Baby found in bag near El Paso abortion clinic – Bishop Ochoa reacts

WDTPRS was not a fan of the stand His Excellency Most Rev. Armando X. Ochoa took against Pope Benedict’s provisions in Summorum Pontificum.

All that aside…

… this is in the El Paso Times, and the Bishop gets WDTPRS KUDOS.

Go and read.

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  1. DominiSumus says:

    I am glad that Bishop Ochoa asked for the baby, because I think we all know that the baby was not “disposed of” properly. Just the fact that the words “disposed of” were used indicated that they were treated as medical waste. Fetus, gallbladder, cancerous tumor: they are all the same to these people.

  2. benedetta says:

    When women miscarry, there is support extended and there are lots of ways in which families and communities honor the child that was never born. Yet, depending only upon whether one woman ‘wants the baby’ or not, we have, memorial, prayers and honor to the child, or, if not, the remains get stowed in a hefty bag on the sidewalk. No matter that apart from the one woman’s death-wish for her offspring, others might ‘want’ the child, love the child: God, society, adoptive parents, future spouses and family.

  3. Random Friar says:

    I’d say, then, make sure that the Health Department gets involved. Improper disposal of “medical waste” — I don’t like the term in this case, but: — can run you up some serious fines. Hit the clinic where it hurts.

  4. Philangelus says:

    Ten years ago, my parish priest refused to give a funeral to my full-term baby who died two hours after birth. (He kept claiming canon law “forbids” a funeral for an infant. We knew that was bunk because there are two funeral rites written specifically for infants, and we got him to back down and Emily had her funeral.) When I wrote to the diocese for help, the bishop’s second in command told me, pretty much, that I had serious emotional problems and needed to get therapy, and defended the priest.

    I cannot tell you how much it helps my heart to hear that the bishop asked for the baby’s remains so he could give them a proper burial and funeral, and that he’s considering a memorial service for that baby. The church is filled with good guys after all.

    (Please pray that I can forgive that priest and that diocesan official. They both must have been broken in serious ways inside in order to behave that way. I’m not angry and don’t wish them harm, but I don’t feel I’ve forgiven either one of them the way Christ wants.)

  5. Liz says:

    Philangelus,that is horrible. I cannot imagine. I will pray for you to be able to forive that priest and diocesan official.

    Abby Johnson posted about this the day it was happening and I was horrified, but when Lifesitenews posted photos it really hit home. I am just so shocked that there is so much detail in the little babies tiny fingers and toes. I figure many, many abortions happen at this age of gestation.

    The reaction of the police is disturbing. When my children ask how abortion can happen I tell them that so many people don’t really know exactly what happens in these places, but apparently many do and just don’t care. It’s so evil and so sad. God help our country!

    God bless that bishop!

  6. jasoncpetty says:

    Aside: Whatever he might have said in 2007, he’s got a diocesan parish in El Paso itself that has the traditional Mass DAILY, which is more than I can say for some bishops actually deemed ‘supportive’ of SP. (San Juan Bautista.)

  7. As someone who was adopted after Roe v. Wade, this shakes me to my very core. How can someone with a heart and soul dismember children? How can someone speak of a human being as “disposed of properly?” My God in heaven, that sounds like the Nazis speaking of the Jews! We are living in another holocaust!

    Our Lady, your own dear Son was treated as a worm and not a man! He was innocently put to death, and government officials stood by who did not care! You held His lifeless body in your arms. Hold this child’s soul in your arms too, and in you let this child know and experience everlasting maternal love.

    Holy Innocents, pray for us! Our Lady, Mother of all, pray for us!

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