What’ll they think of next?

Those wacky geeks at MIT… what’ll they think of next?


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  1. robtbrown says:

    I’m a lefty mouse user.

    Did anyone see that the cyclists in France are using thermometer capsules (developed for NASA) that transmit core temperature and pulse? Turns out to be 20 year old technology and confirms my idea that the semi-conductor is one of the 5 greatest inventions in the history of man.


  2. spock says:

    Geeks are making this country great! I recommend the below:


    “News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters”

  3. prairie says:

    This is really impressive, but I do see some potential problems – like those who mouse left-handed, and those like me who use either hand, depending on how the carpal tunnel is doing in the dominant hand. Also wonder if this would require more clear space on a table/desk than a regular mouse or if it would be possible to trick the camera into recognizing finger taps made while the hand hovers over a messy pile of papers.

  4. moon1234 says:

    When is someone going to build the LCARS interface from star trek TNG? I don’t want to type anymore. I would much rather have a computer like the enterprise that I can talk to, have it type my letters as I speak, etc. I would much rather have a simple LCARS interface tied to an interactive voice command.

    Mouseless mouse is so last year.

  5. Agnes says:

    That is incredibly geeky.

  6. Thomas G. says:

    Personally, I liked the music that accompanied the video best.

  7. S. Murphy says:

    For the lefties, I’m sure the camera and laser can be mounted on the other side. Probably very simply, by the time they hit the market.

  8. Thomas G. says:

    . . . and the nifty cartoon.

  9. Jerry was less bulky than the technology, which had a noticeable lag in movement of the cursor. Laptop lids should not have appendages. Or maybe that was the equivalent of Jerry’s ears?

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