WDTPRS POLL: Your internet connection

I was having a conversation with a friend who is creating a blog, discussing image/photo sizes and how fast they download, etc.

I am curious…


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  1. Patikins says:

    I voted DSL (my home connection) but I often use my Blackberry and my workplace computer. I am so grateful for you and others who support a mobile version of their sites. Some websites are virtually useless on a mobile browser. One thing I can’t do on the BB from your site is view most videos because they require a flash plug in. Hopefully my next phone will be able view the videos.

  2. Geremia says:

    I put cable even though my apartment’s LAN connection I use is probably a fiber optic T-something or other.

  3. czemike says:

    I usually connect with my mobile device via wifi (which is connected to cable). The future of the web should be HTML5 all the way.

  4. cblanch says:

    I voted DSL but I’m using my Droid phone more and more.

  5. benyanke says:

    I’ll just give you a basic diagram. It’s easier than explaining, and our setup is weird

    3G Card –> Dedicated PC –> Wireless Rounter -|–> A Computer
    |–> Another Computer

  6. Geoffrey says:

    I voted DSL. We have Earthlink DSL for the home wireless network. Great service.

  7. Margaret says:

    Carrier pigeon??

  8. Paulus says:

    Being Head of National Networks for a major corporation I don’t have a single Internet connection – I have dozens, mostly DS3 circuits. My tentacles are everywhere!

    Muah hah hah hah !!!

  9. LaudemGloriae says:

    DSL, however, as I use my Blackberry to keep up to date, sites (and particularly email) that are not mobile friendly are at a huge disadvantage. I get bulk emails from my church via e-invite that are impossible to look at or even connect to on my mobile. I have lost touch with a couple of groups as a result.

  10. The Cobbler says:

    Call me crazy, but isn’t it simply the average connection speed we want to know? Granted, some things are never going to be as fast as others normally are — but even good internet services don’t always translate to a good connection speed on the very end of the receiving end.

  11. irishgirl says:

    I don’t have Internet at home-used to have dial-up until my sister had it disconnected-so I go to the library or the local B&N to connect. The latter’s connection ‘sucks’-the library is usually better.

    I voted ‘cable/fiber optic’.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Father Z!

  12. Brian Day says:

    The Cobbler makes an interesting point. I voted DSL but I use AT&T U-Verse service. They offer four levels of speed, 1.5 Mb, 3 Mb, 6 mb, and ~12 Mb download speeds. I believe cable and other phone companies offers various levels of speed.

    I’d be interested to learn what download speeds are capable with mobile devices.

  13. Henry Edwards says:

    Brian, I have the “up to 6 mb” version of AT&T U-Verse, but voted “Cable” because it’s vaster faster than the DSL I’m familiar with. And, technically, I understand it’s not DSL (whatever DSL technically is).

  14. Baron Korf says:

    DSL, though I have used Cable in the past.

  15. jkm210 says:

    One point to make here is that folks who read blogs on a regular basis are much more likely to have a high-speed internet connection, so the poll may be a little skewed. People who just use email and check their bank accounts online can do fine with dial-up, especially if they have voice mail on their home phones.

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