Housekeeping notes

A few quick housekeeping notes.

1) To post comments you must register.  There is a link on the sidebar.  I have to approve your registration, which is not instantaneous.  Sometimes you have to wait, sometimes you don’t, depending on my work and if I near my computer.

2) I get a LOT of email (hundreds a day).  I will not always answer.  If you send a request for prayers I stop what I am doing and say a prayer. And I don’t want to help people name their babies or pick a confirmation name: chose a saints name, spell it normally, and go for it.

3) If people send donations or objects from the wishlist, I note you down and when I periodically offer a Mass pro benefactoribus, for benefactors, I remember your name at the Memento of the living. 

4) If you send me a photo, please attach it rather than embed it.  Also, if you send a note about a document or a story, I could use a transcription or a good link.  Don’t just send me a blurb that something is out there somewhere and that I should see it.  I simply move on to the next email.

5) If you send me voicemail (see the USA and UK phone numbers and skype address on the sidebar), I always listen to it.   If you don’t want your voicemail included in a PODCAzT, please say so.  BTW… I have received some very nice messages on voicemail.  Getting the voicemail is fun.

6) People were getting a "malware" warning when coming to the blog using the browser Google Chrome.  I got it too.  There was no malware.  The browser suddenly decided it didn’t like the Hamster Cage widget on the sidebar.  I have since sent the hamster, whom some wags have dubbed "Basil", on pilgrimage.  Let me know if you are still having problems.

7) I really am in the process of updating and overhauling the whole blog, which will include software and the whole look of the thing.  I need to rethink where this is going.  This has been persisting thorn in my side

Please follow me on Twitter. I would like to add a heap more followers.

Also, please follow me using the Google-thingy on the sidebar.

Finally, I have a Facebook page, but they won’t let me add more than 5000 visitors.  I am not sure what to do about that.  I hear there is a "fan page" which allows more, but I haven’t looked into that yet.

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