9 May: Card. Burke sighting predicted for Houston – Pro-Life

I received a note from a reader in Houston:

On May 9th, Mother’s Day, Cardinal Raymond Burke will be the guest of Cardinal Daniel DiNardo and keynote speaker at “A Night for Life” Banquet, benefiting the Pro-Life efforts of the Catholic Charismatic Center of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.
Houston. We have a problem!

In May of last year Planned Parenthood opened the world’s largest abortion clinic just a few hundred feet from the Catholic Charismatic Center.  The Center’s Pro-Life works are many and varied, but the most extensive one is equipping and helping to staff a Mobile Crisis Pregnancy Unit outside the doors of Planned Parenthood.  Put simply, our Mobile Unit is a haven beside the clinic, offering free pregnancy checks and ultrasounds.   Eighty percent of women desiring an abortion who who have viewed an image of their unborn child have not gone through with an abortion.

Cardinal Burke picked Mother’s Day for this event as his gift to mothers.  He would appreciate your support.

Join Eminencies Burke and DiNardo at the Hilton Americas in downtown Houston where we will hear these two pro-life champions speak in defense of life.

The next morning Cardinal Burke will be at the Charismatic Center to celebrate a special Mass for Life at 10:00 am.  This will be followed by a procession and prayer vigil outside the doors of Planned Parenthood.

Go to www.anightforlife.com to read more about these events and to register or donate.

Please spread the word.

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  1. Peggy R says:

    Not to be a nag–> May 8 is Sunday Mother’s Day. Cheers!

  2. Speaking of pro-life, pray for the repose of the soul of Phoebe Snow, who died this morning. Just when her career was taking off, she gave up everything so that she could personally care for her daughter, who was born with severe brain damage. The baby that nobody expected to survive long lived to be 31. Her mother only outlived her by four years. R.I.P.

  3. EXCHIEF says:

    If all Bishops were like him we wouldn;t have the problems we have

  4. RichR says:

    Houston is about 1.5 hours away………..might have to take the kids and skip the Cub Scout meeting….

  5. almostpogo says:

    A brief but noteworthy correction: Before you skip that Scout meeting, please note that “A Night for Life” will, indeed, be on Mother’s Day evening- Sunday, May 8th. The Morning for Life will follow on Monday, May 9th, with Mass for Clergy (public invited) followed by a prayer vigil at nearby Planned unParenthood.

  6. irishgirl says:

    Cardinal DiNardo came to my hometown a couple of months ago. He was at the 100th anniversary Mass for the local Maronite parish. There was a large turnout, I heard.
    Sure wish that His Enimence Cardinal Burke would come to Upstate NY!
    Lucky Houston….

  7. jasoncpetty says:

    I predict the most reserved Mass that has ever occurred at the Houston CCC is going to happen on Monday.

  8. JamesA says:

    I am SO there !

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