A note about e-mail

I get a huge amount of e-mail every day. 

May I plead with you e-mail senders about a few things?

  • Please don’t send e-mails with no subject in the subject line or vague subjects such as "Hey look at this!".  I simply delete them.  A good subject line helps me want to check out what you sent.
  • Please don’t send me just a link.  Tell me what is going on, what parts are important, and why you think so.  If there is no note of explanation, I probably won’t look.
  • Please don’t send me articles without links. If there is a link available, please send it also.
  • Please don’t ask me to do your homework or translate into or out of Latin.  I have plenty to do as it is.
  • Please don’t expect me to answer.  I simply get too much e-mail. 

I consider an e-mail to be an invitation to read and respond, not an obligation. 

NB: If you send a note asking prayers for something, – and a remarkable number of you do – I stop on the spot and say a prayer.  More serious issues are remembered when I say my daily rosary or during office or Mass.   Sometimes I think there should be an order of religious who take live prayer requests via e-mail and chat and pray for people in that moment.  But I digress.

Your e-mail is appreciated (well, mostly) and useful (well, mostly).  But you could be of great help – please! – by considering my pleas!

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