President Obama’s personal “domestic security force”

Someone sent me a link to second Youtube video.

But first watch this one:

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  1. romanrevert says:

    Keep your powder dry folks! A great quote from Thomas Jefferson: The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

  2. wanda says:

    Well, Nancy said ‘We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it!’ Truly amazing and frightening.

  3. moon1234 says:

    Ah yes. This has already started. Obama and his goons had this planned from the begining. You do know that DHS has classified returning US soldiers as potential terrorists correct?

    You do know that DHS investigated pro-lifers, ron paul, etc. as potential terrorists don’t you:

    Did you also see where Rhom Emanuel supports a forced military style service for all youth:
    Remind anyone of someone elses youth program:

    “He alone, who owns? the youth, gains the future. ”
    Adolf Hitler

    Normal Germans went through this slow assimilation as well. The government asks people to report their neighbors for suspected activites. Exactly what happened in Germany. Eventually Catholics will be labeled as anti-government or terrorists. The left is already trying this. What makes people think history can not repeat itself? People are usually blind to what it happening until it is too late.

  4. irishgirl says:

    My God-sounds like 1920s-1930s Germany all over again.

    My late mother and her family left Germany in the 1920s, so they weren’t there when the Nazis came to power. Good thing she’s not alive to see this.

    Why were Americans so stupid to elect this man? Don’t we have any political brains or common sense?

    Good thing I never married-I would have never allowed a son of mine to become a member of this…’security force’….!

  5. Jacob says:

    Father, readers, before you get up in arms, just be aware that this civilian force already existed and the health care bill amended existing law. Don’t take your eye off the real ball here.

  6. chcrix says:

    The only security issues the United States has are those brought on by our never ending series of undeclared wars. Wars I might add, carried on against the obvious interest of the United States.

    I was born when Truman was president. For most of my life the United States has been fighting wars across the globe. Every one of them undeclared. The last time the US actually declared war was 1941.

    Obama is bad, but there is absolutely no difference between him and W or McCain. All of them are just sock puppets for our own form of ‘nomenklatura’. Mr. Obama is just more telegenic.

    As I said in a comment to Fr. Z months ago, anyone who believes that there is any principle or any power that is above and beyond the authority of the state will be considered to be an enemy of the state.

    Brace yourselves for a bumpy ride.

  7. revs96 says:

    This army sounds like the SS to me.

  8. revs96 says:

    Why were Americans so stupid to elect this man? Don’t we have any political brains or common sense?
    -Comment by irishgirl

    No. I wish. Our government has been a joke for the better part of two centuries.

  9. EXCHIEF says:

    It’s all about power and control. If this idiot pretending to be president keeps it up they may be the only people in uniform he controls. The regular military and civilian law enforcement are not loyal to him and push come to shove he won’t be able to count on them.

  10. TJerome says:

    chcrix, yes that was a bad thing to oust good old Saddam and stop the human shredding machines and rape rooms. yes, sir. Very, very bad.

  11. DisturbedMary says:

    We don’t know who put this clause in? Demons who crawled out of hell put it in. We don’t know them by name, but they are legion.

  12. chcrix says:

    “human shredding machines and rape rooms”

    And of course we all know that the media reports including WMD and yellowcake in the case of Saddam were absolutely reliable.

    However, the reports recently targeting Pope Benedict are slanted, stale, and innacurate.

    Among many other reasons, it is because I know that the reports about BXVI are slanted, stale, and innacurate that I do not trust the earlier reports.

    WMD, Yellowcake, Gulf of Tonkin incident, 100,000 dead Kosovars, Iraqi soldiers pulling babies out of incubators in Kuwait, The Spanish sinking the Maine. Remember too that the chemical WMD that Saddam once had were supplied by the USA.

    Enjoy your seat – the show has been going on for over 100 years already. Google the name “Smedley Darlington Butler” please.

  13. AnAmericanMother says:

    If you can’t see any significant difference between this president and previous presidents, chcrix, you are not paying sufficient attention.

    The “they’re all equally horrible” meme is how we got where we are today. Believe me, it can get worse and it will until the ideological puritans come to their senses.

  14. JosephMary says:

    Look what is happening while we are sleeping.

  15. tioedong says:

    I’d like to know more details.

    You see, there is already a similar health corps, better known as the US Public Health Service Commisssion Corps…who work at Indian and other Federal facilities who are on call to be pulled out of their jobs to care for folks in major emergencies.

    they were called up to treat people in the Mariel boat lift, and officers still have to be within call of a phone on a rotating basis for emergencies.

    Also, there are units in the Army reserve and the National Guard that can be called up for disasters, local or foreign…

    even after you don’t attend drill you are then “ready reserve” for emergencies (such as I was when I got too old and fat to keep up). The joke is that if there is a war, they’ll pull you out of the geriatric ward to work.

    (I’ve belonged to all three organizations at different points in my life).

    Theoretically, this would allow civilian docs to go on an “on call” list for emergencies.


  16. Sedgwick says:

    This lends credence to the perspective that the Third Reich, having been produced by satanic secret societies (the Thule Society in particular), was not really defeated by the Allies in WWII. It merely went underground, to surface in a more incremental mode (i.e. “progressive”) in the US and the EU, which should be re-named the Fourth Reich. So America, the great Freemasonic Experiment, is being destroyed by the same society that founded it.

  17. TJerome says:

    I apologize to everyone here, as chcrix, is a member of my generation – the babyboomers – many of whom are detached from reality. The US is in sorry shape today because of crazed, left-wing babyboomers, most of whom are selfish to the core. Moreover, many were “educated” by a cratering educational system (cratering because liberals seized control) and as such, have no sense of history, reason, or proportionality. Whether a war is “declared” or not, doesn’t speak to its morality. The Spanish American War was “declared” but by most accounts was viewed as an imperialistic act by most historians. I guess chcrix never heard the Hearst organisation’s bold assertion “we’ll supply the pictures, if you supply the War” when egging on the US Congress to declare war on Spain. In contrast to that ignominious war, the Iraq War liberated 50,000,000 Iraqis from the iron grip of Saddam Hussein. After his fall, the press flourished, free markets flourished, and the Iraqis were free to vote for a government of their choice for the first time in decades. Congratulations George Bush. I doubt little Obama will free anyone from anything, other than their wallets and their freedom.
    The human shredders and rape rooms were documented time and time again not by the media but by families in Iraq whose members were victims of Saddam’s atrocities. Even the Vatican later admitted their existence to the regret of some left-wing Vatican officials who hate America more than they love freedom.

  18. deborah-anne says:

    Relax folks! These are the guys who are going to back up Obama’s 16,000 new IRS agents. When the IRS goons can’t get Americans to pay fines for not buying Health Insurance, Obama’s security force will be activated, more of our civil liberties will be violated and the ACLU will stand by and do absolutely nothing. What could you possibly have against Hope, Change and Transformation? Except maybe it’s dismantling our country!

  19. deborah-anne says:

    TJerome — From one boomer to another…..Amen brother!

  20. “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortal men, who fade away” from the psalms.
    Trust in the Lord.
    If we have the means to oppose this tyranny, we must do it.
    Otherwise, we must know the Lord is King, He reigns forever.

  21. jflare29 says:

    A couple of things merit comment here:

    – The Ready Reserve has indeed existed for quite some time. I am, though, relieved to see people concerned about its existence. For a change. I’ve long been appalled at how little oversight the populace of this nation seem to insist upon exercising over government. How can we expect to remain free if we don’t keep on eye on our leaders?

    – Before people bash Bush for Iraq, I’d like a few questions answered:

    — We found few WMDs, most unusable, afterward. If Saddam had such an interest in peace, why had he not insisted that those be destroyed too?
    — Why do we continue to ignore Saddam’s stated intent to rebuild his stockpiles if he got a chance?
    — If Iraq was so “peaceloving”, why did our armed forces find numerous conventional weapons caches for months following the war?

    Seriously people, we can’t afford to be paranoid, but neither can we afford to be blissfully presumptive of calm and tranquility.
    Too often, when we decide that nothing can possibly happen, we get our collective butt kicked.

  22. moon1234 says:

    You also can’t ignore the callous lack of respect for innocent human life that SOME in our OWN MILITARY have for those in Iraq. Our own troops have killed or maimed more innocent people in Iraq that Saddam ever did. What you saw on the BOOB TUBE (there is a reason it is called that) was sheer propaganda. I challange you to shut your TV OFF FOR ONE WEEK. NADA. Zippo! No TV for ONE week.

    Then turn it back on. You will be appalled at what you see. It will either be violence or sex or reporters reporting about violence or sex or sexual violence. It is enough to make you want to puke. I used to be glued to the TV, but once you are weaned from the propaganda machine you will feel semi liberated.

    Back to the lack of feeling OUR troops have for innocent people in Iraq, take a look at the following video and see how OUR troops treat innocent children. Listen to the helicopter pilot as he says it was too bad for the now dead children in the van. Their parents should not have brought them along. The parents by the way were REPORTERS. What was their weapon? Cameras with telephoto lenses. The US ARMY has CONFIRMED that this is true. It was leaked by wikileaks.

    I am sure we have many fine soldiers, but I just can’t get it out of my head that there is a LOT more of this kind of stuff going on. The shoot-em up video games are the training grounds/desensitization for this kind of abuse of human life.

    What do you think will happen to YOU when THESE soldiers come home and become the local COP, FBI Agent, etc.?

  23. Nerinab says:


    I’d suggest you wean yourself form youtube, too.

  24. TJerome says:

    moon1234, by World War II standards these guys and gals are absolute saints. The actions by our troops in WW II against civilians would be considered terrorism today.

  25. PostCatholic says:

    What we have here is YouTube video taking a few ridiculous and hyperbolic sentences by a politician out of context, assuming he had any, and then another politician lying to two credulous sycophants.

    So here’s the reality: The Commissioned Corps and its Ready Reserve have been around for years, are already 6,5000 people strong, and mainly exist to be an effective response in the event of public health emergencies. For instance, they helped to prevent cholera outbreaks in flooded gulf coast cities post-Katrina. It is led by the Surgeon General. (Presumably you folks have heard of that office? Her name is Dr Regina Benjamin and she’s a Roman Catholic.) My friend Christina is an anesthesiologist and Lieutenant Commander in the Corps and has been wearing her uniform to work for the ten years I’ve known her.

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act codifies in statue provisions of a 1964
    Executive Order regarding the Ready Reserve. Here’s more.

  26. PostCatholic says:

    in statute, not statue. oops.

  27. possum says:

    And their theme song begins ” Die Fahne hoch. . .”

  28. jflare29 says:

    OK moon1234, I watched your video.
    What does it prove to me?
    That journalists and journalistic organizations can be just as biased and manipulative as anyone else.

    My bet is that the journalist who had the camera might’ve intended to either ID the chopper with the telephoto lens or else take a picture.
    Problem is, he WAS accompanied by persons with obvious firearms and he moved in a way that could easily be construed as efforts to avoid the line of fire while getting placed for a shot.
    Considering that a telephoto lens and an RPG will look very similar through a good camera, I think I might shoot too!

    If you want to howl about unfeeling people, you might check your own biases.

  29. New Sister says:

    Possum – hilarious!

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