The Feeder Feed: Oriole!

The Orioles are back!Twitter

First one spotted this morning.

I can see these two are going to be in competition for that grape jelly!

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  1. pelerin says:

    They are so beautiful. The lower one resembles one of our British woodpeckers. I have just been in time to catch the humming bird again sitting on her eggs. She was constantly looking from left to right – presumably in case of preditors. I do hope her nest is away from any cats in the neighbourhood. I have not seen the blue bird and her young today but shall look later tonight. By the way the post of Southwark has been filled!

  2. wanda says:

    Ooooh, thrilling to see the Oriole! What a beauty, both bird and photo. I have to admit a little regional bias, I’m near Baltimore, MD. (In all charity, our team is really struggling.
    It’s been sooo long since we’ve had a winning record. We haven’t been able to say ‘how ’bout dem ‘O’s’ in quite a while.)

  3. irishgirl says:

    Orioles are so colorful! And they build such an interesting nest, too-looks like a big sack!

    pelerin-who got named Bishop of Southwark? Is it ‘someone’ we know?

  4. pelerin says:

    irishgirl – it’s Archbishop Smith of Cardiff.

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