FSSP Instructional DVD for the TLM – reminder

I was sorting through some things around my cluttered work area and came up the instructional DVD prepared by the Fraternity of St. Peter to help seminarians and priests learn how to say Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

I reviewed it extensively here.

I think every seminarian should have this DVD.  All young priests should get this DVD.  You good lay people out there… get this DVD for your seminarians and priests…. and bishops, come to think of it.

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  1. How do we get this? The links on the old post all refer back to some sort of log-in page.

  2. priests wife says:

    another question- if an Eastern Catholic priest has bi-ritual faculties in a Roman-rite diocese, does he have de facto permission to celebrate the EF (with preparation and guidance of an experienced priest, of course)- this archdiocese is traditionally pretty hostile against the EF- but times are probably changing with the new bishop- but it is best for a bi-ritual priest not to make waves- that’s why I am asking the question here.

  3. James Joseph says:

    The Dominicans have something similar…



  4. I suspect that if any members of the FSSP are interested in getting more of their DVDs out there, one of them will chime in. It’s their DVD, after all.

  5. wchoag says:

    Get them for bishops, priests, seminarians, permanent deacons, and lay ecclesial minisiters.

    Mustn’t forget the one since we make up over 80% of parish staffs! It will horrify some and fortify others. Yes, there really are orthodox lay ministers!

  6. jflare says:

    Heck, never mind the priests and seminarians!
    I WANT ONE so I can learn how to follow them myself!

    (OK, the priests and seminarians are important, but if we lay folk know what to look for….)

  7. Amerikaner says:

    Go to http://www.fsspdvd.org/index.html to get to the page. They are having a tech support issue with their website host.

  8. Centristian says:

    That’s great. A friend of mine will be ordained to the diaconate next year and I now know just what to get him.

    Now, if only there was a similar DVD demonstrating how to correctly celebrate the ordinary form of Mass, to help seminarians unlearn the junk they are evidently taught.

    I think, though, that this particular seminarian will be able to recognize the possibilities of adapting the manner of celebrating the extraordinary form to the celebration of the ordinary form.

  9. Henry Edwards says:

    For the best quick view of what this DVD offers–not only for the priest but for the Catholic who’s never even attended and EF Mass–let me suggest you go to


    and click on Video Clips at the center. Then select Liturgy by Fr. Goodwin for the absolutely best 6.5 min introduction to the ethos of the Roman rite that can be found anywhere on the entire internet.

  10. great scot says:

    It would be great to have this in the hands of priests and bishops, but if they want it odds are they will purchase it. Seminarians on the other hand are often a little strapped for cash, and many would really appreciate this kind of encouragement.

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