Traditional Confirmations in London

I am happy to report that in London, at St. James Church, Spanish Place, confirmandi will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the older, traditional, Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite at the hands of Bishop George Stack, auxiliary bishop of Westminster.

The rite will take place on 20 November 2010.

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  1. kbf says:

    This would be the same Bp George Stack, who as Msgr Stack and Administrator of Westminster Cathedral stopped me after I served 7pm Sunday mass, pointed to some people praying the Rosary in the Lady Chapel spat “you see that, that’s dead religion!”?. The same Msgr Stack who allowed all manner of “world religions” celebrations during the Centenary Year of the Cathedral in 1995? The same Msgr Stack who made the life of the LMS practically impossible during his tenure at the Cathedral? Who refused to move the portable altar that obscured the view of the high altar under the baldachino for their annual requiem mass (and thankfully +Vincent got shut of it as soon as he took the helm)? Who would refuse the LMS the use of the finer vestments but would bend over backwards for groups like Youth 2000 (much to the annoyance of Card Hume)? The same Msgr who refused to say ANY part of the mass in Latin when the Sunday Solemn Mass was usually said in parts both Latin and English by the other Chaplains?

    Well don’t things change with a more orthodox ArchBp at the helm?

    [I posted positive a story about a bishop who has not been a famous friend of traditional worship. Isn’t that what traditionalists claim they want? Bishops who will support them? Bishops who will “come around”? Traditionalists are often their own worst enemies.]

  2. wolfeken says:

    Interesting — not the first time for him:

    For those who are interested in the traditional rite of confirmation (which, by the way, uses the word “confirm,” which is amazingly not said/sung in the post-VII confirmation:

  3. TJerome says:

    kbf, sounds like Bishop Stack had an “ephiphany.” Better late than never.

  4. People who learned false information can learn truth, too.

    Things are getting better!

  5. Gabrielle says:

    And who spurned the whole Fit For Mission series…? I’ll wait to be convinced. The CES has rotted under his supervision.
    But God has ways.

  6. jaykay says:

    Oh kbf, come! Rejoice in the good news. Whatever about his previous actions, +Stack has obviously moved in quantum leaps if he’s now confirming in the usus antiquiuor.

    Our own Abp. Martin in Dublin, not perceived as overly “traditional”, has instituted the Dublin Latin Mass Chaplaincy *and* has celebrated a full pontifical TLM in the last 3 years. Unthinkable only 10 years ago. So… tempora mutantur et nos in illis mutamur. Or maybe: nos, Spiritu inspirante, mutamur .

    And there were confirmations in same chaplaincy, with Abp. Raymond Burke , only a month ago. Very full church.

    Bricks are being laid…

  7. JonM says:


    I understand your obvious frustration, but we have to celebrate good news. And this story is a great shot in the arm.

    It’s even more powerful if Bishop Stack was unfriendly to tradition some years ago.

    This is what I call a true brick by brick chapter in the story of the world.

    Thanks for posting Father.

  8. kbf says:

    Fr Z et al, don’t misunderstand my sentiments (and I understand the point you made, but I think you misinterpreted the tenor of my post), I’m pleased that +George is being more friendly towards traditional liturgy, even if it is under sufferance or even instruction. I actually think the great fault was +Vincent’s predecessor (Cormac Card. Murphy-O’Connor)who was uber-liberal and who would have been sympathetic towards Bp Stack’s attitudes and opinions and who had to accept that there were centres of tradition on account of the money and social status of the supporters of those parishes. Given half the opportunity he would have stifled them, but the fact they enjoy the patronage of the wealthy and well connected he couldn’t. I know from being in the musical circle that he put downward pressure on the choir at Westminster Cathedral, and at one point even mooted it’s reduction in size and involvement in the liturgy.

    And for the record, I would typify myself as more “middle of the road” than “traditional” in that my preference is for the NO in Latin with good music a la the Brompton Oratory, but even that would have turned Bp Stack’s nose just a few years ago.

  9. jaykay says:

    kbf: well maybe “Spiritu et Archiepiscopo inspirante…”, eh? :) Now if they could only get rid of the Pill from sale in the Cathedral (it was still there on my last visit in January).

    But great news anyway. I mean,I’m thinking of the sheer level of preparation Bp. Stack will have to undertake in the UA for the confirmations, for a start. He can’t just have been strong-armed into this (and I don’t think that’s Abp. N’s style?). Surely a genuine breaking of the ice here?

  10. Tony from Oz says:

    Just a thought, folks: are you sure that Bishop Stack (NB I eschew use of the abbreviation ‘+’ as I understand he is a Bishop without his own jurisdiction) will actually be using the traditional formulary for confirmation?

    I ask this because, over ten years ago, we also had an auxiliary, and the local ordinary, use the Novus Ordo formulary for confirmations within our TLM. Our Trad chaplain at the time simply did not want to rock the boat (then navigating pre-Summorum Pontificum waters) by insisting on the traditional formulary, I think. Of course, the confirmations were valid – despite showing a lack of respect for the integrity of the use.

    Whether this is likely to be the case at St James’ I know not – but I do know that the TLM there is sub-optimally sandwiched between N.O. Masses so time might be an issue, or be purported to be an issue. Hopefully my surmises will be wrong!

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