“to reconcile disputes and to renew the Church”

I have been hammering away for years now that the major goal of Pope Benedict’s pontificate is the revitalize our Catholic identity.

There is a macro dimension to this and there is a micro dimension.

With my emphases and comments comes this from CNA in which both macro and micro are highlighted:

Papal spokesman describes week of Benedict XVI’s evangelical witness to the Gospel

Vatican City, Jul 3, 2010 / 11:14 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Pope Benedict XVI’s “exquisitely evangelical witness” this week show his "personal and direct commitment" to creating communion in the Church, [He is, after all, the Pope of Christian Unity.  This applies within the Church (ad intra) and not just to other communities (ad extra).] Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi has said, citing the Holy Father’s launch of a new evangelization of the West and his action to reconcile disputes and to renew the Church. [And now we must fit this new dicastery into thepicture.]

During his "Octava Dies" editorial aired on Vatican Television [Let me ask… did you even know this existed?  Great work on the part of the Holy See to let everyone know about it.] on Saturday morning, Fr. Lombardi remarked that in recent days the words and actions of the Pope have been “exceptionally intense and determinant for the life of the Church community."

The activity of the Pope, he continued, has been made more meaningful due to its proximity to the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul. This is a feast which brings our attention back to the mission "entrusted by Christ to Peter and his successors" to support and guide the faith of believers, he explained.

For Fr. Lombardi, the announcement of the new Vatican department for renewed evangelization of areas subject to secularization stands out among the Pope’s activities this week. However, he particularly wanted to highlight the pontiff’s “personal and direct commitment to the union of the Church community.” [He is, after all, the Pope of Christian Unity.]

"The Pope has repeated many times that the dangers and the gravest temptations for the Church come from within," pointed out Fr. Lombardi. "In difficult times, such as those that we are living, the tensions induced from the outside make it easier also for tensions to emerge inside and these combine and increase confusion and uncertainty."

Papal audiences this week included two meant to bring about healing within the Church. Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn who has spoken out against the actions of Cardinal Angelo Sodano in the past was brought together with him and Pope Benedict on Monday. Also, on Thursday, ex-Bishop of Augsburg, Walter Mixa, who resigned this year reportedly for embezzling and physically abusing children in an orphanage, met with the Pope in the Vatican.

These events, Fr. Lombardi indicated, "demonstrate that (the Pope) is working himself … to heal the tensions and incomprehensions that afflict the community."

The Vatican spokesman quoted the Holy Father’s words from the communique reporting the content of Benedict XVI’s audience with Bishop Mixa: "In a time of contrasts and uncertainties, the world expects from Christians the harmonious witness that they, based on their encounter with the risen Lord, are able to offer and in which they help each other as also in all of society to find the right way towards the future."

Fr. Lombardi concluded by saying that "These are the sentiments of the Pope; his exquisitely evangelical witness is clear. We should follow it."

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  1. idatom says:

    Fr. Z.;

    What is “Octava Dies”?

    What great pressure our Holy Father is under at this time. A group within The Church, not unlike a fifth column, for years has been hell bent on destroying her while from without it seems the whole world against her. To me this is clear evidence that this is the church Christ started. This is the one the Devil, with the help of Hell’s Bible, the electronic media, and universities etc. long to destroy her, but can’t. He is not interested, is seems to me, in other denominations because he wants to stop The Mass.

    I have no idea where Cardinal Schonborn is coming from these days, there must be some thing in Vienna’s water.

    Tom Lanter

  2. robtbrown says:

    I have no idea where Cardinal Schonborn is coming from these days, there must be some thing in Vienna’s water.
    Tom Lanter

    I think he was just defending the pope, who was being accused of not having done anything in the sexual scandals. Card Schonborn was saying that Cardinal Ratzinger wanted an investigation of Card Groer, but Card Sodano was able to stop it.

    The American news media (i.e., Brian Ross of ABC) said also that Cardinal Ratzinger wanted to investigate Maciel, and Card Sodano also was able to stop it. Then Cardinal Ratzinger proceeded on his own with an investigation of Maciel.

  3. robtbrown says:

    In think Octava Dies (Eighth Day) comes from St Augustine. God the Creator rested on the 7th Day. The 8th refers to God the Redeemer.

  4. Geoffrey says:

    I think EWTN airs “Octava Dies”. I have never been able to catch it, though.

  5. Agnes says:

    “The Pope has repeated many times that the dangers and the gravest temptations for the Church come from within,” pointed out Fr. Lombardi.

    From dangers and divisions in faithful celebration of the Liturgy, in full and fruitful catechesis, and in service to the needy and vulnerable – Lord, deliver us.

    From the elitist mentality that arises from thinking we have got it completely right, and from the elitist mentality of those who think orthodoxy is completely wrong – Lord, deliver us.

    From the destruction of our families, parishes, local churches, and universal church largely due to our lack of charity – Good Lord, deliver us.

    From all the powers of Hell – Good Lord, deliver us.

  6. ipadre says:

    I Love Benedict! He’s da man!

    To think, we live in these tremendously pagan, relativistic, even scary times, but what a great leader we have! The Lord has been preparing and saving Pope Benedict XVI to help us through these troubled times. I can’t wait to see what a long term effect his Pontificate will have on both the Church and the world. There is no going back!

    It’s Back To The Future 5, staring Joseph Ratzinger!

  7. Jack Hughes says:

    Nice one Fr. Finelli !!! although I think a more accurate descripton would be 1st-4th Century take 2- mesa thinks that the 21st Century will be baptised with the Blood of Martyrs

  8. HighMass says:

    This is a stupid remark or observation, but why can’t they leave Pope Benedict Alone, he would have acted and not swept it under the carpet as He is being accused of.

    I remember the Maciel thing….and how he was a go getter in going forward.

    From April 19,2005 the damn secular press and those inside the church who don’t like him have not given him a fair shake…..

    He is a wonderful “Papa”, e Viva il Papa

  9. Dr. Eric says:

    Octava Dies comes on at 2:30 AM EDT on Thursday morning/Wednesday night (depending on your point of view and time zone.)

  10. Dr. Eric says:

    On EWTN, I forgot to type that part. :-O

  11. Geoffrey says:

    “Octava Dies comes on at 2:30 AM EDT…”

    I notice EWTN broadcasts many interesting programs at very awkward hours! I guess I should get TiVo!

  12. gtbradshaw says:

    “”Octava Dies” editorial aired on Vatican Television [Let me ask… did you even know this existed? Great work on the part of the Holy See to let everyone know
    about it.] ”

    Of course I know about Octava Dies…it runs on EWTN every week.

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