It is good news time

Do you have some good news you care to post?

Small things but good…

I got an article done for the paper and writing it taught me something about Holy Mass.
I am pretty much recovered from a recent malady.
I am finally getting good tomatoes from the garden.



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  1. Magpie says:

    We got our Samoyed groomed today and took his portrait. He will be 13 in November. He is still in excellent condition :-)

  2. yatzer says:

    My son has gotten engaged to a very nice young lady.

  3. Supertradmum says:

    My mother, who is 82, had a miraculous healing of her aorta, so that she does not have to have surgery after all. Even the doctors are mystified. She must still have something to do down here on Earth.

  4. doanli says:

    I’ve had tension-migraine headaches for the past 2 weeks at least, and today I don’t have one. And I haven’t taken any pills for them either!

    I publicly thank everyone who prayed for me. :)

  5. capchoirgirl says:

    My best friend is doing well in his novitiate, and I am only two weeks away from visiting the Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary!

  6. PadreOP says:

    Our province of Dominicans friars (Eastern USA) welcomed our largest novitiate class in over 40 years, with 21 new men entering our novitiate on the feast of St. Dominic a few weeks ago. I’d say that’s good news. We indeed have a vocation “crisis”…namely, how to fit 21 men into a novitiate designed to hold no more than about a dozen! (Short answer: bunk beds.) (I’m serious…) In the last few days Catholic News Service has ran a story about us; it’s a decent one though I don’t think the reporter knows a whole lot about religious life as there were several puzzling errors in the story, e.g. saying that we “hired” one of our own priests to be Vocation Director [hired? huh?], or saying that the 21 men professed vows and began their novitiate [umm, we profess vows at the *conclusion* of the novitiate, not at the beginning]. But otherwise, a decent enough article. If you haven’t seen it elsewhere, you can find it at along with some photos of the vestition ceremony.

    Our province may be known to some of the readers here, as one of our friars (Archbishop Augustine DiNoia, O.P.) is currently Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments.

  7. A good friend of mine was in $22,000 worth of debt from student loans from his undergrad. Through hard work, generosity of donors, and the Laboure Society, he was able to get it ALL taken care of in 3 months’ time, and will enter the Norbertines next Friday. His father was out of work for over a year, I believe, and just got a job offer as a teacher. (Thank you, St. Jude!)

    Another good friend is entering the Franciscans on Wednesday, September 8, the Nativity of Our Lady. Pray for our bishops, priests, deacons, and seminarians!!!!!!!!!!

  8. laurazim says:

    Things are picking up (slowly–but picking up!) at the small family business which my husband’s family owns, and where he works.

    We were able to get our 14-year-old daughter in at an AMAZING Catholic school–one that truly IS Catholic, thanks be to God!!

  9. Jack Hughes says:

    Where to start?

    Last week I was at the LMS training conference for priests and servers at downside abbey, in addition to learning how to serve the EF (Low Mass) properly and serving private Mass’s I was the accolyte for two Missa Solemniss and was Bishop Athanasius Schieder’s book bearer for the Pontifical High Mass. – My FSSP priest has said that the next time we have a Low Mass at reading then I can serve.

    I had a wonderful conversation Last night with the Carmalites of the Immaculate Heart in Wyoming and MAY repeat MAY be visiting this fall – I would much appreciate it if people could keep this in their prayers as I know they only take the best of the best.

    I have absolutely no Idea how but I just KNOW that God is gonna sort out my outstanding student loans – I ask for your continued prayers on this matter & Thank you for everyone who has already prayed for me.

    Its my Birthday today

  10. Rachel says:

    I’ve been accepted by the Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest, and I leave for Italy on Oct. 22! :) :) :)

  11. JosephMary says:

    Am going out of town for the weekend..yeah! And will be visiting the traditional Carmelites in Wyoming and hopefully for Holy Mass next week. Also visiting some dear ones in Lander. Deo Gratias!

  12. jmgarciajr says:

    My company’s product has just received organic certification AND got a nice mention on CBS and the Boston Globe!


  13. I received my first invitation to an official speaking engagement on the Mass (the new translation and how to pray the Mass) for catechists in Tennessee!

  14. Supertradmum says:


    I know two young men in that group. I shall pray for your happy trip to Wyoming. And many prayers for all of you who are joining the seminary or religious life.

  15. Cath says:

    Happy Birthday Jack! Even though my husband has been out of work for a year and a half, I have not lost my mind or my house. I am very thankful that I have seven healthy happy children. And we recently joined a new parish and it gets better all the time!

  16. AlexE says:

    I was the MC for a Corpus Christi Mass ( OF but very much in line with tradition) and Procession, my friend just posted the pictures so I have been able to remember that day over and over and over. IT was truly a glorious day!

  17. Magpie says:

    Rachel: Congratulations, that is wonderful news – I wish you God speed with that new endeavour.

  18. Marcin says:

    My job searching network shook up today and, out of nowhere, produced an interesting signal. I needed it. I hope for further development of this lead.

  19. kathryns says:

    We received an offer on our house on the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. Praise God!

  20. Taquoriaan says:

    I am still on cloud nine after attending the Catholic New Media Celebration in Boston, MA. Downside is I can’t share it here in Europe with folks I know, BUT love the buzz online. LOVE being Catholic in the 21st century!

  21. lizfromFL says:

    After my insomnia had been acting up again, finally I have slept the night thru for the past 2 nights. Praise God!

  22. Christina says:

    I’m pregnant! Oh, this makes me happy, and I’m feeling just barely ill enough to be confident that it’s going well.

  23. Liz F says:

    We got matched to adopt a little baby girl in a few weeks.(#9) Woohoo! So many saints, so few names. It’s so hard to choose. Congrats to all of you for your good news. It is so inspiring!

  24. rakesvines says:

    More than 80,000 faithful Catholics gathered in Carthage, Michigan for a weekend of prayer, conferences, processions, devotions and fun. Videos posted at:

  25. Jane says:

    I visited the tomb of Blessed Mary MacKillop yesterday and got a chance to pray for lots of people. She will be canonised on October 17. She is going to be Australia’s first saint.

  26. Leonius says:

    My first child was born on the Feast of the Assumption, a daughter named Annemarie.

  27. Leonius says:

    Please pray for her.

  28. I just spoke with our daughter visiting Germany. She has been very homesick but today sounded happy.

  29. catholictigerfan says:

    one of my friends was on the flight that crashed in alaska a week or so ago, he was the son of sean okeefe former nasa head and chancellor of LSU, both my friend and his dad survived the flight and actually i heard today that my friend has been released from the hospital.

    This is good news for me but it is still a tragedy becuase not everyone survived.

  30. Mark Pavlak says:

    I start my new job as a Church History teacher after nearly one year of looking for work.
    Prayers, please!

    Happy to hear you’re feeling better, Father.

  31. kallman says:

    In Sydney we have mass in the EF every day of the week and two masses on Saturdays and Sundays, with sung masses on Thursdays, Sundays and major feast days. FSSP have two centres and 4 priests in Sydney

  32. Agnes says:

    I scored 94% on my last term paper and am due to take my final final next week for my BAT! I’ve been accepted by a few Catholic schools for substitute teaching. And I hear one of those schools just snagged a promising new religion teacher (ahem, Mr. Pavlak) – my kids do not have the good fortune of attending his class this year however.

    Found my cat that was lost for a day and a half – he got locked in a closet and came out mad as a hornet. No one heard any meowing!

  33. erinalicia says:

    My diocese welcomed a new shepard for our flock. Bishop Joseph P. McFadden became the tenth Bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg yesterday. God Bless him!

  34. Katharine B. says:

    I believe that God has answered my novena to St Joseph the Worker, my husband has been hired for a dream job that will move us to one of the most conservative Dioceses in the US, a real stronghold of Tradition. Please pray for us as the main intention for this prayer was for the purpose of raising potential priests and religious. :)

  35. frere wilfrid says:

    A parishioner cooked me a truly memorable dinner (following the Montignac Method) and her husband (the MC for our 1962 Mass) got us tickets to see Piranha 3D.

  36. rsalie says:

    My third child and so far only little girl was born on August 3rd. She was a little premature and had some breathing issues and some jaundice, but thankfully was able to come home from the hospital on Sunday.

  37. benyanke says:

    I am so thankful for the gift of the church, and the gift of confession.

    Deo Gratias!

  38. capchoirgirl says:

    PadreOP: Yes, let us give thanks for those 21 men! Love them all, they’re a great class (my best friend that I referred to is one of them!). Vivat Dominicans. :)

  39. dreamergal says:

    After having been unemployed since February 2008, I received a job offer yesterday, and I start tomorrow.

  40. AnAmericanMother says:


    My little girl had jaundice and was a little premature as well — she is now 22 years old, just snagged her dream job Friday (there were 4 places open and she received offers for two of them!) and it looks like she and her Nice Catholic Boyfriend are getting engaged.

    Southeastern Liturgical Music Symposium is at our parish on Saturday. This morning I walked into the local grocery store and told them, “I need fruit plates for 275 for Saturday morning . . . . ” and then hit the bagel bakery next door for bagels and schmear. I do so love organizing stuff and feeding people.

    I will report back how things go at the Symposium. There are some serious Gregorian Chant mavens showing up. One of the usual suspects (Haas) is showing up as well, but it shouldn’t be too hard to avoid him. If I can’t, I will serve him a bagel with a smile and perfect equanimity.

  41. Supertradmum says:


    I have a 22 year old who was jaundiced and stopped breathing several times in the womb at birth. He is going into the priesthood. Special year for special children….

  42. AnAmericanMother says:

    That’s wonderful. I know he’ll make a good holy priest – God obviously had plans for him from the very beginning!

    I wondered sometimes if my girl didn’t have a vocation to the religious life, but it looks like her vocation will be Wife and Mother . . . which is great, she’s a shy, studious little thing but when she puts her head down and bulls her way forward she lets nothing stand in her way.

  43. Supertradmum says:

    Happy Birthday, Jack

  44. kelleyb says:

    Grand baby #5 was born over the weekend. thank you, Lord, and everyone is healthy and happy! Except the sibling…who is really really miffed.

  45. lmgilbert says:

    To visit our daughter in Nebraska we drove from Portland to Boise through Bend and Burns and flew from there, then flew back to Boise and took the long way home through drop dead gorgeous and majestic Eastern Oregon, all of which is in the Baker Diocese, of whom Bishop Vasa is the ordinary.

    Interestingly, Bishop Vasa is from small town in Nebraska due north of my daughter’s convent.

    It was all so gorgeous, but more truly glorious is that no where in Eastern Oregon did we see the least shadow of liturgical abuse…far from it. This was also true of St. Mark’s in Boise, a tuly majestic church with a wonderful adoration chapel. The celebrant was African, definitely a theme in our travels in the West.

    FWIW, Bishop Vasa’s diocese comprises about 2/3 of the state of Oregon, itself the 7th largest state in the Union. Per the pastor of Bishop Vasa’s cathedral parish (himself Maltese), which we visited several weeks ago, the diocese has only about 26 priests. Of these a huge proprotion are Nigerian, Indian, Vietnamese, or Sri Lankan. I think Bishop Vasa has only about 6-10 American priests. Nevertheless he is getting the job done, thanks be to God!

    A priest in Bend told us that the Bishop has imported nuns from an order in Kenya to be the nucleus for what he hopes will be an order composed largely of young women from the diocese itself to staff the Catholic grade schools of the diocese- of which only five are functioning at the moment.

    In our travels, we attended weekday Mass in Burns where Fr. Francis (from Uganda, I believe) is the pastor. To a congregation of 10 people, all women except me, he preached a substantial, wonderful sermon, very well thought out and powerful. The delivery was so powerful and full of life! I have never seen or heard anything like it.

    Yes, Bishop Vasa is getting the job done alright!

    We now have an Ugandan priest as assistant in our parish in Milwaukie, OR (adjacent to Portland). The presence of Africa in Idaho and Oregon is truly striking. It seems as if the Lord is repaying our generosity of many years ago in sending so many missionary priests abroad.

    On the whole these African priests are very striking. They are spiritual men and know what they are about. For their presence here, and all the glory of the West and our travels through it, thanks be to God!

  46. Joe in Canada says:

    Five novices of the Society of Jesus in Canada will take their vows on Sunday!

  47. Ancilla Domini says:

    I leave for my freshman year of college this weekend, to a University with a very traditional (Ordinary Form) Newman center, and an incredible TLM across town (please would you spare a moment to pray, to the Blessed Virgin in particular, that I can find a ride? Also prayers that college doesn’t mess with my faith).

    God’s also given me a couple of things that I have really needed, including this beautiful older couple I ran into out of nowhere that helped to deepen my feelings towards marriage and I feel more sure that this is what God wants me to do with my life. Being unsure can be very scary… now I feel that I’ve placed my future in God’s hands and that I don’t have to worry, and He’ll take care of everything.

  48. prairie says:

    DH and I came to resolution about a very old and deep disagreement yesterday. I believe we had spiritual help from the Blessed Mother.

  49. Lisa Graas says:

    My good news is that Father Z approved me to post comments here………and today I set up my Twitter account to auto-tweet his blog posts, which will, of course, win me lots of new followers on Twitter.

  50. Paulo says:

    (1) The electronic parts that somehow got fried in our dishwasher are in and the “Maytag repairman” (nah, it’s not really a Maytag) is coming early Friday afternoon, although the whole family was getting used to wash dishes by hand again…
    (2) Thanks to Father’s challenging posts and many very thoughtful comments by the readers, I am learning a a lot!

  51. Ellen says:

    Our new pastor and assistant arrived this week. They are going to be great – they’ve instituted a longer time to hear confessions, they ring the bells at the consecration. I am very happy already.

  52. snowowl1234 says:

    I am leaving on a much needed vacation tomorrow.

  53. a catechist says:

    School started yesterday for my 2 kids at their small, faithful Catholic parish school. My 7 yr. old boy said, “I sure hope we have Mass tomorrow!”

  54. Eric says:

    My oldest (14 yo) heads off for his freshman year at what I consider the best high school in the country.
    Please pray for his mother.

  55. bernadette says:

    DH and I will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary next week!

  56. I had a great time at our diocesan seminary retreat. We move in next week. One of our theology students was installed as an acolyte last weekend, as well.

    A few of us also had a laugh after the diocesan Harvest Mass – we accidentally got on the kiddie ride instead of the shuttle to the car…it wasn’t until the driver started turning around before he got to the road that we realized it. :)

  57. New Sister says:

    Supertradmum and AnAmerican Mother – I thank you, and all mothers, for being faithful to your holy vocation.

  58. MOP says:

    Can someone give me a link to obtain some instructions for a priest who is starting to say the NO in Latin? He has a Spanish ministry, but is really trying to incorporate the Latin into his daily Mass. He sees it as a small beginning. He is a young priest with no training in Latin. Thanks.

  59. suzanka says:

    Our second born son enters the seminary next week after spending three years at two different universities; our oldest daughter is safely back at her college; our youngest daughter made it through the first week of band camp; and our oldest son is back at home after graduating with two degrees – one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science. God had indeed blessed our family for which we are extremely thankful!

  60. The Digital MC says:

    I have been accepted as a junior into St. Gregory’s Academy in PA and my flight leaves next week!

  61. JonM says:

    After a week of a new contract, I am immensely thankful for this excellent position I backed into.

  62. bookworm says:

    My husband has been wanting a motorcycle for some time. He recently took a motorcycle safety class and had his driver’s license upgraded to include a cycle license. Yesterday we found a beautiful and very reasonably priced 1983 Honda Magna, and the owner even offered to deliver it to our home (so that DH would not have to drive it on busy highways as an inexperienced rider). He will be taking it out for test drives through the fall so he can get used to it. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with motorcycles, this model is very big and fast, and is sometimes called a “rice burning Hog” because it has all the power of a Harley.)

    We had enough money left after buying it to get a nice helmet and gloves and other safety gear, and pay for a year’s insurance as well.

    I know some of you might not consider it good news that a middle-aged man has suddenly decided to take up motorcycling, but he is a very responsible driver and I think it has boosted his spirits quite a bit :-) It might even boost his prayer life, if you know what I mean!

  63. mike cliffson says:

    apologies for my irreverence but I couldn’t resist:
    A priestblogger whose posts numbered scores
    Fell ill -but still posted galore
    ‘Twas time for his heavenly rainment?
    Saith the Lord:”No, I’ll cure his ailments
    He could post even MORE from this shore”
    Glad to hear you’re on the mend, father

  64. greg the beachcomber says:

    After two and a half months of gloom, the sun came out this week and summer arrived at the beach! I was given a small inflatable boat by a friend who knew how much I missed my last one. We had our 8 year-old niece for two days, the dolphins paid us a visit and we saw the harbor seals up close in my new boat, though the fish studiously ignored our hooks.

    My wife (a recent convert) and I are praying two novenas for a position that she applied for last week. Since being laid off nearly five years ago, this is the best opportunity that’s arisen. It’s been a rough stretch, made worse by the loss of her mother last year.

    Why two novenas? She’s covering her bases, praying for the intercession of Sts. Jude (desperate cases) and Joseph (workers), especially since the position would be with St. Jude Medical Center, which is part of the St. Joseph Health System.

    It would be great to have her working again, and even better to have her working for a Catholic organization. Not draining the last little bit out of our savings would be nice, too. Any extra prayers would be greatly appreciated.

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