Where you are

I did a quick snapshot of some of the places you are when you come to visit WDTPRS.

I cut out the "unknown" and entries that were too vague, such as "Canada" or "Germany".

These are approximations of locations in many cases.

Metairie, Louisiana
Tallahassee, Florida
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Kawasaki, Kanagawa
Makati, Rizal
Brentwood, Essex
New Orleans, Louisiana
Perth, Western Australia
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Raynham Center, Massach…
Denver, Colorado
Cincinnati, Ohio
Mobile, Alabama
Toronto, Ontario
Washington, District of…
Hopeland, Pennsylvania
Adelaide, South Australia
West Babylon, New York
Oxford, Oxfordshire
Gastonia, North Carolina
Phoenix, Arizona
Washington, District of…
Harrisville, Rhode Island
Miami, Florida
Monroe, Louisiana
Charlottesville, Virginia
Clifton Springs, New York
Clementon, New Jersey
Kitty Hawk, North Carol…
New York
Mountain View, California
Warsaw, Warszawa
Lexington, Virginia
Grand Rapids, Michigan
East Providence, Rhode …
Shirley, Indiana
Chesterfield, Missouri
Picayune, Mississippi
Baltimore, Maryland
Ternitz, Niederosterreich
Collegeville, Pennsylva…
Hinsdale, Illinois
Shreveport, Louisiana
Des Moines, Iowa
Patchogue, New York
West Bridgewater, Massa…
Alexandria, Virginia
Braslia, Distrito Federal
Ottawa, Ontario
Buffalo, New York
Richmond, Kentucky
Rochester, New York
Warren, Michigan
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Philadelphia, Pennsylva…
Loughton, Essex
Stockholm, Stockholms Lan
Raleigh, North Carolina
Shakopee, Minnesota
Franklin Park, Illinois
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Spring, Texas
Winona, Minnesota
Long Beach, California
Otisville, New York
Barcelona, Cataluna

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Fr. Z is the guy who runs this blog. o{]:¬)
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  1. AnAmericanMother says:

    Unincorporated Cobb County GA.

  2. doanli says:

    “Upstate”, South Carolina

  3. B.C.M. says:

    Gwynn Oak MD! St. Anne’s parish!

  4. nzcatholic says:

    Wellington, New Zealand. Gods most southern out post

  5. dontex says:

    Arlington, Texas

  6. wanda says:

    from just south of Baltimore, MD!

  7. becket1 says:

    Quakertown, PA

  8. Luke says:

    This reminds me that I need to update my profile: How do I most properly express my location in the hinterland of my mind?

  9. Delavan, Wisconsin!

  10. nanetteclaret says:

    The most beautiful part of Texas: Cass County.

  11. There’s a Collegeville, Pennsylvania, as well? I’m in Springfield, Illinois, btw.

  12. Eric says:

    To the person from Stockholm. Is there a Latin mass in Stockholm? I may be there in the future.

  13. irishgirl says:

    Utica, NY!

  14. Miriam says:

    Meadow Vista, CA

  15. Mark01 says:

    Savannah, GA

  16. shellac says:

    Oswego NY

  17. mvhcpa says:

    Winder, Georgia, between Athens and Atlanta.

  18. apagano says:

    Ocean county, NJ

  19. Andy Milam says:

    Des Moines, Iowa

  20. chcrix says:

    So… Spying on us again.

    Does the CDF have a position for tech saavy Priests? ;-)

  21. sawdustmick says:

    Stevenage, Hertfordshire

  22. michelelyl says:

    Klamath Falls, Oregon

  23. DBuote says:

    Tignish, Prince Edward Island/Toronto Ontario(seminary)

  24. teaguytom says:

    Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

  25. newtrad says:

    Lincoln,Ne Orthodoxy rules!

  26. Peggy R says:

    Lots of Pennsylvanians on the list.

    Here in Southern IL, STL Metro area.

  27. marniebcn says:

    Finally made it on the list!
    Verge de la Pau Parish in Barcelona, Spain.

  28. DetJohn says:

    La Verne, California

  29. Microtouch says:

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  30. cblanch says:

    Defiance, Ohio

  31. Salvatore_Giuseppe says:

    Orlando, FL

  32. torch621 says:

    Virginia Beach, VA

  33. ChantalM says:

    Calgary AB, but formerly of London Ontario.

  34. PostCatholic says:

    Aspen Hill, Maryland and occasionally from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

  35. benstox says:

    Naples, Italy / Nottingham, England

  36. rsalie says:


  37. GirlCanChant says:

    Philadelphia, PA, and I must say; Pennsylvania is really representing on WDTPRS! Maybe since even our state’s name is in Latin. ;-)

  38. lux_perpetua says:

    another rep from Philly–West Philly to be precise.

  39. jray says:

    Steubenville, Ohio.

  40. JARay says:

    You already have my location…Perth, Western Australia

  41. Seattle Slough says:

    Seattle, WA., parish of North American Martyrs.

  42. Paul H says:

    Metropolis, Illinois — home of Superman! :-)

  43. ipadre says:

    Harrisville, Rhode Island – that’s me, home on vacation.

  44. kallman says:

    Sydney Australia

  45. capebretoner says:

    Sydney, Nova Scotia

  46. Ferde Rombola says:

    Beverly, Massachusetts

  47. prairie says:

    Merriam, Kansas

  48. trespinos says:

    Gilroy, CA — although Verizon has perversely listed me as from ten miles north in Morgan Hill (which is perversely *not* named for the conical hill which towers over the town from the west, but instead for a certain Mr. Morgan Hill who helped found the place).

  49. annieoakley says:

    Summit, New Jersey

  50. mark1970 says:

    Bolton, England (about 10 – 12 miles north-west of the city of Manchester)

  51. mairead says:

    Kilmarnock in (surprisingly) sunny Scotland!

  52. Seraphic Spouse says:

    Edinburgh, UK.

  53. anthtan says:

    The little red dot (Singapore) makes the list…:)

  54. Tallahassee, Florida is probably me! But it could be many others, for you have a great following here, Father Z, especially in the Latin Mass community. Do keep us in prayer, for we are constantly being thwarted and discouraged at every turn by the diocese in our efforts to have a regularly scheduled TLM in the Eastern Deanery.

  55. Bryan says:

    Morrisville, in the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. You know….where America begins…;)

  56. TKS says:

    Richland, WA

  57. Boanerges says:

    Gering, NE

  58. samgr says:

    A suburb of Morrisville, Pa., but like Tallahassee a state capital: Trenton.

  59. Mary says:

    A town in the South West of Western Australia.

  60. bookworm says:

    I’m in Springfield, Illinois too (hi there Sean and Peggy R)

  61. poohbear says:

    Milford, CT but my ISP location changes daily for some reason.

  62. Joy says:

    Hannibal, Missouri!

  63. jmvbxx says:

    Barranquilla, Colombia

  64. Discipula says:

    I know Ocean County, NJ! Used to live there back in the ’80’s. Now I live outside Kalamazoo in Parchment, Michigan.

  65. kelleyb says:


  66. Manila, the Philippines!

  67. Paulo says:

    Richmond, British Columbia, Canada (part of Metro Vancouver and proud venue city of the 2010 Winter Olymplcs). Saint Joseph the Worker Parish.


  68. off2 says:

    Bootjack, near Mariposa, CA, in the low Sierra

  69. Norah says:

    Melbourne, Australia

  70. Mike says:

    Fort Worth, Texas

  71. Vox clamantis in deserto says:

    Graz, Austria / Bratislava, Slovakia

  72. GrogSmash says:

    Lewisberry, PA

  73. BravoTroop says:

    WDTPRS Urban Command Center (WEST)

  74. Mac in Alberta says:

    Calgary, AB

  75. jaykay says:

    Using a mobile browser as I’m currently… well, mobile. In Ireland. Work-related travel. But the ISP probably shows Dublin, where I’m located most of the time.

  76. Hieronymus Illinensis says:

    Silly question: How do you get the location info? I don’t see a place for it in the profile editing page.

  77. bookworm says:

    “How do you get the location info?”

    Probably from the IP addresses of the computers we use to post.

  78. thebigweave says:

    Spokane, Washington

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