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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Concerning the making of tea, biscuits and Zagnut bars

I have recently received from a reader in Blighty a rather nice porcelain tea pot and a little crate of tea. Remember: You can buy TEA from the Wyoming Coffee Monks. That said, I am determined to make tea properly. … Read More

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Mystica TEA from the Wyoming Carmelites!

Good news from the Wyoming Carmelites for you TEA drinkers! The Mystic Monk coffee Carmelites have available for pre-order their new line of TEAS. Click HERE I had this note from the Carmelites: Because of the new individual teabag packaging, … Read More

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Why Fr. Z pushes Mystic Monk Coffee.

Other than the fact that I get a commission every time you buy Mystic Monk Coffee using my links… and please, I ask you to do so, because it really helps… this video will also show you why I like … Read More

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Of Tea and Coffee

From a reader: Father Z, don’t forget to let everyone know that Mystic Monk has great tea! I’m abstaining from coffee (decaf) until Obama leaves office! I’ve been off for 2 months. God bless you! Okay! Did you know that … Read More

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It’s still swell! And it’s seasonal!

The Carmelite men of the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are building their monastery in Wyoming and earning their daily bread by roasting, blending, and selling you coffee and tea. Their seasonal Pascha Java is back at Mystic … Read More

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A new batch

I have ticked a few things off my To Do List for the day and can now settle down to read a bit. I need, inter alia, to make some more notes about Augustine’s commentary on 1 John, which we … Read More

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Teas in the afternoon

It was a tea day, with an equivocation. First, I shifted a Fukien Tea I picked up for a song at, of all places Sam’s Club, into a bonsai tray sent by a reader here some time ago, chosen from … Read More

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It’s Tea Time for Mystic Monk!

Yes, I have been peddling Mystic Monk Coffee, sold by the traditional Carmelite men in northern Wyoming. It’s swell, after all, and when you buy it you are helping them live and build a new monastery. Some of you have … Read More

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