It’s Tea Time for Mystic Monk!

Yes, I have been peddling Mystic Monk Coffee, sold by the traditional Carmelite men in northern Wyoming.

It’s swell, after all, and when you buy it you are helping them live and build a new monastery.

Some of you have been hoping they would offer tea and not just coffee.

The Mystic Monks are now taking advance orders for their new line of tea.

They estimate they will start shipping on 14 April (just  a few days from now).

A few from their list:

Earl Grey … or should I say Tea, Earl Grey, hot.

English Breakfast Tea

Blossoming Jasmine

A camomile blend called Peaceful Monk

And they have several other teas with flavors such as peace and raspberry.  Go look!  And then buy some, if not for yourself, for your:

  • church group
  • neighbor
  • office
  • grandmother

Hey… is Mother’s Day coming?

Perhaps their Six Best Blend Gift Set of coffee?

Otherwise they have Gift Cards.  I suspect your parish priest would appreciate one of these.  Priests like gift cards.

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  1. Arieh says:

    Mystic Monk tea?!?!?! Nice!

  2. GirlCanChant says:

    What does Peace tea taste like? ;-)

    I’ve actually got a mug with the “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” on it, but I’ve yet to actually drink tea out of it. I need to rectify that situation. Or perhaps just “make it so.”

  3. Melody says:

    Ah, just the thing I’ve been wishing for. I can’t have much caffeine with my medication, so it’s tea for me! Also hat tip for the Picardian reference.

  4. benedetta says:

    Great news!

  5. teaguytom says:

    I bought the English Breakfast, Mystic Monk blend and the Berry. I’d rather support the monks then the profit hounds of Lipton/Unilever. Plus Lipton if just fannings anyhow. The dust on the floors

  6. lucy says:

    Where is that comment “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.” from ???

    I’m glad they’re offering tea now !! I love both tea and coffee – especially since I started drinking Royal Rum Pecan – it is so good.

  7. Dirichlet says:


  8. jmhj5 says:

    I drink green or white tea—->helps fight cancer—–>I will wait
    God Bless

  9. JaneC says:

    jmhj5–no reason to wait! Their Blossoming Jasmine and Peach Pizzazz blends are green teas.

  10. Lucas says:

    I just ordered 12 of each for a our store here.

  11. Will D. says:

    Lucy, it’s from Star Trek: The Next Generation. That’s how Captain Picard always ordered his tea.

  12. inara says:

    i luv me some Jean-Luc (how can i not? my maiden name is Pickard)…shopping now! :o)

  13. Agnes of Prague says:

    I had a dinner party recently and finished it off with some Mystic Monk espresso and cookies. It was tasty.

  14. MJ says:

    I’m more of a coffee fan, but I do love a cup of Earl Grey with cream and sugar…MMM! Great that the monks are carrying teas now.

  15. RichR says:

    My wife always thought me strange when I’d stand by the Keurig machine and parrot Picard’s food replicator command, “Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.”

    Funny, the thing always obeys me.

  16. I wish I liked coffee more. It’s such a bond with other men.

  17. Random Friar says:

    “All we are sayin’, is give Peace Tea a chance!”

  18. fieldsparrow says:

    This is so excellent. I love tea. It might be more excellent if I didn’t already have about five pounds of various teas sitting around, but that probably won’t stop me.

  19. oblomov says:

    Excellent news. I hope they will start selling loose leaf tea too. Even the best tea bag can’t compare with properly brewed loose leaf tea.

  20. Legisperitus says:

    Great news! I’m not a coffee drinker but I’ve ordered some tea!!

  21. Margaret says:

    @ Dr. Peters– same thing with women. I always feel so odd, making plans to meet up with a girlfriend for a “cup of coffee” and then ordering cocoa or tea or something… :)

  22. Dr. Eric says:


    Deo Gratias!

  23. lucy says:

    Oh, come, come. What does it matter if you meet for a cup o Joe and then you order tea or hot cocoa ? The point is that you’re meeting to talk and that’s very good.

    I wish they had Lady Grey, because I like that better than the Earl.

  24. moon1234 says:

    Would love to get some Earl Grey, but two quibbles. I no longer use tea bags of any sort. Loose Leaf only for me. Better for the environment and it tastes better. Cornflowers have never been part of any Earl Grey that I have seen in the past. Purely Decorative?

    What is bergemot flavor? I have always bought tea that contains REAL bergemot essential oil. The flavor is better, it is not artifical and it is natural. I used to be a huge Twinings Earl Grey drinker until they switched from REAL bergemot essential oil to “Bergemot Flavor”. Almost like comparing real vanilla extract to vanillia flavor or vanillan.

    I would love to see the monks offer some organic Teas (and coffee). That is pretty much all I buy now. Most people do not realize that coffee plants have more pesticide sprayed on them than almost any other commercial crop.

  25. TomG says:

    Which of their coffees is a good match for Starbucks’ Sumatra or Gold Coast? Does anyone here know? I’d certainly rather give the monks my business!

  26. Banjo pickin girl says:

    Margaret and Dr. Peters, I wish coffee tasted as good as it smells!

  27. Banjo pickin girl says:

    I neglected to mention that I think coffee is the opposite of cigars, which taste better than they smell.

  28. irishgirl says:

    Oooh, that’s nice that the monks are making tea! I like tea better than coffee, tell you the truth. Coffee makes my heart race too fast, and sometimes I get a ‘caffeine headache’ if it’s too strong, or else a ‘crash’.
    Now, if I had extra money, I would go to their website, find their snail mail address, and order some!

  29. tealady24 says:

    Methinks’ tealady’ will try their tea!

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