WDTPRSer interest in Italian Photography TOUR

A question for the readers:

Who would be interested in a tour in Italy focused, pardon the pun, especially on taking photos.

Therefore, the places involved in the tour would be pretty photogenic, including the usual places Venice, Florence, Pisa, Sienna, Assisi, Rome.  Patient so people can take photos, etc.  Then share and critique over supper.

I am asking not necessarily on my own behalf, but mostly on behalf of a priest friend.  I am not ruling out my involvement.

With at least one priest involved, there would of course be Mass, etc.

I don’t know an exact budget, but let’s say $3000 for 10 days ($2800 from JFK), inclusive.

ANOTHER tour of this kind could be to the Holy Land.

I want to know only about serious interest.

Therefore, send my an email with PHOTO TOUR INTEREST in the Subject line of the email, and whatever other comments you might have.

Just askin’.  No more. 

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