technology quiz!

Which one of these option best describes your situation?

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  1. DdC says:

    Why, C of course!!

  2. bruno says:

    It really depends on the day!

  3. Phil_NL says:

    A or C, never B.

  4. Catholicity says:

    Unfortunately I’d have to say “B” most of the time.

  5. revs96 says:

    I would like to say B, but the answer in my case is usually A.

  6. Bryan says:

    well…having been behind a keyboard connected to a computer since, oh, 1978 or so…’A’ most certainly.

  7. susanna says:

    A and C – every day and sometimes the question mark.

  8. salazart says:

    C most of the time after talking with my helpdesk, it just moves me to those extremes once I have spent over 30 minutes on the phone with them. :-)

  9. JonM says:

    A. There are times that C seems like a solution after much B.

  10. staggering but still standing says:

    “C”. We eat BBQ’ed chicken tonight.

  11. Not just gas but jet fuel…

  12. isabella says:

    C – almost to the point that I only have to walk into a room for other peoples’ computers to go up in smoke.

    On that subject, why am I suddenly unable to watch the birds and videos on this site? All I’ve done is update Firefox & Adobe Reader. Is it site updates or my computer? If anybody can help me, I will be very grateful. I really miss the birds (have sent them $$ in the past)

  13. Sandy says:

    These cartoons are so cute that I went to the home page and subscribed to them with my Google Reader (with which I subscribe to WDTPRS)!

  14. MAJ Tony says:

    Usually A, but D. All of the Above could apply.

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