Brick by Brick in Amsterdam

If it can be done in Amsterdam, it can be done anywhere.

NLM has a page with some photos of a recent Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form in Amsterdam.

Friends, don’t just sit and wish you could have one.  Sure, the resources may be thin where you are, but do what you can, brick by brick.

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  1. Cazienza says:

    Woo! Thanks for spreading the news, Fr. It was a wonderful weekend at St. Agnes’ (although exhausting for some). There are some more photos here, if anyone’s interested (skip past the text, ahem, I waffle a lot).

    We’re also rejoicing because last month Bp. Punt (of Haarlem-Amsterdam) gave the FSSP permission to officially found their house here at St. Agnes’. In September Cardinal Burke, Deo volente, will come to visit and offer Mass too.

    But first – Holy Week and Easter. I can’t wait!

    If anyone’s passing through Amsterdam – do come and drop by the church, which is open during the day. There’s always a priest available for Confession (I’m speaking from experience), and yes, they all speak English :)

  2. br.david says:

    Maybe Father… you could post what is the “brick by brick” …. i.e., what is necessary to have Solemn Pontifical Mass vs. a Pontifical Low Mass……

  3. Centristian says:

    Really magnificent. The vestments are very, very sharp, and I’m always impressed when the bishop wears both the precious miter and the cloth-of-gold miter; you don’t always see that. And it’s the authentic type of cloth-of-gold miter, too, not the miter covered in gold-colored fabric that is often seen used as a substitute for the real thing. Kudos. There’s alot of attention to detail evident in the photographs of this celebration, in fact, including the candles used to separate the chancel from the nave.

    I know I’ve said it ad nauseam, but how I wish that bishops who celebrate Mass according to the extraordinary form so magnificently would see even more of a need to employ the same magnificence when celebrating Mass according to the ordinary form of the Roman Rite. Every pontifical Mass, regardless of which form is celebrated, ought to look like more or less like this one.

  4. mrose says:

    I am going to be in Amsterdam in July and planning on going to Sunday Mass there- and quite excited about it! Appears to be a vibrant parish.

    @ Cazienza: thank you for the heads-up, this is good to know.

  5. Catholic87 says:

    Brick by brick…ahhhhh if only, in my area we have 4 Catholic churches full of, you guessed it liberal priests. The only non liberal is my eighty something year old spiritual director, he would love to say the extraordinary form but he’s just forgot the rubrics. And to top it all off my ultra liberal pastor of 12!!!! years just got an extension of another year. So I ask of your prayers for me and my area here in Northern LA archdiocese, pray that the Good Lord and Archbishop Gomez will send us the FSSP or at least a conservative pastor! Deo Volente!

  6. EWTN Rocks says:


    I bet the scenario you describe is sadly typical throughout California. I pray that your situation improves, and FSSP becomes widely accepted in No. LA and throughout California!

  7. Catholic87 says:

    Also can I have all of your prayers for this letter I am about to send to Archbishop Gomez, regarding the problem I am in here in the diocese and asking for his recommendation to go to the Pontifical North American College. Pray pray pray for me!!!!

  8. joan ellen says:

    Thank you Fr. It is most encouraging and hopeful to read “…it can be done anywhere.” This news from Amsterdam also helps.
    In my area, our Bishop is a prayerful man. It seems he likes his flock to pray as well. Some of his flock mean to increase their prayer, and are asking others to do so as well. These ‘prayer bricks’ surely help.
    The posts that mention prayer heed the direction of Our Blessed Mother. Our Lady of Fatima said it, or Sr. Lucia did, that “When a sufficient number have prayed…” Ave Maria…
    That is the upside. The downside is that some of us are getting physically ill…really…while we endure…wrong is right, right is wrong, down is up, and up is down. Oh, well, guess you all understand.
    President Bush said, of his presidency, “It was a ‘Hell of a ride.'” That is how it is getting to be for some of us in the Church! And, since it is Lent, we enjoy the Sacrifice!!! But, not that much.

  9. EWTN Rocks says:


    I’m praying for you. However, from your earlier post I can tell you are not the problem. I believe you can be a catalyst for change – don’t give up! A wonderful priest once taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of patience and persistence.

  10. Cazienza says:

    mrose – when you come, come for coffee after Mass and introduce yourself :) How much fun would it be to meet someone who came to Mass via Fr. Z’s blog!

  11. ronvanwegen says:

    I’m in Melbourne, Australia and this Easter for the first time in over 40 years in Australia, the traditional Latin ceremonies of Holy Week will be celebrated by a Bishop – His Lordship, Most Rev Basil Meeking, Bishop Emeritus of Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Here’s our website. We are truly blessed! Praise the Lord!

  12. Fr. Oddvar says:

    I am very happy that bishop Kozon – who is the bishop of Copenhagen – has taken upon himself this extra work. I know the bishop a bit, since I am a priest in Oslo, Norway – we are not many catholics in Scandinavia, about 2 % of the population. Bishop Kozon is a good example to other bishops and priests, and hopefully other bishops in Scandinavia and other places will soon follow his example.

  13. irishgirl says:

    Fr Oddvar-very nice to know that the Bishop of Copenhagen did this Mass in Amsterdam! Isn’t he a Discalced Carmelite? I know that many ,if not most, of the Catholic bishops in Scandinavia are members of religious Orders for the most part.
    St. Olav, St. Brigitta and St. Eric, patrons of Scandinavia, pray for the tiny Catholic flocks of those countries.

  14. Catholic87 says:

    Sorry for the interruption, but I just sent my letter to Archbishop Gomez, so please pray for the letter to get to his desk, get read, and come back to me with good news!

  15. Cazienza says:

    irishgirl – according to this link, Bp. Kozon is a secular.

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